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Pro-223 – Prophecy Update, 25 February 2018 (Termination Point)

the Bible prophesied of a unique time on
earth Israel would be returned to her land the church would turn to false
doctrines technology would increase and wickedness and immorality would run
rampant the time spoke enough so long ago has come joined Charlie Garrett as
he breaks down these events for us as they unfold each week anyway it’s 25 February 2018 it’s Sunday
it’s time for the prophecy update of the week and let’s see here an announcement
I will be finishing posting 1 Timothy on Monday that means tomorrow we’ll be done
with the book of 1 Timothy it’s taken us about three plus months to get through
it one verse at a time with the commentary and that means it on Tuesday
morning we’re going to be starting the book of 2 Timothy and as I say each time
we start a new book if you want to actually learn your Bible instead of
just watching prosti updates you can join us at the superior word org and I
post them each day and I also post them on Facebook if you contact me I can give
you the Facebook link but that’ll take us 83 days to get through to Timothy and
I would hope that everybody would read it I give a full commentary and then I
give a life application and then I give a prayer at the end and so please don’t
just watch prophecy updates learn your Bible let’s see here I have a bandana I
actually had a different bandana on when I got here this morning and some people
came from Minnesota and they handed me a bandana and they said we’re from this
horribly liberal state and we want you to have the American flag colors on your
head so I took off the other one and I put this one on and so we have visitors
today from two different parts of the US we have Dave and Sue Jacobs from
Rochester Minnesota and as we welcome you here and then we have Joe and barb
valise Chino from Sanford North Carolina and they’re down here visiting as well
so we welcome both of you and we hope you have a really good time while you’re
here I know that you guys are leaving soon but if you come back again next
time do what I said okay and let’s see here what else do we have here well
we’ll get into the update Israel is a first category it’s going to be probably
a little longer than normal I’ve got seven pages instead of six but that’s
okay from the times of Israel most people have heard several of these if
you follow prophecy channels or prophecy websites or anything I’m going to repeat
them for the people that don’t in find of biblical proportions Prophet Isaiah’s
seal claim to be on earth it was found only 10 feet away from where in 2015
mizar’s team discovered an import in tact bula with the inscription of
king hezekiah of judah so isaiah refers to Hezekiah in his writings and we have
right there within 10 feet of Hezekiah seal we have Isaiah seal now it is
broken off and they cannot 100% definitively confirm that it is his seal
because of that where it’s broken off it could say the prophet Isaiah it may just
say Isaiah or somebody else very close to that but it it is certainly Isaiah’s
sealed there’s no doubt it was found in the same area as Hezekiah seal and so we
have another confirmation of Scripture there from The Times of Israel everybody
knows this if you don’t you’ve been sleeping but I’m gonna say it anyway US
Embassy in Jerusalem to open in May in time for Israel’s 70th anniversary
cutting could take place on May 14th the day of Independence Declaration which
would be on our calendar okay that would be really wonderful I saw an article
this morning that Netanyahu is going to who’s going to be in the States the
visiting trunk very soon is going to officially invite Trump to be there for
the ribbon-cutting ceremony I cannot see our president turning that down but if I
if nothing else happens this week I’ll read that article next week but it just
came out this morning and wonderful stuff there and then from The Times of
Israel Trump says countries begged him begged him to nix the Israeli embassy
relocation they said do not do it and he did it anyway we have a man that keeps
his word he said he was going to do this
prophecies being fulfilled before our eyes including having a president that
is supporting Israel it’s all going to fit into whatever happens in the end
times from breaking Israel news an untrustworthy sight to say the least
one thing about bi n it should be in the band but they they have at the bottom
just so you know they have this as a Jewish site and we don’t want Christians
evangelizing on this site in their comments and all this kind of stuff so
they are there simply to get Christians to donate to them in their cause they
came out with this article Sanhedrin mints a silver half shekel with images
of Trump and Cyrus that is untrue just so you know they are trying to get
Christians to support them by giving them money and they said we’re
doing this and we’re doing that so when you read something online don’t just
believe it because it’s online I’ll have a point about that a little bit later in
the prophecy update but they they were saying that a coin was going to be
printed with Trump and what’s his name Cyrus the Persian king who authorised
the return of the Israelites back to Jerusalem after their captivity but
that’s not true just so you know don’t believe everything you hear
check it out and we’ll go on Jerusalem Post loophole latent bill to cut fakest
in Ian’s Authority funds over terrorists salaries is approved I brought it up
last week it was approved in one of the cabinets at Defense Ministry proposal to
combat the fakest in Ian’s Authority’s policy of paying terrorists and their
families that was criticized by MKS for being too weak was approved by the
Ministerial Committee for legislation the proposed legislation would have the
security cabinet decide each month whether to dock the amount paid to
terrorists from tax and tariffs that Israel collects for the authority they
should just approve this saying it’s going to be docked but they’ve given
