December 13, 2019
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President Trump Speaks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition 2019 Road to Majority Policy Conference

thank you very much thank you to Lee Greenwood and thank you to Ralph for the incredible introduction and for the extraordinary leadership you've displayed for a long time I've known Ralph for a long time done an incredible job and I didn't realize this is number six six times and I'll see you next year ten years ago you founded this organization with a few people and a great deal of Prayer today the Faith and Freedom Coalition is the largest faith-based get-out-the-vote organization in modern American history [Applause] congratulations as well to this year's recipient of the Winston Churchill Lifetime Achievement Award dr. bill Bennett who's a great guy where is Billa see here where is Bill will you come here bill I want to shake I love this guy i watch him all the time I see him he's always defending us and fighting for us and he's fighting against the fake news come here bill [Applause] [Applause] or his boys here he's got the best looking family I don't know how he did it his wife is beautiful let me see stand up look at that what a family what a family they'll say a few words doesn't know how I did it all due respect you're a very attractive man but Melania has the edge you'll excuse that he's from Queens I'm from Brooklyn we talk like that this is a great president this is a great moment this is a great meeting our country depends on You mr. president and we're grateful for everything you're doing the only thing I'd say as you said next year how about the year after the year after [Applause] thank you Bill special man thank you very much and he's a fighter he's a fighter for good who we like fighters were like fighters for good it's wonderful to be back here with so many friends and Patriots pastors rabbis and a record number of students thank you all for the tireless work that your steadfast support and your daily prayers just it's incredible what it's done and just keep them coming very important keep them coming we're in an interesting time in our country's history and we're doing great just keep them coming it's very fragile you know it's one vote it's one justice it's one one little thing and it can all change you have to be very hard very vigilant you have to go out and vote November 3rd is a big date next year November 3rd mark it down but I want to thank you for your voice your time and your energy and to knock on doors and make calls and educate voters and mobilize your fellow Americans because with your help we will soon once again win a historic victory for life for family for faith and for freedom [Applause] after just two and a half years our country is soaring our communities are thriving our economy is booming perhaps like never before we may have the greatest economy in the history of our country and we're once again defending and promoting our great American values and we're saying Merry Christmas again do you notice or no I usually save that for November December but I was just thinking as I as I mentioned I was saying we're gonna say America they were all taking it down off the department stores everything you'd see a big red did say Happy Holidays though Merry Christmas they're saying Merry Christmas again it's very interesting they're proud of it since the election we've created six million new jobs nobody would have believed that we've lifted more than six million Americans off of food stamps and we're getting Americans off welfare and back into the labor force and they're so happy and they're making money and they love what they're doing and you've seen me say this before where Sean is he here our NFL not only NFL but he's MVP where is Sean is he here where is he because we just went over some numbers Sega MVP I'm gonna read his book he gave me his book in 2005-2006 what was that yeah 2005 MVP I said you think I could take him in an arm wrestling contest and his good friend said don't do it mr. president right Thank You Sean I'm gonna read the book on the plane I'm going to I'm going to Japan right after this so I'll be meeting with some nice fellows other nations competitive nations and competitors and that's okay we're doing great we're doing better than any of them Thank You Sean thank you african-american Hispanic American and Asian American unemployment have reached the lowest rates in the history of our country the history for all history and if I was wrong about that Sean if I made that statement it if it wasn't exactly correct all those people back there and there's a lot of them you'd see before the before I was even finished it would be headlines I have to be very careful Sean the woman's unemployment rate is now the lowest in 65 years and to help American families we doubled the child tax credit that was Ivanka Trump worked hard on that we're fighting for all Americans and we're embracing the faith community we are embracing it like it hasn't been embraced in many many years you know that and when we're doing that we're uplifting our nation were greatly uplifting our nation when I ask for your support in 2016 Americans of faith were under assault but the shameful attempt to suppress religious believers ended the day I took the oath of office [Applause] and now by the way because of what we did with respect to the Johnson amendment you know what I'm talking about our leaders like all of the people that have been so supportive our pastors our ministers priests our rabbis all of our religious leaders everyone we're allowed to speak again we're allowed to talk without having to lose your tax exemption your tax status and being punished for speaking and the people that we most want to hear our great clergy is is now able to speak without fear of retribution and I'm very proud of that I said I was going to do that I'm very proud of it they can speak unless they speak against me in which case we'll bring it back we'll bring back that Johnson amendment so fast Sean I'm only kidding I'm only kid they're going to take it seriously you know they're gonna go out we have breaking news they're gonna say see I told