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Salvation Saturation - How Do I Win My Religious Friends?

each other's going to do a series and it's just going to be a brief one it'll be one or two weeks on the on the Feast of the Old Testament and the significance of them and so fertilize sword with a monkey head on it do the classroom the bus it's not back yet then one bantling today bus bus is not back yet so we'll have a little disruption that you can anticipate coming up here very briefly I need a salmon's my cell phone looks like I'm missing thumb goes Oh devyn call me but it's okay I think I already spoke with him yeah but silence your cell phone go ahead and do so now and we're going to continue in our class look if you would give us a dim please dim the lights up front and we're going to go ahead and start right in on their finishing with we're our topic of how to win my religious friends so celebrate base and saturation and the question that we're asking and answering is how do I win my religious friends I'm just going to read from acts 17 before we begin and this is this is Paul's answer to the people at Athens he said God that made the world and all things therein seeing that he is the Lord of Heaven and Earth well if not in temples made with hands neither is worshipped with men's hands as though he needed anything seeing he give it to all life and breath in all things and hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth and has determined the times before appointed in the bounds of their habitation that they should seek the Lord if haply they might fit and feel after him and find him though he be not far from every one of us what reminder that is that Jesus Christ is a second away from saving any person that calls on him any place in the world is that amazing it doesn't take long to be born again persons seeking after God they're not far away an S so Paul emphasized he said for as much then as we are the offspring of God we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold or silver or stone graven by art and man's device and so right here Paul having related to the Athenians and their philosophy and and letting and quoting their poets and letting them know that he understands where they're coming from he says to them you're wrong about God you're worshipping a god that you think dwells in temples and literally bodies made with hands when when the idolatrous Greeks would make idols they were hoping that this spiritual Idol that that Idol represented would come and inhabit that body that they made and inhabit the temple that they made and in so doing if they kept him satisfied to dwell with them in that place then he wouldn't wreak havoc in other places and so is their way of pacifying or controlling God quote their small G God's friend God isn't like that he is not something spawn from our creation he is the one who created us we come from him we are his offspring to misquote the poets and Paul knew what the original poet meant when he said we're all his offspring he didn't mean that God he is talking about all the gods the original poet but Paul knew exactly what he was saying and so he's letting them know I know what you believe but it's wrong and then the last thing that he says in contrast with God is that God is eternal they said forests Mike's is where the offspring of God we not not to think that the God is like unto gold or silver or stone graven by art and man's device and then in verse 31 he brings them to the place of repentance he said in 30 that all God's commanded all men everywhere to repent because he had the point of the day in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained whereof yet given assurance unto all men in that he had raised him from the dead and so here is the zinger here's where Paul really gets home he said God has appointed a day of judgment you cannot simply just worship idols you cannot simply just be in an idolatrous religion and expect because of your sincerity that God will wink at him he'll blinking and he'll miss it or he it won't be a big deal to him because Jesus is eternal God that's what we'll all be judged by God's command and everyone everywhere to repent listen now Paul says God's appointed the day of judgment you'll be judged by the Resurrection now when he mentioned the resurrection then they some of them laughed and some of them said we're gonna hear this matter again another day and some of them believed but the fact is is that Jesus has risen from the dead two things God's very near he's not far away from any person it's amazing that Paul is talking to Athenian philosophers who I have to believe on a personal level don't actually believe the myths and the stories they've made up but the stories they've made of our part of their culture and their culture is integrated with their religion and so it's it's almost like they've created this this reality you gamer's UUP you young people that are in the game or generation you know that that software developers can develop a game and they can create a reality an ecosystem right in a game they can create a planet or a world or people groups that go to battle against each other and even though they've completely created it it's almost like this alter-ego that they've developed over there it's almost its own kind of reality for them you know but they know they've created it ultimately but it almost takes on a reality and that's the way the mythological gods are the idols aren't it's been made by them but it but they also kind of they work inside of its economy as though it were actually them it's far worse yeah okay so like yeah yeah so like Star Wars or one of those things so okay so now we're going to go ahead and continue on we are looking at again