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Romance in Early Japan (BEST Dating Ritual?) | History of Japan 40

Hey did you know that the Japanese in the
Heian Period had a whole dating ritual with cakes and poems and secret creepy night visits? If you think dating today is complicated,
get a load of what they did back then. The whole process started off with a matchmaker. By the way, we’re talking about the elites
in the Heian court in this video, not peasants. The matchmaker would let a man or his family
know of a lady who would be a good candidate. It’s weird to us, but they were pretty lax
about marriage between relatives. The only absolutely forbidden, taboo, what
the hell is wrong with you marriages were between a parent and child and between brother
and sister. There was a gray area, which was between stepparent
and stepchild. That was seen as wrong, but you know what,
sometimes love finds a way, and people did it anyways. Such couples encountered weird looks, but
did not encounter mobs with pitchforks. Anything else was fair game. Uncles, aunts, nephews, cousins, all perfectly
fine. Alright now both families had to look at all
kinds of factors to determine if the two were a good match. What was not a factor was the opinion of the
couple. It was very much an arranged marriage for
political, economic, or social gain. The woman’s family wanted a husband who
had good connections that would allow him to rise the ranks in court, preferably a husband
who already had a high rank. The man’s family wanted a sugar mama, a
wife from a family that had enough wealth and resources to support him in his government
career. Daughters actually became more valuable than
sons. You could marry your daughter up into a family
of much higher status. It was harder for your son to marry up because
the bride’s family usually wanted someone of a higher status than them, not some low-status
loser. The Fujiwara famously married their daughters
into the Imperial Family, allowing them control over the Heian court. Also, children were raised in the wife’s
household, giving the wife’s family significant control over the next generation. Daughters of powerful clans had a bunch of
men chasing after them. A common trope in Heian literature was the
wife battle, where multiple men would compete for a woman’s hand in marriage. You can see this in The Tale of the Bamboo
Cutter, which coincidentally I made a video about. Go watch it after this one. Okay after all the discussion and negotiation,
if each family swipes right, the matchmaker would set things up, you know gather mailing
addresses and phone numbers. And the dating ritual would commence. The whole process consisted of an initiation,
and three visits. So let’s paint a picture of our couple. Our dashing young man is Bob -bunaga. And our lovely lady is Nina -moto. Bobunaga kicks off the proceedings by writing
Ninamoto a poem with 31 syllables called a tanka (短歌). He writes something romantic like ahem… “I can’t stop thinking
About the shape of your sleeves Were it up to me
I would crawl deep inside them And only come out to pee” After experiencing that romantic, fluid inducing
poetry, Ninamoto writes a response poem. In practice, it was more common for another
member of her family to write the poem, someone who was really good at it. This response poem is no joke. Nowadays, we obsess over the meaning of a
smile emoji. Is it just a friendly smile, or is it a I-want-you-to-hold-me-down-daddy
smile? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Well, back in the Heian, they did the same
thing times a hundred. Bobunaga probes every part of that letter,
every detail is important. Is the paper of good quality? The family must be rich. Is her calligraphy ugly? She must be an ugly person. Is the poem mind blowing? She must not mind– He goes through every inch of that letter
like a detective, gathering clues about the mystery girl. If Bobunaga finds something unspeakable like
an ink smudge, he’d ghost her and move on. But the poem is pretty good, so they make
plans to secretly meet at her place at night. Let’s call this the first visit because…that’s
what it is. Now about these secret visits. The lady’s family was not supposed to know
about them. But in practice, the family knew, they just
employed the Waiter Method where they ignored the man creeping around their home while looking
directly at him. So the first night, Bobunaga creeps into Ninamoto’s
home and they sleep together. Oh I guess they talk too. He leaves early the next morning, as is customary. What happens next is critical. Ninamoto and her family wait in anticipation. And then let out a sigh when a messenger comes
with the “next-morning letter” from Bobunaga. The letter contains the usual lovey-dovey
stuff, but the fact that it exists means game on, last night went well. Ninamoto’s family even rewards the messenger
with gifts and drinks, and Ninamoto replies with her own love letter. The next night, Bobunaga visits again for
a second skirmish under the sheets, and leaves, much like the first night. More letters. On the third and most important night, Ninamoto’s
family makes these rice cakes called miyako mochi and puts them in her room. People in the Heian got married without a
big wedding or any legal paperwork. A couple was married if their friends and
families recognized them as married, that’s it. The couple did go through two small rituals
though. The rice cakes were to honor the Shinto gods
Izanagi and Izanami, who were husband and wife, also brother and sister. Eating the cakes united the couple religiously. And the next morning, the man could stay with
the lady without worry. The second ritual was eating with the wife’s
family. Ninamoto’s family organizes a small feast
and invites Bobunaga and a few of his friends over. They don’t invite Bobunaga’s parents. This occasion does not involve them. The public feast is the first time Bobunaga
meets his wife’s family. And with that, the happy couple is officially
married and he can see her openly, no more creeping about. Now if you saw the last video about the Heian
Seduction Game, you may be wondering where that fits into this dating process. Because that looked a lot different. Well, it’s the difference between a one
night stand and dating. The former was for fun times, the latter was
for a serious relationship that may lead to marriage. Of course, like today, there was overlap between
the two. What started out as fun times could lead to
something more serious, and then your life was over, nah. Actually that was how a lot of secondary marriages
happened, they grew from something less serious. Marriages to secondary wives had a similar
dating ritual, but those happened over long periods of time instead of just three nights. Whoa, we passed 50 thousand subscribers! Jeez. I can’t believe how much the channel has
grown. Thank you soo much for all your support! Couldn’t have done it without you, literally. And you guys write such nice comments. There’s actually a lot of work that goes
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