you he wants to be a dictator I told you that they are unbelievable what they do you have to sit with that big smile in your face other way and that even that doesn't work bill understands that right we're cherishing our nation's religious heritage once again my administration has taken historic action to protect religious liberty [Applause] we're protecting the conscience rights of doctors and nurses and teachers and groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor were with them made a lot of progress we've taken action to uphold free speech on college campuses colleges are now by the way looking around very carefully when they throw conservatives and religious folks off of their campuses look if you're not very very careful because they have a big fat beautiful monetary penalty to pay I haven't heard too much about it since I did that a few months ago do you notice that I haven't heard I haven't heard so much about that we give them billions and billions of dollars and then they don't let people speak and I don't care is liberal conservative it doesn't matter Republican Democrat but you can't do that we're preserving our country's vital tradition of faith based adoption and we're proudly defending the sanctity of life [Applause] but keep fighting because as most of the people in the room know it's very fragile unfortunately Democrat politicians have become increasingly hostile to pro-life Americans who want to help more children find a loving home and share their dreams with the world virtually every top Democrat low mic and now supports taxpayer-funded abortion right up to the moment of birth and by the way if you watched Virginia the governor after the moment of birth that was something that nobody that was something that nobody heard of before after the moment of birth nobody believed it I had never heard of it I don't think anybody had heard of it when he talked about wrapping the child and then discussing with the mother whether or not he she wants to keep the child is born so that becomes an execution that becomes an execution every child born and unborn is made in the holy image of God and that is why I have asked Congress to prohibit the late term abortion of babies and they'll do that [Applause] thank you very much thank you very much appreciate it thank you thank you thank you during my first week in office I reinstated the Mexico City policy people thought that wasn't going to be happening we've issued a final rule to prohibit title ten taxpayer funding from subsidizing the abortion industry and just last month our administration ended federal funding of fetal tissue research all of us working to foster a culture that celebrates the sacred worth of every human life and this could all change very quickly just remember we've done things that nobody thought possible we've done things that are so good and so righteous and also so fragile the wrong person in office in this office right here can change it very quickly bill will tell you that Bill understands his system probably better than anybody and bill will tell you that we're building a society that values the limitless potential of every person and we're strengthening the bonds that tie us together in the wondrous tapestry of creation here with us today is someone who shows us the power and majesty of life I was very proud to host her in the Oval Office earlier this year Katie Shaw where's Katie risque be sure thank you Katie we had a great meeting right in the Oval Office thank you Katie you look well thank you very much thank you so nice she was in the Oval Office and really made a great impression on everybody and it was very exciting thank you very much for being here Katie's from Indiana she was born with Down syndrome and now works at a local store does a fantastic job volunteers in her community and has testified before lawmakers as Katie said it's a wonderful life I've made the world a better place and Katie yes you have you have [Applause] our nation is uplifted by incredible Americans like Katie who fight for the dignity of all humanity my administration has also taken historic action to protect Americans rights enshrined in the Constitution Democrats are determined to pack the courts with radical left judges who will impose their own far-left views on the American people that is why I will soon appoint my one hundred and forty fifth judge to interpret the Constitution as you you know normally when a president assumes assumes his position in the White House you have no judges you come as they retire they get sick they pass away things happen and they leave and you'll get one two three I inherited a hundred and thirty eight empty spots 138 I said this is impossible because President Obama either didn't get him through or couldn't get him through or something happened but I said how many judges do I have sir you have a hundred and thirty-eight federal judges 138 which is percentage-wise going to be a record but the only one that has a record greater than mine percentage-wise is George Washington [Applause] I'll never beat that record he had 100% but I have more the only think we have more but he had 100% he appointed everybody but think of that a hundred and forty five judges were up to I had one hundred and thirty eight and then through attrition and things we picked up some additional or we put in fantastic people on the courts and it makes such a big difference nobody would believe and we have two new Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh [Applause] and exactly a year ago today in a five-to-four decision the Supreme Court upheld the First Amendment rights of pregnancy care centers and just last week the Supreme Court ruled seven to two that the peace cross wasn't that nice right there's one that would have come down in a memorial beautiful Memorial in Maryland which honors our heroes of World War one but it's in the form of a cross and they said it can stand on public land for all to see [Applause] it's so beautiful that it takes up such an important place in that area in that whole state and they wanted to rip it down they wanted to take it down because it was a cross and we won that one just two days ago in the Supreme Court in