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Real Life Demon Summoning Rituals

Let’s imagine you have a big fight coming
up and you want to make sure you win. Perhaps the last thing you’d think about
is summoning a demon or some kind of spirit to get your victory. Or, perhaps you want to ensure a certain person
you’re attracted to feels the same way about you. Would you consider using magic to guarantee
their devotion? The answer is very likely no, for the fight
and for the attraction, but people have tried this and the term for the summoning is usually
called “evocation.” Such practices were of course more in vogue
in the past, but there are still people that dabble in the dark arts today. Let’s now see how it’s done. We’ll start with summoning a demon you might
well have heard of because you watched the movie Hereditary. The demon is called Paimon, and since he has
endless knowledge getting him on your side could work out well for you. The thing is, as you might have seen in that
movie, a few sacrifices might have to be made. The experts by the way said the movie was
over the top, and Paimon would never expect headless humans as a sacrifice. He’s not that hardcore, and maybe a bit
of blood will suffice. So, one way to get down with Paimon, or at
least try, is the draw a large circle on the ground. It will be big enough for you, the spellcaster,
to stand in as well as the demon if he should choose to show up. You’ll then place candles in the cardinal
directions, meaning North, East, South and West. These represent the demon Belial to the north,
Lucifer to the east, Flereous to the south, and Leviathan to the west. These guys represent all the elements of earth,
air, fire and water. Once you’ve got this set up, you will then
try and evoke the main man Satan to put all the elements in a state of pure balance. Here is the prayer you can use to summon Satan:
“Lord Satan, by your grace, grant me, I pray thee the power to conceive in my mind
and to execute that which I desire to do, the end which I would attain by thy help,
O Mighty Satan, the one True God who livest and reignest forever and ever. I entreat thee to inspire Paimon to manifest
before me that they may give me true and faithful answer, so that I may accomplish my desired
end, provided that it is proper to his/her office. This I respectfully and humbly ask in Your
Name, Lord Satan, may you deem me worthy, Father.” After this you can then summon Paimon. You could do this in a group, which might
be a little less scary. Just get your friends together and join hands
around the circle. You can try summon Paimon and he may communicate
with someone in that circle. Apparently if he does attempt to communicate
the noise will be too much for the person whose head he has entered, so you can request
that he lower the volume. He is said to have a very loud voice, and
also comes down to Earth with crashing cymbals. If he doesn’t come, there’s also the option
to prick your finger a little bit and drop some blood into the flames of the candles,
because hey, demons often like a bit of sacrifice. You might think this is all very outlandish
and hasn’t been done, but that’s not true. You can find ways to summon demons like Paimon
in a series of old magical books called the grimoires. One expert on those books said Paimon is a
particularly hard demon to summon only because he’s one of the Four Kings of Hell. He talked about navigating the “bureaucracies
of hell”, meaning to get to Paimon you might have to go through lesser demons first. But there are lots of demons you can try and
summon, and there’s no reason to just go for Paimon. We looked at other ways to get your demon
into your world and found that some people will start by drawing a pentagram on the floor. After that, get yourself five candles of the
same color and a color you think is befitting for your demon of choice. Place each candle at every point of the pentagram. These points represent earth, air, water,
earth, fire, and spirit. You will then have to print out the sigil
of you demon. If you don’t know what that is, it’s kind
of the pictorial signature of your demon. It’s your demon’s symbol, a demonic icon. You will have to memorize this sigil so you
can bring it into your thoughts when you choose to do so. As you stand in that pentagram you will have
this sigil in your mind when you read out aloud the prayer we told you about earlier. If something does make contact with you it’s
important to show the utmost respect. For example, if you’re summoning Paimon,
make sure to call him King Paimon. You should also get to know them, and not
just start making demands. We actually found someone online that said
she’d been in contact with Paimon a few times, and she said he was polite and harmless. She said she asked him a lot of things, including
this: “One of the first things I asked King Paimon for, was to convince my dad to let
me build my home on his land because if I have to pay for land on top of house building
costs, it will take 20 years and I don’t have time for that.” She used the pentagram, the candles, the sigil
and the prayer. You could use this same method to summon a
demon called Andromalius. For those who work in dark circles this demon