people the chance to say we’re not going to do it bad bad policy cutting funds is
the default option but the bill would also give the security cabinet the
options of freezing funds and paying later or not deducting any funds for
special reasons of national security and international relations when you do that
you go and undo the bill that you’ve done you don’t need to worry about
having a weak bill but the amount deducted will go into a fund for
families of victims of terrorism good job okay times of Israel fake-ass Tinian
Authority slams Israeli bill to withhold money it uses to pay prisoners
condemning the bill as an act of piracy they’re killing Jews and they are now
saying we’re going to take that money that you are paying these terrorists
with and we’re going to give it to the victims they say it’s piracy fakest
Indian government said it would continue to support the prisoners and the
families of martyrs from the times of Israel Polish right everything going on
with Poland right now if you haven’t been paying attention they’re having a
lot of trouble with Israel right now I’m just going to read you six titles
polish Prime Minister visits the grave of Nazi collaborators drawing fresh ire
from Jerusalem Post polish Prime Minister there were Jewish perpetrators
of the Holocaust from yahoo netanyahu slams outrageous holocaust remark by the
polish Prime Minister yah-hoo Polish Jews are stunned scared
by the eruption of anti-semitism from The Jerusalem Post in an open letter
Polish Jews say they don’t feel safe in Poland sounds like one more reason for
them to be making alia back to Israel the Lord says he was going to do it and
he’s found a multitude of ways of getting these people to go back to the
land which he is given to them once again and this sounds like one of the
ways the Polish Jews are going to be leaving probably soon Jerusalem Post
Trump Netanyahu to meet at White House on 5 March I mentioned that a minute ago
the president has a great relationship with Prime Minister and looks forward to
meeting with him a White House official said the meeting
will be the fifth the fifth between Trump and Netanyahu since Trump took
office in 2017 I love where we are going in this nation at least with our
president not in all the other bad ways that we’re going but just go on to
Facebook and you’ll be depressed again but anyway and from Eretz Sheva
successful test for arrow three system great stuff Israel’s do you know we’ve
got our any ballistic missile system which has failed several times and it
did again a week ago there’s a succeeding the Homa admin of the Israeli
Defense Ministry together with u.s. missile defense agency conducted a
successful flight test of the arrow three system which intercepts ballistic
missiles outside the atmosphere the test was conducted in central Israel
led by the Israel Aerospace Industries and with the participation of the Israel
Air Force the Aero 3 interceptor was launched and successfully carried out
its mission the Aero system is a central component of the multi-layered defense
system developed by the Ministry of Defense through the Moffett Houma admin
good stuff there they lit it off at night and my question is how do these
things see the other missiles that are coming in at nighttime I just how they
do it must be magic or something kidding of course and woke up them
Jerusalem Post 15 billion dollars worth of Israeli natural gas to be sold to
Egypt oh yes gas operators Delic drilling and Noble
Energy announced that it is signed agreements with the Egyptian company
dolphin energy worth an estimated fifteen billion dollars Delic and Noble
will supply Egypt with seven billion cubic meters of gas annually half of the
gas will come from the tamar reservoir already up and running and half will
come from leviathan currently under development with plans to begin
operations next year to transfer the gas the companies are looking at various
pipelines including the east mediterranean gas pipeline which runs
parallel to the gaza shore and the pan arabian pipeline via jordan Delic and
noble plan on negotiating with EMG for use of that pipeline some 64 billion
cubic meters of gas in total could be exported 15 billion dollars in Israel’s
pockets once again good job from the Alta Manor just the title members of
Congress urge immediate passage by Senate of legislation targeting fakest
Indian Authority terrorism payments this was passed two years ago by the house it
did pass in the Senate in their committee they have never brought it
forward the Senate is needs to be contacted you
need to tell your senator that they are to take this up and not to be weak it is
the bill remember we had on what is it the guy’s name theft anyway don’t
remember his name right offhand but he’s the guy that was US citizen that was
over there and he got killed and Taylor Taylor album remember it in a second
Taylor something it’s the name of the bill he was killed and so they passed
this law to say that we are not going to fund anything where the money goes into
the Taylor force act that’s what it is to go into the funds of the fakest in
ian’s for them to pay these tariffs because we are still giving them money
which is being paid to these terrorists so please contact your Senate or let
them know that you’re tired of this the house is asking them to do it and the
Senate is sitting on their hands so Christian news today from WAFB
Billy Graham’s casket was hand-built by inmates at Angola prison his simple
plywood casket like my mother’s this is Franklin Graham writing it was
hand-built by convicted murderers at the angle a prison in Louisiana about 12
years ago and seems to suit him we have a Bible with him in the casket and the
casket is directly behind a pulpit we felt this was symbolic since he stood
behind a pulpit most of his life preaching the gospel Billy Graham
preached about heaven wrote books about heaven now he is in heaven
his faith has become sight Express armed gangs wiped out 15 villages and mass
Christian slaughter in Nigeria dozens of people have been killed after the gangs