that great Americans belief in God has forged the character of our country and made our nation a light unto the world we are respected again as a nation I will tell you that and I'm not only talking about from a religious standpoint our country is respected again [Applause] today we are excited to be joined by hundreds of college students including eight students from Liberty University great school who just got back from a mission trip to Oklahoma where are you stand up please Wow [Applause] that's fantastic it's a great school and jerry falwell is a friend of mine and he was he was with me right from the beginning and he's so happy about it I could tell you stories he said that he was so honored to be there he understood from the beginning what was going along and he does say and so did pastor Robert Jeffress a great friend of mine he'd say our president may not be the best at the Bible he may not have read at 2,000 times but he's the best for us and that's strong I'll stroke [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] thank you very much everybody thank you and who are those 17% right Ralph asked that question I do I want to talk to them as one of the great students Phoebe recently said every day on the trip is a chance to love others the way Christ loves us miss Phoebe stand up Phoebe thank you very much very nice so I want to thank Phoebe and I want to thank the students who are here with us today from all over the country we're really incredible what you're doing and I think people have no idea the numbers were talking about you know you see all of this stuff on television and they're noisy they're loud they're rude they disgrace us in so many ways and they get publicity but they don't realize that we have more than they do people don't realize it we have more than they do I see it all the time the young people that come the other day in Orlando we had a rally that was unbelievable it filled up we had thousands and thousands of people outside of the Orlando Magic arena where they play that big basketball games the floor was packed and it was an incredible thing to see and then outside they were I mean literally tens of thousands of people couldn't get in and then there were thousands that we said don't come we actually were putting out notices please don't come there's something going on that's a great thing it's continuing I think even stronger then that great November day in 2016 I really believe this [Applause] and you know the media likes to talk about the energy the left has I don't think they have energy they're trying to destroy themselves and it's negative energy it really is it's like a negative energy when you see what they want to do and I think we have more energy than we've ever had and I said it the other day I think the Republicans have much more energy than the Democrats then maybe I'm wrong but I really believe and they like to talk about 2018 we're number one in 2018 I didn't run I wasn't running I was helping people and almost everybody I helped the Governor of Ohio he's great the governor of Georgia he's great the governor of Florida run two Santa's he's great Oklahoma I'm in so many different places every place we had such tremendous and remember they were going to take over the Senate and the house well there's so many people in the house but the ones like in Kentucky Andy Barr the ones that we helped the ones that I went to won they won their races against very tough competition but we held the Senate and picked up two seats and nobody wants to talk about it nobody wants to talk about and if we didn't we wouldn't be having judges but nobody wants to talk about that all they want to do is say oh they lost House seats well you know a lot of people running in the house and what I did is I campaigned for senators and we almost picked up another three we came very close to big upsets so I actually think we have the energy and I'm gonna be running and it's gonna make a big difference we're gonna win in a lot of things that people have no idea like for instance in the audience the other night so many women for Trump so many but they did the same thing they did the same thing they did the same thing in 2016 women not vote for Trump they're not gonna but I was saying to my wife do you think women I gotta vote for me at all and we got a tremendous it was incredible what happened against Hillary Clinton a wonderful woman who dubbed us all the deplorable zs– she actually said two words you know you know the other word she said deplorable Zand irredeemable z' and i thought the word irredeemable was going to catch on and shows you what I thought because I think irredeemable is worse than deplorable right wouldn't you say bill give me a definition isn't it worse but the next day I made a speech I'll never forget you use it you know I didn't think too much about it the next day I'm in this big stadium making a speech and I see with the deplorable we love you you say what did that come from see that's why politics is a tough business one word can put you right out of business right one word that was not a good speech you made I don't know who wrote it but I don't think she'd ever want to use them again that deplorable 'he's the activists the activists in this room and that's what you should call yourselves you're activists be an activist they they are activists what they do is so terrible be activist that's okay there's nothing wrong with it and the believers across our country they strengthen our communities and countless ways so many ways that's why we're empowering Americans of faith to live by the Lord's calling to love their neighbors we've created nearly 9,000 opportunity zones with Tim Scott from South Carolina's work great guy great guy he came in with this idea and nobody and any idea was going to work like there's never been anything that worked like this it's incredible what's going on with Opportunity Zones brand-new which give churches and investors more ways to rebuild distressed communities and last year with the help of many faith leaders I signed groundbreaking criminal justice reform into law [Applause] and if you remember sleepy Joe Biden he's the one he was pushing it and and that was a