we're looking at the just a video that applies to this series we're looking at a video that shows or that's an interview with is for essentials of salvation and this is when I went to the Catholic Church a few years and I interviewed the priest and asked him to answer the question about what the church the Catholic Church believes about the essentials of salvation we boiled it down to this the Word of God in the person of Jesus Christ cannot be compromised in you be a believer in other words if Jesus is anything other than God's son born of a virgin who came to earth as a man died on the cross for sin and God raised him up the third day and he's alive and in heaven sitting in the throne room of God acting as a priest for us if Jesus has anyone other than that person whom the scripture reveals it to be then it's not Jesus you can't just rename Jesus and have his characteristics and Jesus is the only way that's one of the things Jesus is very exclusive he said I am the way the truth and life no man cometh unto the father but by me so you can't have a religion that says Jesus and the Saints Jesus and Mary Jesus and the church only Jesus and exclusive Jesus you see so I went to the church tonight and now we're at the place we've spent two weeks getting to this point we're at the place where the priest is going to answer the question about the person of Christ and the Word of God the the second essential salvation is the word God you can't know who God is without your Bible you can't know who God is without the Bible if you're Adam and you walked in the garden with man you could know who God is right because you walk with God you know yes if you were the disciples who walked with Jesus you can know who Jesus is but you can't know who God is and what he said without his word the Bible and so any religion that dismisses the authenticity or the final authority of the Bible and replaces it with other Authority that's where we see the difference between what they believe in with what we believe it you're going to see that today in this part of the video of this segment so let's move forward now I don't know father Bob here is telling about how the only game business publishing world and was I really being fulfilled as to where I was at that time and so I prayed to the Lord that if there was something I might be able to do for our church I'd also taught in Catholic churches and one of our churches up at Minnesota I taught high school kids and then I became the principal of five hundred kids for gosh sakes I sure accident and I didn't I can tell you then the port and so everybody when I was driving on that Lake and I prayed to the Lord if there's something large that I might be able to do in an active role for your church I said please help me guide me show me and it was I don't know several months after that and I was coming from downtown Minneapolis to where I lived and I was gonna be late for church and I knew of this one church it was halfway between where I was going to the church from Ravana's and at this other church you know II miss my regular church this other church was just starting so I said hang out over there and then there were this priest who was visiting that church for the first time he had never been in that particular church before he was hoping and he's talked about that he wanted to open a place downtown Minneapolis for sweet people and he had got miss Terry he was at the theoretical level of it and I listened you know and he was very popular after the masses over he was out in the back of the church and it was like a football huddle you know all these people huddle they wanted to talk to and everything and so when I walked past I just pulled out my business card and I said if you need me help to get that he was going to call the listening house for the street people you need me help getting that listening I was started here's my card and his hand came out of that huddle and he got my part I didn't see it I said someone is in and that was that the following Friday this was Sunday I was at my first meeting with him and one other person planning this listing house well any rate that was such a beautiful experience with him and with the people we have a number of volunteers okay and he gave me an opportunity to go to a afternoon tea party you might call it downtown st. Paul up on the hill and because priests all right Willie man I didn't know this is a fixed deal because while I was there the bishop was also there seasoned worker he came up and said to me I've heard about you bill father the frame has told me all about you what you're doing with the street people and your studies and everything by that time I've been working with people in the streets for about four to five years and while I was doing that I thought I wonder more about my faith so I was going to night school taking a very script the various the same scripture courses at night school that the seminarians took to become priests so I had about a year and a half where the credits that amounted in that period of time when he reads of the bishop he knew man 2 and he said to me I never thought of becoming a priest and I said yes but I said I don't think the life I've led that I would but priest I don't think that would be very beneficial thing and he said well would you like to talk to my vocation director so basically I talked to him and within a couple of months I I saw my house I took care of all my clothing whatever and I'm driving down to Milwaukee to go the Sacred Heart School of Theology seminary just two months later I cleaned out everything I said Lauren I can't get they said we should probably get ready in two months he says just great everything disappeared the household everything was just great so smooth and