ransacked towns and villages declare them all of aspects of the Christian
faith houses belonging to believers have also been raised with authorities doing
little to help we hear all about what’s going on in Broward County we don’t hear
anything about this on CNN do we Christians being murdered and
slaughtered a spokeswoman said one attack took place in broad daylight as
people were about to go to church the assailants chased and killed the
villagers and burned down nine churches and many more houses Christian
persecution is a major problem in Nigeria which has been exacerbated by
the spread of radical Islamic teaching and practice from the world watch
monitor China 100 Christians sent to re-education camps in Xinjiang and these
camps also known as study centers or mind transformation centers they are
taught how to be loyal to the communist ideology imagine this imagine that these
people have to go through this and we’re sitting here happy and dumb and you know
watching prophecy updates and drinking Slurpees when we have people around the
world they’re actually being re educated because of their Christian faith most of
those detained are from the Weger ethnic minority and have a Muslim background in
recent years the weavers they have been the prime targets of the government’s
anti-terror campaign aimed at cracking down on both separatist groups and
militant Islamists but those who have converted to Christianity have also been
caught up a source told wwm that members of his church were sent to such a camp
without knowing when they would back some stayed there for a month
others for half year or even longer re-education breitbart Chinese pastors
ordered to post signs on front of churches forbidding entry to minors a
new laws been passed in China as part of its most recent clamp down on Christian
churches Chinese authorities have instructed priests and pastors to post
signs on churches barring entry to minors that breaks my heart immensely
you know that Jim I’m not a kid person I love children when they’re off at a
distance but I don’t handle them well my my children are 29 aren’t sorry 30 and
30 well they’re both 30 right now no wait what what month is it yeah they’re
both 30 and 31 they overlap for a couple days and anyway they started to become
you know useful to me as human beings about two years ago I just I’m I’m not a
I’m not a child person I do love them don’t get me wrong but they know in the
projects whenever the kids come out and their faces will be just full of snot
and stuff because you know and they come and they want to hug everybody
I take yeah I say go hug him I say Jim wants a hug I’m not very nice yeah
anyway I do love children don’t get me wrong I just am NOT good around them
it’s not my I could never have been a children pastor yeah no patience at all
anyway so let’s see here we’re was a the instruction is part of a new set of
Communist Party controlled regulations on religious activities
that went into effect on February 1st and is aimed at preventing children and
young people from getting religious instruction or taking an active part in
Christian worship authorities have begun enforcing the government ban on minors
in church in several regions while forcing a number of Protestant house
churches and Hainan Province to close the new regulations are an expansion of
bands already tried out in certain regions Chinese authorities stated that
church attendance and religious instruction keep young persons from
developing a correct worldview and set of values what they’re trying to do is
end Christianity in one generation that’s what they’re doing from the
Guardian for titles some of these go back about a month or more but I have
been saving them for the Christian persecution section
in Egypt faced unprecedented persecution we know that Osama talks about it from
the Christian Post top 50 worst countries for Christians they list them
I’m not going to list them but 3066 killed six women sexually attacked every
day because of their Christian faith 3066 right and we sit in America and we
think oh you know the Lord will take us in the rapture before the ball drops
nothing says that this economy could collapse tomorrow we could be an utter
poverty in this nation for 10 years before the Lord comes we don’t know
there’s nothing that exempts us in this nation and probably there should be no
exemption we should be at the forefront of being punished for the way we treat
God in this nation lately but that’s a different issue from the Christian post
Iraqi Christians in Jordan are being neglected by United Nations rights
activists Lauren ok we’ve gone in there they’ve had all that trouble and they’re
neglecting the Christians guess what Christian post Trump designates 55
million dollars to help Christians religious minorities rebuild in Iraq un
isn’t helping our president is from Christian headlines Christian
persecution is worse today than ever before when you think of the worst time
in history for Christian persecution perhaps you think of the Roman Coliseum
or the Middle Ages and Reformation when Christians were burned at the stake by
the Catholics many times what’s his name John HUS died there at the stake and
they have a tradition of doing these things for translating the Bible into
the common language I talked to the doctor about this before Bible class
what was it Wickliffe the morning star of the Reformation he died they dug up
his bones and had a trial for him for you know being anti-catholic or whatever
he translated the Bible into English right so anyway what may surprise you
however is that a new report has shown that Christian persecution is actually
worse today than ever before in history this increase in Christian persecution
is in large part due to terrorist groups like Isis in the Middle East in Boko
Haram in Nigeria which we just talked about these groups particularly target
Christians of the 13 countries where Christian persecution has been most
severe none of them have shown improvement in the
dear except Saudi Arabia where the situation was already so bad