killer for Hillary Clinton and I remember the first time I saw people real activists against Hillary because of her husband and what they did on criminal justice reform and and they did nothing to fix it what they did it was terrible the Crime Act what they did was terrible to so many people and we got criminal justice reform passed with very conservative people and very liberal people I mean it was an amazing thing but nobody until that was done four months ago nobody until this time thought it could ever happen and you had to see the people that were in favor of it the most conservative people some of the most conservative even more conservative than Bill Bennett which is hard to believe am i right I mean seriously consider and also very liberal people there was a great thing it was a great thing we're glad to be joined today by the first person released from prison under the first-step Act Matthew Charles was Matthew Thank You Matthew [Applause] I was very unfair what happened to Matthew and many other people many other people I work very tough on crime but but what happened to some people was very unfair so it's really great that you hear Matthew and I hear you're doing phenomenally well and we appreciate it what a great great person you are [Applause] to help our citizens overcome the grip of opioid addiction big problem we secured a record six billion dollars in new funding including support for treatment and faith-based organizations and we've had a great great experience people don't know way down opioid way down unfortunately other drugs sometimes take the place fentanyl is a disaster coming in from China I'll be talking to President Xi about that tomorrow but we have tremendous amounts of drugs that come in from places and we got to stop it and we're we're doing pretty well but it's a tough every time you knock one another one pops up but we'll be talking to President Xi about that for the most part China makes the fentanyl and it's unbelievably powerful and unbelievably destructive in bed we're expanding affordable healthcare increasing access to plans 60% cheaper than Obama care we're doing a plan that's going to come out if we win back the house if we keep the Senate and win the presidency I think we're going to do all I think we have a great chance to do all we have a health care plan that's far better than Obama care I'm keeping a bamba care alive because I felt I should have I should do that we had a chance to terminated and a gentleman voted against it after campaigning for many years to repeal and replace that he voted against repealing replace someday somebody will explain that to me but that's what happened because we just about had it done but we're gonna actually end up better I think we're going to do if we win the house back keep the Senate and win the presidency we're gonna have a plan that blows away Obamacare it'll be less expensive and it'll be far better health care and health insurance and we'll be announcing it over the next month or so and to help patients access life-saving treatments we passed right to trying I love that you know what that is I hope nobody in this room ever has to use it especially you folks you're so young but I hope nobody has to use it but people would travel all over the world to try and get relief people that had money people that didn't have money would just go home with no hope and that we have the right to use our great genius is the best in the world for possible cures that haven't been approved yet couldn't use them they go to Asia they go to London people would go to London anyplace and now we're using it and we have had some incredible success and I must say the other day I was watching a favorite network of mine that I really have a lot of respect for that that doesn't always fit me so great by the way they could do better but at least they're fair and I was watching and I heard the story of an incredible unbelievable young woman who was battling rare bone cancer they made a mistake a doctor or hospital made a mistake she called it a it was a medical error her name is Natalie harp and she lit up the television screen like very few people I've ever seen do it and she talked about how they were preparing her for death and because of right to try she's now living and I think doing phenomenally well and somebody said she's here are you here not ELISA where's Natalie will you come up here please come up now [Applause] [Applause] Thank You mr. president you know we all been don't know the story about the Good Samaritan boy you don't know is I was that Forgotten person on the side of the road the victim of medical error the number three cause of death under the previous administration and left to die of cancer first the medical establishment they came by and they saw me there so they wrote prescriptions for opioids and they walked on next the political establishment they saw me there and they stopped just long enough to come over and tell me how to die how to speed up my death so I could somehow die with dignity but then an outsider my Good Samaritan he saw me there and he didn't walk by he stopped and for every single one of us he gave up his own quality of life so we could live and work and fight with dignity because he believes in survival of the fighters not the fittest and so mr. president [Applause] I have to say you have made a lot of promises to us and you have kept every one of them so now we're gonna make you this promise just as you fought for us forgotten America will never forget how you saw us on the side of the road and you walked over and you picked us up and you made us great again and now we're gonna fight for you mr. president god [Applause] Thank You Natalie it's just it was an incredible thing I saw the pictures of Natalie she was in a wheelchair she was in a bed and they showed and it was so incredible and they were actually preparing her for death and because of right to try they had a medicine that wouldn't have been approved for years but it was very very it's looking good it was looking very good now it's looking a lot better in Natalie I have to tell I don't know what that was but that sucker worked [Applause] you know part of the problem with right