February 23, 2020
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Salvation In The Orthodox Concept Chapter 2

THE IMPORTANCE OF WORKS FOR SALVATION Introduction: The works of man are either good or evil Evil
works lead a person to perdition and makes him lose his ~alvation.. But good works are
necessary for salvation.. find absence of good works shows that the faith is dead and
fruitless.. However, good works alone are not sufficient for salvation without faith,
baptism and without the deserts of the blood of Christ.
Good works are the ·fruit of faith; they demonstrate faith and perfect it as we shall
see in detail hereinafter. God required and even commanded us to do good works setting
up punishments to be inflected upon whomever neglects them.
Condemnation on the day of judgment will be according to one’s works.
But we say that salvation is not attained through good works yet it is not attained
without them.. For, salvation cannot be attained except through the blood of Christ.. but works
make one worthy of the deserts of this blood. Here, we must draw your attention to something
very important which is that a person needs the help of grace to be able to do good works
as the Lord Christ – glory be to Him – says, l<.. without me you can do nothing our good works then are the outcome of communion between will and work holy spirit within us. texts bible which belittle value either mean law such as circumcision ritual practices observing days months feasts other similar matters or they attacking not based on blood christ his redemption non-believers heathen so on.. faith preceding faith. i shall try to deal with each these topics seperately far god grace gives help.. evil lead perdition it is a matter course that perdi- tion for perfect in mercy he justice. wages ofsin death sinner must be punished sin... true died us.. but only penitent would enjoy deserts christ. otherwise free savlation an open door recklessness corruption permission tor sinning fear punishment depending atonement paid everything this respect st. paul apostle says we say continue sin may abound certainly how who l any longer . therefore let reign your immortal body should obey its 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