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Qlippothic Yoga – The Guide. Pt 5 – Sitra Ahra

Recently, we were speaking about the
lurianic reform in the Kabbalah and we stated that it was revolutionary enough
to split the Jews into a number of parties. Firstly, there was the
reactionary party that was demanding that the “new” religious law be based on commonfolk understanding of piety and that religious leaders rather be reborn
in the spirit of piety than carry on searching for Da’at, you know, knowledge on the unknowable Godhead, what an absurd. When it comes to the situation of issues concerning Yahweh, tzimtzum and the Qlippoth, reactionary thinkers prefered to base further explanations denial mechanism. On one Hand, they explained the imperfect nature of the World with Tzimtzumim and shattering of vessels, but on the other Hand they denied these things being rooted in Yahweh’s imperfection or mistake. So even if the rhetorics were still full of “almighty God” notion, this this inevitable, latent acknowledgment of the imperfection of Jewish God brought them closer to him. And at the other end of the scale there was the progressive party that in its most radical manifestations was proclaiming that the arising force of Da’at identified mostly as human reason will reveal all mysteries of God to man, so that the dark days of ignorance and superstition be over. It is clearly visible, that these two radical parties were not only on the same scale, but also just seemingly different. Yahweh always tricks people into believing his lies the most effective way he can find, and if you have an inclination to be spiritual he can take advantage of you and if you have an inclination to be rational he can still take advantage of you. As you understand, neither of the two tendencies mentioned was pleasant to the organized Jewish religious bureaucracy of that time. The Rabbis were really pissed off by the whole discussion destabilizing the religious system and and undermining their authority. But they, as representatives of the hierarchical system being in service and at the disposal of Yahweh, the Demiurge, were the same as those they were so angry at. The whole conflict was petty and spurious. Direct followers of Isaac Luria however seemed to be more interested in actual spiritual work within the system of Kabbalah. Such were the roots of Jewish Gnosticism. In resemblance to their Christian likes, for instance, these Jewish Gnostics were convinced that
existence was only an illusion and appearance, and did not truly exist. They further claimed the Ein Sof didn’t change at all in itself and was exactly the same as it was before creation, and there was no space empty of God. Therefore they said that in truth there was no reality to existence at all and all the
worlds were only an illusion and appearance, just as in the verse “in the hands of the prophets I will appear” from the 2nd Book of Kings. They said that the world and humanity had no real existence and their entire reality was
only an appearance. So they said people perceived themselves as if they were in a world, and they perceived themselves with their senses, and they perceived the world with their senses. It turned out [according to this opinion] that all of existence of humanity and the world was only a perception and not in true reality, for it was impossible for anything to exist in true reality, since God fills all the worlds. But who is exactly the God spoken about? For when it comes to Yahweh as a deity, he in fact represents the driving force that stood behind the two already mentioned Creative acts: firstly, withdrawal of divine Energy from a certain point to create the cosmic vagina; secondly, penetration of this cosmic vagina with the so-called ray of divine light to leave the seed of Yahweh therein so that the cosmic vagina would disgorge the stars, planets (planetary connotations of both the Sefirot and the Qlippoth are also worthy of investigation), galaxies, matter, dinozaurs, people and all that stuff. So Yahweh is a phallic Deity, an inseminator who is interested in creation according to his image and like himself. He cannot be identified with the God filling all the worlds, and acknowledgement of this is the core and the foundation of the Left Hand Path as the cult of the True as the cult of the true and unknowable God. With this I do not intend to identify the development of the Left Hand Path as a direct result of Lurianic reform within the Kabbalah. not think that the Left Hand Path is somehow embedded in this one culture. Lurianic Kabbalah was one of the impulses that accelerated the development of the Qlippothic Magick as a particular Left Hand Path tradition. The Left Hand Path however exists within (or can we say – against?) every culture because culture, using the language of Kabbalah, is a product of the Sefirotic realm whilst the Left Hand Path is a direct result of the activity of the Qlippothic forces. The Left Hand Path is using the concepts of Lurianic Kabbalah to the same extent as it uses many chronologically older or younger concepts of diverse cultural roots. The Qlippothic realm is older than the Sefirotic realm. Even though