to try is that the big pharmaceutical companies and the labs they didn't want to do it because they didn't want to have where persons terminally ill or very in bad shape they didn't want to have that on their record I understood that and so we didn't put it on their record we made a second you know record which people don't see and we don't want to show you know it's unfair to them but they didn't want it on their record because people were very far along unfortunately but cases like Natalie have not even been that unique we've saved many lives with what's going on and ultimately I guess that's probably also the best test for medicine to see whether or not it's good because it really it's worked so well and we're so proud of it they've been trying to get that approved for forty five years they couldn't get it not that easy because the medicals didn't want it the doc just didn't want it the country didn't want it our country because they say well if something happens a person's terminally ill then they die then we'll get sued if we do something I said that's okay they'll sign and a sculpt Ettore letter they'll sign a letter saying that we're not going to hold anybody liable that's okay and they said well that's a good idea can you imagine 45 years nobody thought of that obviously they're not in the real estate business in New York [Applause] and we had great help from the Republicans and we actually had some Democrats support and we got it done and to me I thought that was going to be so easy it's not an easy one but we got it done and got it done the way we wanted properly and very strongly and I just want to say that Natalie you are an inspiration you you really do you lit up that screen my wife watched I said you have to see this it's great inventions go TiVo okay I don't want to be advertising but you know it's like better than television because television you never see it again with TiVo you play it back I played it back I played it back and my wife said that is amazing so we're very proud of you Natalie thank you very much read of a person read of a spirit we want every American to have the chance to live and to dream and to thrive and to protect the safety and well-being of our citizens we're securing our border building the wall is being built right now [Applause] could have been so easy the wall if they gave us the money but they won't give us the money the Democrats won't give us the money and I think it's more political because ooh I mean no wall works okay they have drones they want to give me unlimited money for drones unlimited money for everything you know a drone flying up in the air doesn't help as five thousand people are charging the border unless you want to take nice pictures of what's happening so we'll have almost tore it I probably believe more than 400 miles built by the end of next year it's under construction now and I'm taken from the air we're all over the place we're taking Army Corps of Engineers is doing a great job but we're building a lot of it it's already started and it's a lot of it's being done and and it's it has such a tremendous difference it's day and night this year alone 43,000 miners have been illegally smuggled across our border providing a lucrative cash flow to some of the most dangerous criminal organizations anywhere in the world loopholes and federal law prevent Homeland Security from removing illegal aliens who get smuggled into our country through bad laws it's our bad laws and by the way Mexico they're really helping us they just put six thousand soldiers on the southern border their southern border and they just announced they're going to put 16,000 soldiers on our southern border and it's had a huge impact it's only been a few days literally but it's had a huge impact and they were great and I'm glad I didn't have to do tariffs on Mexico I'm glad but we've been trying to get them to do that for 40 years more they say for 40 years and and you know I tell you what they stepped up and as they say Mexico is doing more to help us than the Democrats who are doing nothing nothing we have repeatedly asked the Democrats to close these loopholes and to save the lives of young immigrants I mean they're too busy interviewing people on the Russian witch-hunt on the hoax if they spent a little bit less time on the Russian witch-hunt which turned out to be a total phony deal actually they're the ones that committed the crime as it turned out if they spent some time on that they could solve the loophole problem in an hour they could solve the asylum problem in an hour and we'd have no problem whatsoever at the border they don't want to do it they want things to look bad they want open borders open borders mean crime means human trafficking human trafficking mostly women okay you've been trafficked this is like prehistoric a word like that trafficking who would think there's more human trafficking in the world today than there ever has been in history who would think that you think of it almost as an ancient term it's not because of the internet all over the world it's happening mostly women and the Democrats don't want to fix it some day you'll explain this to me and I actually think even from the strictly political point of view I think it's a terrible thing for them I hope they you know actually I want him to fix it I really do but if they keep going in this path who the hell would want to vote for them but they should take a little time off and they should go and fix the loopholes and fix asylum and frankly coupled with Mexico what Mexico is doing now and stopping people from coming through Mexico you would have a border that would be better than it's ever been and we'll be there pretty soon in any event and as the wall goes up every area that we build we picked the worst areas first but it makes a tremendous difference Democrats who refuse to close these smuggling loopholes are effectively supporting and promoting child endangerment and exploitation and they're making some very very bad people the cartel people rich very rich people are saying they're making as much money or more money with people now as they do with drugs these are rough people and they're bad people and we could solve