it could only scarcely get worse persecuted Christians from Iran to
Indonesia to North Korea often feel forgotten by those in the West
especially because Western governments are not doing enough to provide them
with aid we’ve got it fat dumb and happy here we think that we’re immune for
these things once again we are not from Islam today
Reuters presidents of Russia Turkey and Iran to meet in April in Turkey we’ve
got three of the big players right in the Bible coming down against Israel
meeting our ia cites Kremlin the three country’s foreign ministers are due to
meet in Kazakhstan in two weeks to prepare the ground for an Istanbul
summit in Syria and from our it’s Sheva Iran poised to replace Isis across the
Middle East does anybody think that this wasn’t planned we did a process the
update a year and a half maybe two years ago where it was very well proved by
Zero Hedge CIA informants and everybody else that the US had a hand in forming
Isis okay who was the president at the time and what did he do with Iran the
deal everything was pointing to this all coming about so that Iran could come in
and take the place of Isis so that they could eventually go and wipe out Israel
from the face of the earth there is no doubt that our president and the people
that he is aligned with had this doesn’t this why Trump is so hated it all comes
back to his policy particularly with Israel especially he is hated he’s you
know supports Christians they hate that go on down the line they hate it they
hate it they hate it but this man is hated because he is doing things to undo
what they have done Public Security Minister delayed aired on warned that
Iran is poised to supplant Isis across Syria following the is defeats over the
past year and urged the u.s. to intervene to prevent Iran from cementing
its foothold in the war-torn state harridan warned that while Isis has been
weakened militarily Iran is positioning itself to reap the benefits Iran will
replace Isis there’s a need for greater American involvement in making sure that
Iran does not turn syria into a puppet state
every day that I ran in trenches itself in Syria brings war closer and it brings
gog magog closer that war without Western an intervention Syria would be
dominated by Iran leading to the establishment of a Shia Crescent across
the Middle East there’s no vacuum if the u.s. chooses to
not be a major player in shaping the future of Syria than others will and
trust me it won’t be the democratically elected
representatives of the Syrian people the Islamic Republic will replace the is and
will try to set up Syrian Hezbollah made of Shia militias no doubt about it
ynette Netanyahu vows to hit Iran directly if necessary Prime Minister
necessary think of what’s going on here Prime Minister Netanyahu said that
Israel would act against Iran not just its allies in the Middle East if needed
reiterating that Tehran was the world’s greatest threat holding a piece of what
he said was an Iranian drone after its incursion into Israeli airspace he told
the Munich Security Conference Israel will not allow the regime to put a noose
of Terror around our neck we will act if necessary not just against Iran’s
proxies but against Iran itself the nuclear deal he argued had unleashed a
dangerous tiger in the region and beyond Iran is devouring huge swathes of the
Middle East through its Shiite proxies Israel will continue to prevent Iran
from establishing a permanent military presence in Syria and would continue to
prevent it from crossing red lines Iran’s the brazen action had literally
reached new heights through the drones penetration into Israeli territory he
said so why not Iranian wrestler I Breton brought us up when he failed to
do his job and here’s the sentence Iranian wrestler suspended after
deliberately losing to avoid Israeli opponent the uww is suspended in Iranian
wrestler al Ariza car Emmy for six months after he deliberately lost the
quarter-final of his under 86 kilograms freestyle contest in some place I can’t
pronounce to avoid having to face an Israeli opponent
his coach received a two-year suspension so furious he doesn’t want to it’s
either he doesn’t want to touch an Israeli or he doesn’t want to be beaten
by one and so yes that’s that’s what I think and so he threw his previous match
and they knew he did it and they suspended him for six months I would
have taken Mac completely if you’re not willing to participate as an athlete
then you are no longer an athlete but there you go that’s what the result of
that is from Fox Taliban stunned by an escalated US military effort calls for
dialogue remember our president was saying we’re going to retreat on this
day at this hour at this time and you after that you can do whatever you want
and our new president came in and said we are upping military power we’re gonna
pound these people like they can’t believe they’re calling for dialogue the
Taliban in Afghanistan under pressure from a stepped-up Trump admin military
campaign released a rambling letter to the American people calling for dialogue
to end the prolonged Afghan war of course the letter kept saying we are
offering this and we’re gracious and that’s nothing to do with it the letter
came at a time when the US has increased the pace of intensity of airstrikes in
support of anti insurgent ground and operations by Afghan forces the effort
is part of Trump’s new strategy to break the military stalemate with the Taliban
and push them to the negotiating table sounds like they want to get there quick
from off the leash a mad dog is off the leash that’s right News Sky five women
killed in shooting outside Russian Church Russian news agency Tass reported
that the gunman was shot dead goodbye police after killing four worshippers
and wounding 4 others in an attack in the town of his er and the gunman was
armed with a hunting rifle and charged towards the church shouting of course
Allah Akbar a mock the propaganda agency for Islamic state claimed the group was
behind the attack although it did not offer any evidence so they’re having the
same problems in Russia from Mongolia Mongolia News Zhen hua net says Mongolia