the Left Hand Path uses the symbolic language of cosmic poetry, cosmic mythology and cosmic music, its products are potent tools meant to reveal, by being transcended, the esoteric truth which is acosmic. The truth about Ohr Ein Soph as it had always been before it was constricted so that a single ray of light (Ohr) could be used to penetrate the artificial vacant space. And of Shekhinah, the female attribute of the presence of God mistreated and separated from the realm of Sefirot. The truth that the elder realm of Qlippoth still holds a memory of. The essential idea behind the Left Hand Path Magick is that of the most extreme Gnosticism – not only the material universe is an illusion and an appearance, but also it is made on purpose by somebody malevolent. A broken Golem robot spreading his false matter. We should however be aware of the Keys that hide under the surface of the visible phenomena and have the guts to dig into this surface to find ’em! The trap of self-righteous martyrdom or exalted “spirituality” or excuses for not-doing actual shit is the same as that of sacrificing one’s life to the pursuit of earthly success within the circle of Samsara. Be a successful and happy beast if that brings you forward spiritually, if that helps you accumulate more Vril power to open the Gates or unveil the mystery. The demiurge is a plagiarizer. If you find a practical tool to get free from his influence he will try his best to substitute it with a useless copy. So if you have a psychological need to escape from the hardships of reality into a comforting “spiritual World” of yours, chances are you live a lie. You are in a labyrinth, in the artificial vacant space and you need to trace back, not pray deities. It is the Plotinic Whole that we really seek. The matter contains limitations and the spirit contains limitations, and both the radical materialism and the radical monism of the spirit are demiurgic ideologies as well as everything that has ever existed in-between these two polarities. Transcend! Look for Keys within both. Taoism is another potent system of teachings whose usefulness to the Left Hand Path is yet to be fully discovered. It is free from polarities and teaches proportion. The teaching about the Three Jewels and particularly the issue of transmutation is something that when properly
understood and applied can provoke the same alchemical results as working with
chakras to transcend the limitations of different spiritual qualities or working with Qlippoth and respective deities thereof to reverse the process of concretization and contamination of Ohr Ein Soph by the demiurge. When it comes to
transmutation within Taoist tradition, I mean particularly the tansmutation of essence (jing – sperm, fluid) into breath (qi – vitality, air) then into spirit (shen – godform, deity) finally refining spirit and reverting to Emptiness. The teaching about the Three Jewels also corresponds quite directly to the Plotinic Triad with Emptiness being the Whole, Spirit being the Soul, Breath being the Mind and the Essence, jing, being further concretization of the Mind, so thought made flesh. Within the Taoist system, both inteligent sexual practices and sexual abstinence serve the sublimation and transmutation of the essence (jing), which I will speak I will speak more in
detail in the videos to come. Modern mechanistic pseudo-science has mostly reduced the former i(ntelligent sexual practices) to the
level of techniques aimed at increasing male sexual stamina, just like it has reduced yoga to the level fitness activity. Indeed, semen and other vital fluids were considered by the wisemen of Taoism a timeless treasure that one
should rather keep from being wasted in the process of some intemperate behaviour, but it is in reference to the cosmogony where we find a wider meaning of this theory. You see, there is still no space empty of God. Within the True, unknowable God, this primordial giant, the Monad, the Three Jewels have always been indivisible and indistinguishable. It is and remains a closed circle. The Primordial Chaos. The Monad is also monoecious, it is a pair of inseparable polarities pulling infinitely towards one another, the Sumerian Tiamat and Absu. There isn’t any real existence to the creation separate from it other than an illusory one, or as in Sumerian Ama-Ushumgal-Anna, the one that has been conceived in a bad dream of the God. We can say that the demiurge is a mare (both Swedish mardrömmar meaning nightmare and the Greek μόρος meaning doom come from the same Ancient Aryan root mer-) that has concretized enough to be able to cause an inhalation of the acosmic giant (Tzimtzum) and then the cosmic pollution, the spread of jing into the vacant space that was formed as a result of this inhalation. The Qlippothic realm is older than the Sefirotic realm we live in. At the instant when amidst the vast ocean of chaos a vacant space came into being, and when Ohr Ein Sof (the Light Without End) was constricted by the Demiurge mare to single ray of light, the eternal and beautiful body of the acosmic giant started creating antibodies for the
sickness. Thus the anti cosmic Universe B was