it so easily they've got to fix the loopholes and fix Asylum the tragedy playing out on our border is the predictable result of Democrats twisted obsession with open borders policy they want open borders you saw these massive caravans of 10 and 12,000 people 15,000 people in one case and in those caravans are some very good people but also in those caravans are some very very bad people and they probably put there by the countries who want to get rid of them probably I don't say that but we were paying those countries 600 million dollars a year and I cut it off about seven or eight months ago I said look they could stop these caravans and then I took a lot of heat from Democrats and say we want to pay them well maybe if they get it right but they're doing better for us right now if you look what Amala honduras el salvador they're doing much better for us right now we're close to a safe third agreement with Guatemala which we appreciate they're doing much better for us to that where we pay them when we paid them they would just take in our money and laughing at us now they want to they'll do anything to get that money back and if they do a great job I think we'll maybe do that right does that make sense but 600 million a year we were paying and we getting nothing but disrespected this is for many many years now I took it away and honestly they've been I think much different but they would put bad people in those caravans they don't want killers they don't want murders they don't want people that are criminals so let's send them to the United States and they're not doing that anymore and we're doing some very strong work and again with Mexico having 6,000 soldiers at that border that's a tremendous deterrent I can tell you Democrats are solely responsible for the humanitarian crisis because they've refused every single effort to shut off the magnets of child smuggling hard to believe as long as coyotes believe they can use children to evade our laws children will continue to be endangered when you come in with a child our laws are so bad that you have a tremendous advantage so you get these people and they give them children and they charge them for it they walk in with a child that isn't their child and because the Democrats have these horrible laws that were horrible many years ago that they should have fixed a long time ago but they don't want to do it for political reasons but think of it if you have a child it's much easier to come in and that's why we have so many children who've been so badly abused and we're taking care of them much better than President Obama took care of them I can tell you that much better and he was the one that had separation I'm the one that put people together and I said you know when you put the families together because separation is so bad a lot more people are going to come up and I was right about that but still the whole concept of separation is so bad but again fixing the laws would solve everything and they could do it so quickly it's so simple they know what to do they just don't want to do it if the Democrats have any shred of moral decency on this issue they must charge immediately charge forward and change our laws have to end all child's we have laws it would end all of this horrible child smuggling how do we have thousands upon thousands of children we have them because the law incentivizes criminals to bring children up and use those criminals to get people into our country can you even imagine this and we're the only country in the world that has this the only country in the world and we want to put behind bars those criminals that place children in this kind of danger every day Democrats have struck these changes they fight like hell so that we can't make the changes every day they leave laws and trafficking victims and you know we have a very very tough rule law trafficking Victims Protection reauthorization Act they leave it in place more migrants are put in harm's way and exposed to abuse and assault by criminal cartels they could fix that so easy it would take no time this lesson can be seen all over the world where the rule of laws eroded where it is eroded the Democrats even when we had both houses where we had Congress where we had the Senate and we had wonderful congressmen we had the House of Representatives and the Senate but we didn't have enough votes because it was very close we needed 60 votes and we had 51 votes and sometimes you know we had a little hard time with a couple of them right fortunately they're gone now they've gone on to greener pastures or perhaps far less green pastures but their God they're gone bill very happy they're gone and we have great senators but we need 60 we have 53 right now and we had 51 we picked up two in the 18 election but we need 60 so we need Democrat votes it's very simple but we needed them before – we need them even more so before when we had both the House and the Senate so where the door is open to smugglers and traffickers disaster always ensues nonetheless Democrats remain relentless in pushing policies to add even more incentives to the unlawful transportation of illegal alien miners across our borders and it could be fixed instantaneously by the Democrats sitting down with the Republicans the Republicans are all in favor of it virtually unanimous I would say unanimous we could fix it instant debt we just need a few of us we don't need many we need a few but they don't want to do it and you know one thing I've learned in Washington I've heard about it for years the Democrats have lousy policies and in many ways they're lousy politicians but they stick together better than the Republicans stick together they stick together they vote in a group you don't see them going haywire they may have a plan that's bad like this open borders they want open borders they stick you don't have people going the other way and voting and going out and making speeches about how we're wrong they stick together we have better politicians we have far better policy but the Democrats do stick together and frankly I give them credit for that but it's bad for our country it's very bad for our country so let me state clearly my administration will not