December 7, 2019
  • 10:14 pm 【故事販賣店】新加坡刑案│Ritual Murders活人獻祭
  • 10:14 pm Laura Eisenhower: Repelling Dark Alien Tech, Saturn Hexagon, Satanic Rituals & Pedophilia[CITD 2018]
  • 10:14 pm About Practical Meditation MOOC
  • 10:14 pm Meditation music, Sleeping Music, Calm Music, Relaxing Music, Deep Sleep Music, Insomnia, Spa, Yoga.
  • 10:14 pm The Heart Of Worship – Matt Redman (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Albert Gyorfi)
ptdepot / Wellbeing Sanctuary / Epsom

I've been thinking about how to describe this special place that we've set up here in Epson and best words that come to mind are from the musical Oliver Twist and they go something like this come consider yourself at home come consider yourself one of the family will take to you so strong it's clear we're going to get along so come consider yourself well in come consider yourself part of the furniture there is a lot to spare but who cares so consider yourself our maid we don't want to have no fuss after some consideration we can State consider yourself one of us

Otis Rodgers