Argentina Mongolia art we have somebody from the sport in Argentina here
visa-free agreement comes into force while imagine all the way across the
world they now have beats of free travel of
a free travel agreement between Mongolia and Argentina came into force on
February 19th do you have dual citizenship you okay
you don’t want to mention that anyway okay well just so you know that they
have free travel from Argentina for the mongolians and that’s pretty interesting
that they would make that deal so m’goi and argentina came into force the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday the two governments signed the document
on August 31st of 2017 in Busan the Republic of Korea in a bid to enhance
bilateral relations under the agreement Mongolian citizens will be allowed to
stay up to 90 days in Argentina with that visa hey good stuff Daniel 12
technology LA Times this is so scary we did this a while ago with voice and
video it’s gotten much much better and you can do it on a handphone now fake
videos are on the rise as they become more realistic seeing shouldn’t always
be believing all it takes is a single selfie from that static image one selfie
of a person an algorithm can quickly create a moving lifelike avatar a video
not recorded but fabricated from the whole cloth by software with more time
PIM screen the LA startup behind the technology believes its renderings will
become so accurate that they will defy reality you won’t be able to tell said
how Lee a leading researcher on computer-generated video at USC who
founded PIM screen in 2015 with further deep learning advancements especially on
mobile devices will be able to produce completely photo real avatars in real
time this is really scary the technology is a triumph of computer science that
highlights the gains researchers have made in deep neural networks complex
algorithms that loosely mimic the thinking of the human brain what used to
take a sophisticated Hollywood production company weeks could be
accomplished in seconds by anyone with a smartphone you want to get somebody in
trouble at school look at what I saw I’m doing and it’s not even real right mail
online Google tests ace smart reply robot that will chat to your
friends so that you can keep on top of your social life without the effort so
it just answers they send you a text I may buy a cell phone now because I don’t
ever have to answer it it’ll just say yeah I’m having a great day we’ll talk
to you later and yeah of the reply uses artificial intelligence to suggest
responses to the messages you receive just put it on auto and answer away
folks maila I will never buy a cell phone so
that might have been a pipe dream but it’s not gonna happen mail online can’t
face cremation I’ve got some cremation things in here one here and a couple
coming later remember I brought up bio cremation where they melted people not
long ago I’ll talk about that again but I can’t face cremation try a 200-degree
deep freeze funeral with your remains pulverized into powder which is actually
a great idea if you think about it eco-friendly alternative deep freezes
bodies before turning them into powder in cryo Meishan bodies are bathed with
pure liquid nitrogen and cold – 192 degrees centigrade in a chilling it in a
chilling twist little pun there on the phrase dust to dust
funerals could soon end with a loved one’s remains being frozen to that
degree and pulverized into powder the process has parallels with cremation but
without the harmful emissions and pollutants you know you got mercury in
your teeth that goes out in the atmosphere you won’t have any more
particles are then freeze-dried to remove moisture filters remove any
medical implants like hips and knees and we’d have a whole pile of them if they
did this church right over there hip replacements teeth fillings and the
root teeth fillings got one right here then the result is a pile of coffee
colored granules it can be buried in a narrow biodegradable tube so kind of
interesting what’s that yeah put them in a little cup cake up I don’t know what a
k-cup is coffee cup yes a little cake up little yeah yeah it’s called cryo cryo
Mason yeah cryo Mason okay revelation plagues
I entitled this Oh rats from PJ Media Paris rat population swarms to six
million three for every man woman and child
not long ago a horrified sanitation worker filmed a pile
rats and a garbage bin the video went viral and shined a light on the issue
that has recently been plaguing the City of Lights estimates put the number of
rats between 4 and 6 million the rodents are becoming more aggressive and less
timid and are now appearing in popular tourist areas some Concerned mayor’s in
the areas surrounding the city fear that rats are becoming resistant to the
poisons intended to kill them the mirror mutant super rats immune to poisons set
to invade the United Kingdom and plague British homes so they’re just taking the
swim across to England and they’re gonna take them over to the discovery of the
mutant gene has left some scientists fearing a massive population spike in
the vermin population a University of Reading report identified the huge
extent of the mutation dubbed l120 queue in rats across the whole of central
southern England the British pet Control Association said the study highlights
the fact that resistance is growing in rat species across a swath of the
country rats without the genetic mutation are being killed off by poison
so the resistant species are taking their place leaving a growing population
of resistant pure breads with their numbers expanding there could be a
significant risk to public health Revelation plagues if their population
is left unchecked in both urban and rural environments ok enough of rats I
have one more I’m only going to read you the title this was a very very
interesting article I would hope that if you actually read that you would go 2-0
hedge and look up this article how to kill 300,000 Americans and get away with
it if someone wanted to kill 300,000 Americans and get away with it they