tolerate and just we can't do this we can't do it we cannot tolerate the endangerment abuse or smuggling of children and the only way to really stop it is to change the law and the Democrats can do that immediately we will stand strong with the courageous heroes of ice Border Patrol and law enforcement these are fantastic reaper [Applause] they want to get rid of ice ice is so these are great Patriots is a great people but they're also tough Sean can tell you about that you need toughness at a certain point Sean right you need physically tough strong tough these are great people Sean's a great person but he's tough it's okay we need strong people we need tough people ice goes into these areas where you have ms-13 and to them it's like a day in the office and they'll walk into the middle of a gang and they start swinging I don't think I'd want to do it I don't think too many people want to do it but these are brave people and they're great people and they love our country and you have some congressmen in particular but also some Democrats say they want to get rid of ice I'll tell you what you get rid of ice you're gonna have problems because we take ms-13 out of our country by the thousands we take other gang members out and drop them back either into jails which in a way I hate to do because then we have to pay for them for 30 years I hate to do it but we bring them back to their countries and say you handle them problem is that all of a sudden two years later you see him again because our laws are so screwed up to protect our nation we're also rebuilding the united states armed forces like never ever before [Applause] Lindsey Graham said last night he made a speech and he said last night that he's been a senator for a long time he's been in politics for a long time he's always been very strong in the military he's never seen our military so strong as it is today great Stanford and I know it hurts our budgets and budgets are very important to me but there's nothing more important than keeping our freedom and this is a time when we need military more important than anything else we need military we'll worry about budgets we spent we spent 716 billion dollars last year and 700 billion the year before and we have brand-new fighter jets we had Jets that was so old they didn't fly we had jet sawal they had to go to the desert to the airplane graveyards they call them they have graveyards of old planes there to go there to get parts now we have brand-new beautiful f-35 FA team's best planes in the world and they're all made in the USA right we like they're made in the USA and as was stated a few times because I've seen it and heard it so much here but I recognized the true capital of Israel and opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem [Applause] every president said they were going to do it you go back many many presidents they said they were going to do they never did it they never did it and I understand why because the pressure put on you once you get into office not to do it by other countries is amazing I get so many calls and I knew they heard I was going to do it in two weeks I got so many calls from the heads of countries so when I knew they were calling about that I'd say tell them I'll call them back in a week and a half I'm very busy I'm very busy cuz it's hard to tell you know a king no they'd never heard no before so you know I don't mind telling them no but what do I have to waste my time for right but I see why that other people that they just didn't do it they campaigned I will recognize all of them and they didn't do it and they didn't do it they didn't come through this is many many presidents not just President Obama he campaigned on a to never did it Bush campaigned on a Clinton campaign everybody did they didn't do it and I did it but what I did with the calls I'll explain this just to this first row of young geniuses from Liberty University what I did is I didn't take the calls and then after I signed the document had a press conference announced it and now Jerusalem becomes the capital of Israel there's a big thing right after I did it I probably had 25 calls from leaders of countries who were going to say please don't do it I called them back hey what's up what's going what's up and they said sir we were going to ask you not to do the embassy in Jerusalem if that were possible but you did it yesterday [Applause] and I said to all of my said honesty I'm sorry I wish I got to you a little bit earlier and this year we recognized Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights that was another big thing [Applause] that's been 52 years in the makin many many summits they had many many summits people would fly in with their big jets from all these countries these big beautiful jet set land they talk about the Golan Heights for two days and then they fly out nothing what happened I did it first time and maybe most importantly or very importantly I withdrew the United States from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal remember when they signed that deal they're all screaming death to us a death to the United States they're screaming is with signing a deal whoever signs a deal with the screaming death to the USA you got John Kerry the world's worst negotiator who by the way has totally violated the Logan Act okay you know he's talking to them all the time telling them what to do you don't do it you're gonna make me look bad if you do it don't make a deal wait Trump at least probably says wait them out maybe you lose the election how about that we have a long way to go 15 months right and you have a guy saying wait I'm out maybe a lose the election that's it gets the law it's against the law you can't do that I'm supposed to be doing a good job I tell you what if it weren't for him I really think they would have already been in negotiations with us maybe even had a deal but maybe that won't happen and if it doesn't happen that's fine with me I have unlimited time as far as I'm concerned but that was a disastrous deal death to America death to Israel remember this signing it carries signing this screaming death to Israel death to America we've imposed the toughest ever sanctions on