November 16, 2019
  • 8:14 pm Orthodox rabbi relates his personal experiences with the Zionists in the DP camp
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  • 8:14 pm The Last Handmade Taoist Statue Shop in Singapore
Quick Bytes with Ralph Pagan featuring Maruchan Raman Noodles

Welcome to
my kitchen, this is Quick Bites with me
Chef Ralph Pagano. Everyone loves upscale
street food. Who doesn’t love a
meal that you can eat on a stick? Today I’m going to show
you how to make the grooviest, coolest, most fun carnival food
that you’re ever going to have in your house. That my friends
in the Maruchan Ramen Noodle Corn Dog. Let me show you how
it’s done. Now the first things
first, I gotta start up with some of my Maruchan Ramen
Noodles and I’m going to make a breading out of it. Now right
here I’ve got the Oriental flavor which is my favorite and
my favorite tool to make Maruchan noodle, cracklings, is
my copper pot. Once it’s all
crushed up like breadcrumb I can start my party. Now check it out
over here, I’ve got everything else I need. I’ve got one
cracked egg, I’ve got a cup of milk, I’m going to add to that,
corn meal, all purpose flour, some sugar, baking soda,
everybody slides in here. This
is great, the corn meal, the sugar they’re all going to come
together and make this delicious crust for our corn dog. Now,
take the hot dog just like so, bring it over here to my batter
and just dip the hot dog in this corn meal mix and this baking
powder, it makes it so fluffy and airy and nice, it’s going to
be so delicious, it’s going to feel like, well, like a state
fair. Let me roll it over here,
here comes the Maruchan noodles. Now your roll the hot dog with
the corn meal batter, right into the maruchan noodles. This is so
fantastic, so easy, and so fun. Over here, 350 degrees,
vegetable oil, hello corn dog meet the oil. (music.) Let that
cook four, three, five minutes, we’re going to top it with some
ketchup, we’re going to top it with mustard, we’re going to top
it with horseradish, going to top it with all the thing you
like. Make a tree out of it. Water this tree! With cilantro
and tomatoes, and pickled onions. Maybe you wanna have a
little cocktail party, make little Maruchan hot dog,
cocktail franks, serve it with the spicy mustard, you’re gonna
be the talk of the town. You
wanna know more about this recipe and Maruchan products,
check out Maruchan dot com or our website the balancing act
dot com and don’t forget to share your favorite ramen noodle
recipes with us, we’re dying to see them. Remember this has been
quick bite, but chew slowly. (music.)

Otis Rodgers