could not have accomplished it more effectively then our government has
accomplished it with the opioid epidemic and they justify how they’ve done it 16
steps in it is well worth reads ero hedge if you forget the title just watch
the video and you all say it again how to kill the 300,000 Americans and get
away with it and then you can go look it up my recommendation and this is for
everybody that watches the prophecy update and all of their families if you
go to the hospital and you are checked into the hospital
you have to have surgery or if you have to have your brain replaced or whatever
you want to tell them no opioids we have somebody in this church that went in and
had opioids administered and that person got addicted to them okay and it was
very very difficult and very wearing on the body to get off of that we need to
be exceedingly careful to not take opioids even one you go in there and you
say give me something else no opioids there is a agenda here and
I’m not a conspiracy theorist this is well laid out and it is it’s proven true
I I think I told I don’t think I said on a prophecy update but I know I told the
Bible class I was at 7-eleven taking out the garbage as I do every day and a guy
walked up to me and he said what I need to know where I can get something and I
said what do you want and I’m thinking he wants a prostitute or something he’s
out on Siesta Key and he says well you know I need something and I said what do
you what do you want he says well he says I said do you want marijuana he
said no stronger and finally he got to it he says I need opioids he said I was
in the hospital I was administered these and I cannot get off of them and I feel
like I’m dying right now and I prayed with him I said let’s pray about this
and you know he went off and went looking for his opioids but this guy did
not intend to do it and he wasn’t gonna tell his family I got so convicted after
talking to him that I went driving around looking for him to tell him you
need to tell your family because if you don’t you’re gonna squander away all of
your life everything and they’re not going to know what’s going on and
they’re gonna leave you you’re gonna get a divorce but they will support you if
you tell them I should have had the sense to tell them that at the time but
if you have an addiction you need to tell somebody not hide it because it’s
never going to get better on your own you need Christ and you need support
so no opioids alright we’re gonna go on morality today from the Christian Post
Kansas GOP affirms God’s design for gender opposes transgender identity this
is the Kansas GOP when I went around the states in 2010 I went to all the
capitals and preached at them and I went through the capitals and took pictures
of stuff Kansas capital has pictures of the Kansas people the representatives
and Senate they were all carrying guns at one point
their history because they were not going to take any nonsense and so they
have their entire house of representatives standing there with guns
these people are still the salt of the earth you know middle of the America
they’re supporting this God’s design for for us as normal gender not transgender
the Republican Party in the state of Kansas moved to affirm God’s design for
gender as determined by biological sex not self perception the Republican
Party’s state committee in the sunflower state passed a resolution on human
sexuality at the state republican convention over the weekend that states
direct opposition of all efforts to validate transgender identity sunflower
state look I got some flowers today I didn’t even think of it okay the
resolution not only they had more Sun flowery sunflowers than those but those
were prettier so I got those the resolution not only affirms God’s design
for gender but also expresses opposition to hormone therapy and surgical methods
to help transgender people alter their bodies to match their perceived gender
identity CNN judge gives grandparents custody of Ohio transgender teen if you
haven’t read Drudge then you don’t know this or maybe you saw it somewhere else
but a Hamilton County Ohio judge gave custody of a transgender teen to his
grandparents rather than his parents allowing them to make medical decisions
regarding his transition the parents did not want the teen a 17 year old who
identifies as a male to undergo hormone treatment and refused to call him by his
chosen name these parents want their daughter and the judge took this child
away and gave it to the grandparents because they will let it be insane the
parents wanted custody in order to make medical decisions for the teen and
prohibit the treatment of his medical team had recommended Judge Sylvia
Hendon’s ruling says that in addition to receiving custody the grandparents can
petition to change the child’s name in probate the teen will now be covered by
the grandparents insurance the grandparents rather than parents will be
the ones to help make medical decisions for the child going forward can you
imagine what’s happening it’s crazy the life that was where was it hang on a sec
it was Ohio Hamilton County Ohio male online outrage as dementia patient
they said this was going to happen and it’s been happening it’s gonna happen in
Canada very soon outrageous dementia patient who never asked to die is
euthanized at the request of the family in Belgium patient whose identity was
not disclosed whether because the family is to shame they just don’t want their
their wicked deeds to be exposed was euthanized at the family’s request
dementia sufferer and Belgium lacked a mental capacity to ask for euthanasia
and so they just killed them other news natural news here comes number two new
recycling technology is actually cannibalism I’m reading this because
it’s not true I want everybody to know this it’s crazy
no I mean they’re making this claim if you read things on the internet don’t
always believe what you read ok natural news is one of those sites that I get
some information from and quite often they’re commentaries are out there this