Iran and we added more this week my administration is also speaking out against religious persecution all around the world [Applause] we believe that every community has the right to worship in peace in Latin America we support the people of Cuba and Nicaragua and Venezuela in their righteous struggle for freedom right of progress here in America we reject the failed socialist ideology of government domination [Applause] you'll end up with another Venezuela right here and it won't take long our rights don't come from politicians they come from the Creator America was not built by bureaucrats America was built by innovators and entrepreneurs pioneers and pastors and ministers and priests and families and factory workers and rabbis and dreamers and doers our destiny is not written in Washington it's written in our hearts we know that faith and prayer not federal regulation defines the moral character of our country we know that we know that families and churches not government officials know best how to create strong and loving communities that's why our one-hour pastors and our clergy telling us what they think I want to hear from them I don't want them to be held up in making a statement I want to hear from those people those are the people you want most to hear from perhaps even more so than your president but maybe not I don't know you tell me but I want to hear from them I don't want them to be hurt or harmed or taxed because they're giving the interviews those are the views I want to hear above all else we know this in America we don't worship government we worship God [Applause] thank you very much thank you we've got you back got you back you came out like no movement in history there's never been a movement like happened in 2016 never happened before to that extent there's never been a movement like that I could ask thank you I could ask somebody like Bill Bennett I mean there's never been there's never been a an election like this and even now we still fight and fight and fight they just refused to accept but we're winning the fight and it's a very important fight and the election coming up is in certain ways maybe going to be as important I can't say more important but as important as the election of 2016 in certain ways it could be more important I mean really good because it could all go down very quickly haveyou have to be very very careful bill I don't think there's ever been anything like happened in 2016 what do you think I really you know I believe it I just not because I mean it's just a movement that nobody has ever seen anything like it anywhere all over the world they talk about it everyone here today is united by the same tireless values the dignity of work the miracle of life and the blessings of freedom every day of my presidency we fight on behalf of hard-working citizens who pay their taxes follow our laws raise our children protect our communities and make this the greatest nation ever to exist on the face of the earth and today I honestly believe it's greater than it's ever been before and I also think very importantly that we have more potential than we've ever had before that's a very important thing we haven't stopped we have more potential do you know if the stock market just sort of goes out nice and easy some of the stats will be the greatest the most successful June in over 80 years think of it over 80 years and it goes up a little bit more could even break the all-time record but 80 years is not so bad the choice of our future has never been clearer the radical left offers a vision of socialism censorship high taxes open borders an extreme late term abortion our movement is about lifting up all Americans we're fighting for the American worker we're fighting for the American family and we're fighting for the American dream with your help our nation will prosper in the fullness of faith and the glory of Liberty our families will be strong our children will be free our country will be safe and America will forever remain one proud nation under God together with the love the prayers and devotion of everyone in this room and the millions and millions of Patriots all across our land we will make America great again for all Americans greater than ever before thank you god bless you and God bless america thank you thank you

Otis Rodgers



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    must make definitions clear to end confusion, strife, shut the mouth of the accused. Who's country is this? People who want to crucify or behead the Body of Christ, Christians to shut them up, that criminals don't want to hear;."What you are doing is wrong."
    It isn't the criminals country. It is the Christian's country. To live in America you have to be honest. Accept what you are doing is wrong. Whether it's multiple marriages, marrying a child, forced marriages, rape is wrong you can not deny it. We need to highest standard to help the mental health of the American citizen.
    The envy strife leading to confusion must stop. People have the right to see what is "right" what is wrong. Christians have the right to speak boldly about God's Will and God's Standards. Based on the soundness of the Bible. an example.. The Bible says a young man should not be in the army. He should marry first, have children, own his land build his house, barn, build up his herds, plow his field. So when he does go to war,, even far away at war his family is provided for… The land he bought, built up, provides for his family while he is away at war or if he dies. It's the only humane way to respect men! Fairly Justly. He has the right to life and have children who will remember him carrying on in his name, (sons). That is the Bible, God, the right way to live, full of Life! Provision, Happiness! Love needs to happiness. ……*Why We don't Want War in Iran, Every Life is precious.* An video of a young man in our town, not giving this opportunity and dies 3 months after sent to war. Never had a house, home, wife or children, the evil government of FDR stole that from him! End confusion This is a Christian country. We live by every word, advice, counsel that comes from Almighty God.

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