created with the sole purpose to reverse the possible results of malevolent demiurgic concept, because these possible results were known to the True God prior to their occurrence – every possibility was contained within him/her itself. We
use the letter B when we refer to the Universe B or the
notion of Sitra Ahra as the Other Side the notion of the other side only to
signify that it is unlike the world that we live in, that it is something other,
something different rather than chronology. It’s not like there was first
Universe A and then Universe B. That’s something very important to remember. The shattering of the vessels was in fact a result of activity of the Qlippothic forces, not the root of their existence. Before the creation of the Sefirotic realm, the True God knew what kind of its aspects the Demiurge is going to use as the building blocks for it so he made a system called the Tree of Daath (Knowledge), the Tree of Death or the Tree of Qlippoth. It’s like a system consisting {metaphorically
speaking of course} of back up archive files that when opened with the right
ware are going to reveal the True, infinite potential of these aspects. the grantors
of this ware are the Eleven Deities of the Wrathful Chaos which is anti-cosmic and different than the primordial Chaos which is acosmic. Sometimes our firmware that our microcosmic tree has imbedded is enough for getting to the right point but it has to be worked with in very specific ways. This method mostly demands years of very persistent chakra work and most people never get there this way. This is one of the biggest advantages of complex, syncretic systems like the system of Qlippothic Yoga that I am trying to make a short summary of.
The particular Deities and their names are all parts of a particular cultural heritage, in case of Qlippothic Magick they are, of course, of Hebrew cultural heritage so the Qlippothic Deities will be partially the adversarial forces uniting from the Semitic cultural background, partially these will be the Deities of those tribes that the Hebrew people were holding Long-term relations with. An example of the latter is Asmodeus or Aeshma-Daeva whose origin is in the Avestan, Indo-Aryan lore. I personally differentiate between Jews and the Hebrew because the former signifies the religious Group adhering to the Demiurge, the latter is an ethnical Group.
Thomas Karlsson Provides in his book Qabalah, Qlipoth and Goetic Magic some historiosophical arguments as to why the Qabalah is in fact rather a Greek invention apprehended by the Jews and embedded in their culture later on in an adjusted version, more in Line with the assumptions of the Jewish demiurgic
religion rather than you know their own invention. I recommend to read that especially ’cause that would be too Big an aside for this lecture. You probably see the connections at this point between Kabbalah and Chakras and the Taoist elementals and the Platonic Ideas as concepts different culturally yet uniting from the same source metaphysically. Moreover, Deities in different traditions are unique from a cultural point of view but they all unite from the same source metaphysically and it is their demiurgic, cosmic or anti-cosmic or acosmic parameters that are really significant from the Left Hand Path perspective.
Anti-cosmic realm is of course the one that brings about destruction and decomposition but these are means to restore the purity of primordial pan-dimensional Universe. We can say about the minor and the major
Left-Hand Path as I personally define them. The minor Left Hand Path is that of separation from the demiurgic influence to
the maximum possible extent. It is the Path of Self-deification and rebellion against
all norms, the triumph of Will and becoming the incarnation of the
archetype of Satan, the Adversary. And it’s okay if this is the only thing
you really focus and strive to. There are lots of people who are really skeptical
about the existence of anything greater and I fully understand how it is not
enough sometimes in scale of one life to accomplish the aforementioned goals. But
there is also a major goal and it’s the goal of the major Left-Hand Path. The Left-Hand Path has also a potential to reach transcendence which
we were speaking about so many times. It is basically a merger with the True
God and it is dissolving within this absolute that the destructive aspects
and the rebellious aspects of Satanism are only a tool to achieve. This is how I look at this personally and I think that it is very important
that we bear in mind that that the Demiurge was driven by seeking
separation from and manifestation outside Chaos but Satan exists only in
order to return all (himself included) to that same (primordial) Chaos. And this is why the
whole Tree of Death exists or Tree of Da’at or Tree of Knowledge or Tree of
Qlippoth. And this is the purpose why the microcosm within you actually holds
these chaotic aspects within, this chaotic potential, this liberating
potential. So beginning with the next video of this series we will already focus on concrete aspects, concrete attributes to work with because
it’s enough of the summary. So take care, thanks for watching.

Otis Rodgers