can offer protection from someone who wishes to do them harm. It’s also said he can return things to you
that have been stolen. One woman we found online made a small doll
of the person that had done something bad, and filled it with really disgusting things. It seems more people summon demons than we
generally assume, and one forum we found had a thread dedicated to summoning Andromalius. One person wrote that he had done this and
the demon had come, adding, “He sorted out a major issue for me in under a month.” This is how he did it. He got the sigil of the demon as well as red
candles and an indigo candle. He also put together some raw eggs, some rose
wine, some blood, some cakes and some fresh strawberries. He then wrote out what he wanted from the
demon and made sure he had some photos of the person that had done wrong to him. He put those photos under the candles. When all that was in order, after midnight
each night he would chant the Andromalius’ Enn, which is kind of a prayer but in a language
we couldn’t understand. You can find this Enn on YouTube. It goes something like this, “Tasa fubin
Andromalius oncar.” You have to keep repeating that and all the
time have his sigil in your mind. You can even print out the sigil and drop
a bit of blood on it. When he comes you will likely hear some hissing
as he usually arrives with a snake. You can then tell him again what it is you
want, which in his case will usually be protection or to get something stolen from you, back. Another person we found did this to get back
at someone who had done bad to them, but they had carved the name of that person into the
candles. They also rolled the candles in castor oil
and then covered them in black pepper and basil. Some people, well, some men, might want to
summon a female demon. What we are talking about is a Succubus, the
female demon that gets into men’s head at night and makes love to them. Can one of these actually be summoned? Apparently to get her to come visit you first
have to set the mood, which means planting around the bedroom a few candles and incense
sticks. One person then did this. He got himself some white chalk with which
he said he drew a circle on the floor, although a pentagram would have done. That circle must remain clear of clutter,
and you can’t even let it get a bit dusty. He then laid crushed herbs around the circle
for what he called protection. On the inside of the circle at even distances
he put down 5 black candles, and at the same points but on the outside of the circle he
placed 5 sigils. When he was ready and the candles were lit
he laid in the circle with his arms and legs spread out like in the shape of a pentagram. He them imagined the succubus coming. One person imagined his succubus to be a woman
he actually knew, and then chanted this prayer, “Oh Lilith send your servant after me only
for good reasons and not to harm thee. I call to be with my desire my own passion
to fill my dire heart. I imagine the women I want and therefore she
shall be a succubi.” According to that person, this can get you
the woman of your dreams. For women if they want a man, they can summon
an incubus. We are told that this relationship should
be formed slowly, because these are powerful demons. Perhaps on the first night just get to know
each other rather than jump right in. If you want to see what the demon looks like,
we are told you can use a black mirror to do something called scry. Scrying is sometimes called seeing into the
future, but in this case it’s just to get a glimpse of who you are talking to. You place a black mirror in front of you and
put a lit candles in the middle, and then you look at the mirror through the flame. Some people say that the candle you use should
be inscribed with the qualities of the person you are looking for. You have to know what exactly you want, and
that way you’ll get the demon you want. In all, it seems there are plenty of ways
to summon a demon and mostly they include knowing the demon and getting his sigil, getting
the right candles, maybe offering some blood, and setting the scene. We should say that some people don’t believe
in drawing circles or pentagrams. You should also either use the demon prayer
or try and find the demon’s Enn. Know what you want to ask, and always be polite. But there are other ways people have tried
to summon demons, and we are sure some of you might have used a Ouija board at some
point in your life. Kids have also tried playing a summoning game
called the “Charlie Charlie Challenge”, which involves trying to summon a demon using
pencils and paper. They ask, are you there, and if the pencil
hits the ‘Yes’ on the paper then the evocation has succeeded. We might add that for people who take their
summoning seriously such basic evocations might be a little insulting. You’ve just listened to a show of what you
might consider absolute nonsense, but you might also believe it’s possible to summon
a demon. If you think its nonsense, please tell us
why in the comments. If you think it’s possible, tell us why
you think that. Also, be sure to check out our other episode
The Zozo Demon – What You Should Know Before Using a Ouija Board. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

Otis Rodgers



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