is one of them I was in wastewater for 20-some years ok I know what happens
with wastewater this is not true but I’m reading it to you so that you know ok
this goes back to that prophecy update that I referred to on bio cremation dead
people are liquefied drained into city sewers and then dumped on food crops as
bio sludge a new recycling technology called bio cremation liquefies the dead
true then dumps their liquid remains into the city sewers where solid wastes
are collected that is true they’re collected as bio sludge to be dumped on
food crops that is untrue ok when you get embalmed what do you think they do
with the blood save it in a vial and you know bury you with it no that goes right
down into the wastewater system I used to work in a mortuary in Japan I know
that oh yes out goes oh I could tell you some great
stories about that that was fun yeah every time a dead body got shipped
in from all over Asia to Japan I’d be there to help them do the embalming and
I really enjoyed I didn’t do the active work because oh yeah the first I won’t
get into it anyway we’ll talk about that after the update anyway what happens is
that blood goes in there everything biodegrades do you think that when
somebody dies in battle out in the field that somebody comes and picks up that
body I’m talking about in the Middle Ages and all of a sudden the food
doesn’t have huming you know those people were buried right
there when they died in battle as a matter of fact there was a battle
recorded in France it was such a bloody battle so many people died they said
they had bumper crops for three years afterward from the blood and bone that
had sunk into the ground this is part of human life but what happens is when
something goes into the system okay when it goes into the system it goes through
a wastewater process and it is very involved we got a wastewater operator
right here okay I worked with him for years at two plants i bryant anyway when
it comes in it is whatever it is when it comes in it can be a carrot or it can be
whatever okay when it goes out it is completely biodegraded it is a quick
process of what happens in the ground over years and years I mean it’s very
quick there are giant tanks they’re aerated and then that air is taken out
of them the nitrogen is removed the phosphorus is removed I mean we we go
through all kinds of processes so that at least at that plant because it
discharges into Sarasota Bay that water is as pure as a river going out it is
wonderfully pure okay it’s better than what comes out of your tap I would
imagine but other plants are treated as much because then it’s applied on land
and they want to leave in the the you know the nitrogen and the other
compounds so they don’t things grow but just so you know this is not true I
wanted if you’ve read this because a lot of proxy people will hear this somewhere
it’s not true okay the crops in turn after they’re claiming that your body is
put on the crops or fed back to humans as part of the mainstream food supply in
a shocking true story that’s the matrix in the Soylent Green part a company
based in Smith Falls Ontario is devised bio cremation system that is
eco-friendly alternative to flame based cremation or casket burials everything
ends up back in the ground again everything okay when you cremate
somebody guess what it rains and down they come everything comes back to
nature in one way or another but this is not true don’t listen to this kind of
stuff it is not Soylent Green Soylent Green is people
do they may see the movie okay they’re dead they very end of the movie last
thing Charlton Heston says is Soylent Green is people and it was they had
taken bodies and literally turn them into food okay
it’s old movie but a good one CNN here’s another one for you and this is the last
one this is a little less gross it’s actually a neat idea the biodegradable
burial pod that turns your body into a tree okay instead of having a cremation
and instead of having a tomb or bio cremation or cryo cremation you can now
be converted into a tree it’s very interesting your carbon footprint
doesn’t end in the grave we know that while you rest in peace the wood
synthetic cushioning and metals generally used in traditional coffins as
well as the concrete around the reinforced graves continue to litter the
earth Italian designers might have a solution
they call it capsula Mundi with the world’s capsule okay in Latin it’s an
egg-shaped organic casket that’s suitable for ashes too once buried the
biodegradable plastic shell breaks down and the remains provide nutrients to a
sapling planted right above it the designers are launching the first
version of their product which is for ashes only a later model will be
suitable for bodies to be encapsulated in the fetal position bacteria in the
soil will first break down the bio plastic then the ashes generally come
into contact with the soil without changing its chemical balance too
dramatically because the body will purge within a year the nutrients are released
into the soil quite quickly so a decently sized tree planted on top would
be key capturing the nutrients is also important to protect groundwater it’s
good idea it’s what happened those people in battle it’s what happens in
nature and you can have a tree planted in your honor at the same time make a
coconut tree for me okay weasel zippers Ohio sheriff takes stopping school
shootings into his own hands this is an Ohio sheriff offers free concealed carry
classes for teachers good job according to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office
Facebook page the 50 offered slots were filled with 20 minutes of Jones’s
announcement all of them everybody wanted I want to be able to defend my
children in school good job from Fox Colorado State Representative Columbine
survivor pushes to end gun-free zones and schools good job Colorado House
Minority Leader Patrick Melville who was a Columbine High School soft
at the time of the 1999 mass shooting is pushing legislation that he says would
protect students by getting rid of gun restrictions in schools he has
introduced the bill annually since he was elected in 2014 and because he’s in
the minority they won’t pass it previous attempts have been turned down time and
time again we point to the one common theme with mass shootings they occur in
gun-free zones Nevel told the times from Breitbart this was back in October of
last year but I wanted to remind you of the peanut-head itis of our California
Governor Jerry Brown signs bill insuring teachers cannot shoot back if attacked
if they were to shoot back while being attacked they would be arrested because
that’s the brainpan of the Liberals they want what happens in these schools to
happen so that they can deny people of their rights that is the agenda here
mail online Switzerland becomes the first country to make boiling lobsters
illegal because they feel pain yes the law will force restaurants to render
lobsters unconscious before killing them well you’ve got to talk to it you gotta
pet it you gotta woo it to sleep I guess I don’t know
swifty Swiss authorities recommend electrocuting or stabbing them with a
knife okay yeah it changes come as Britain prepares to
make similar amendments to the lobster rules
okay Britain is following suit they’ll be next just so you know abortion is
legal in both of those countries so do they do they say you have to shock the
kid to sleep before you kill it I mean I don’t know but there’s no thought
process at all in the liberal mind zero there’s no just go online and read their
articles read their comments on your well thought-out articles
okay I got a lesser akan cryo Meishan will you burn will you freeze now your
choice once you’re dead you will have not a voice you can still be around
turned into frozen ground yet in heaven won’t matter rejoice
I said that to Brian because every time Brian says goodbye to you the last thing
you’ll ever hear him say is rejoice so I even told Lestat when he wrote this
I laughed out loud and I said Brian I hope he said church on Sunday rejoice
okay irony and odd I entitled this termination point I have three for you
today the first one is long it’s odd okay it’s not irony it’s ironic but it’s
odd okay it’s from the Babylon B just so you know the Babylon B is a spoof site
it is a spoof but I’m going to read this for a very particular reason is because
I love to Billy Graham as most people in this place did most people thought he
was a great evangelist and a man of God post that on Facebook and see how you
get torn apart by Christians that believe everything they read on the
Internet babble on be man criticizing Billy
Graham has never preached gospel one single time upon the news of Billy
Graham’s passing away at 99 Wednesday morning local man John Everly took the
opportunity to criticize the man’s preaching theology and methodology
Everly is not shared the good news of Jesus Christ with a single person in his
entire life multiple sources confirmed in a lengthy blog post hot off the
presses Wednesday the man was able to point out 47 different flaws with
Graham’s delivery calling the famous preachers messages shallow man centered
and wishy washy while he himself had never attempted to bring a single person
to Christ also concerning to the blogger were two or three specific sentences
uttered by Graham in the 60 years his words were being recorded for which
every refused to offer Graham the benefit of the doubt despite the late
evangelist lifetime of preaching the gospel to live audiences of more than
200 million people at publishing time sources had confirmed that both of
Everly’s parents and all four of his grandparents had been converted to
Christ at a Billy Graham crusade so it’s funny it’s funny but it is also very sad
how in bacilli otic and I made that word up just now Christians can be you know
what they read something on the internet that he’s part of the Illuminati what do
you think this happened it goes back to something like Billy Graham saying
well I used the King James Version for preaching I heard him say that one of
his Crusades but I also read other versions and let them go ballistic and
start saying bad things about Billy Graham and then this group that has a
little pet peeve about calling people he would call people forward right let’s
make a commitment to Christ and they condemned him for that the pan and
pulpit came out with this long article this week about how people were led down
a false gospel because of Billy Graham right how many people weren’t saved as
if he is responsible for all of those people in that auditorium that come
forgetting that tens of thousands came forward I can’t tell you how many
personal friends I know that met Jesus Christ in a Billy Graham crusade and yet
they find every little nitpicky thing to say well this wasn’t a man to God
because I was in that fundamental Independent Baptist Church down the road
here for a couple years and I mentioned Billy Graham one time and a guy we were
in the bathroom and I was washing my hands and he says I don’t like Billy
Graham he doesn’t tell them afterward he always says you know go to church on
Sunday remember that he said he doesn’t tell him to go to an independent
fundamental Baptist Church that was his answer no I’m absolutely serious little
pet peas will ruin your joy and Christianity I had my fill of it on
Facebook this week mail online here’s something ironic
remember this is termination point Billy Graham’s termination point well here’s
two more boyfriend falls to his death from a bridge after jumping for joy when
his girlfriend said yes to his marriage proposal that’s ironic okay and then one
more termination point coconut explodes in a coffin sending fear through
crematorium staff as mourners are urged to not slip items in with their dead
relatives they put a coconut in there and the thing explodes and it scared
them all so termination point such as the world we live in
so from Sarasota Florida to Allah and Betar Mongolia I’m Charlie Garrett this
is the superior word and that is your prophecy update for the week

Otis Rodgers



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