Here I am driving through the gates at the seminary to become a priest it's okay it was really amazing so you know that the Lord heals with us in his own way Holy Spirit so that's kind of how I got into priestly wonderful know the requirements are the requirements similar are the same for everyone but I think that now it's five years unless you become a Jesuit I think there are nine or ten years or one of the other religious which I'm not sure what other ones we do that but for most when I am a diocesan priest I think now it's five years okay now as we interview today your views that you express obviously and then represents you but you are representative from the Roman Catholic Church so that's a liability I will speak the letter of the Catholic Church the Roman Catholic Church and whatever it says this is what will be done this is how we do it this is the moral answer to the question that's what I take I don't debate we've got a system and a handle that whatever search ask me that's what okay so you'll hear you here again I'm asking the question specifically because I don't want to interview this guy and then have them come back and say that's not what we believe many times that's the game that is played with religion yes is that the you know the oily wrestler you ever tried to wrestle somebody that's covered in oil they can't pin him you know they just squeeze out of things you know you grab a hold and they slip away I remember I remember a co-worker that I work with a mechanic shop and he wrestled when he was in high school he said there's this guy I just never could get ahold of he said he didn't he never had bad personal hygiene and he was just greasy and slimy and when he'd sweat he said you just you just couldn't get he just slipped out anything he was just slippery you know and that's the way a lot of religion is really it's just dirty greasy slimy and sweaty and slippery Indian and yet if you ever had a job as witness come by your house and say did you know whatever thing they're going to try to tell you and you know they're they're not look they're they're not educated people they're not difficult to deal with as far as the things that they're telling you but if you could you open the Bible and you begin to continue to read the passage of Scripture that they're reading you'll see that what they say isn't so and then you ask them to acknowledge it and they say well what about this and they just run from there to another place and you do the same thing there and they sit and they say well what about this thing and you do the same thing you shut well that can't be what that's saying and then they run from there to another place they never acknowledge that they've been pinned you know they never acknowledge that what they're saying is it so and then in the end what they say is well that Bible is no good anyway when you can just go through all the arguments with them and they'll say well that Bible is no good anyway King James was a drunk and you know they try to they start attacking the King James Bible which is why they claim that they have the New World Translation of course with some major fallacies and they attack the authority of the scripture ultimately and that really down to what it is that we can just make up whatever the Bible says but it's again so I hear I'm not being implied about it you can see but I'm asking do you represent the Catholic Church for what you're saying and when his answer here's been has been okay I'm not here to debate I'm here to tell you what the church says even though he's made up a few things hasn't he to this point can you remember some things that we saw that he made up about Catholicism remember about the Spanish and the Italians last week I've been laughing about that all week just thinking about that what was it oh yeah we the Catholic Church doesn't venerate Mary really but the Italians like to and the Spanish folks like to Italians are from what country Rome and they're from from Italy and Roma this is in what country Italy and it's the Roman Catholic Church well if they if the Italian Church doesn't represent the Roman Church I don't know exactly what does you see how slimy that it's it's pretty squirmy isn't it it's trying to say well I know we don't he's what he's acknowledging is I don't have an argument for veneration of Mary so what I'm gonna say is that that isn't really what we believe it's only the Italians and it's only he's slick and you're gonna see more of that there's a Marian cult within the Roman Catholic Church one of the one of the groups is no it's called the Marian's they're the ones that are promoted that work again with a mentioned Jesuits as well if you haven't studied Jesuits Jesuits are their job is professionally to assimilate variances of belief under the auspices of Catholicism the Jesuits basically penetrate all the different Christian religions and integrate Catholicism into them it's what the judge would study you see that sounds like conspiracy it's a Jesuit conspiracy there's a Catholic conspiracy okay if they're not exactly along with the dogma doctrine of Catholicism let's just infiltrate them and it's pretty it's pretty crazy when you start studying the secret society of the Jesuits they would try to come into a church like this one it become teachers no kidding and so some of its conspiracy they're not as influential as people think they are but when you see when you see evangelical quote churches calling themselves Protestants that is the work of the Jesuits they do Jesus ask that of the Apostles and that's what they did and the passes left that to their disciples and excavated and throughout history if we're doing our job correctly we're following the word of the Lord coming through the bishops to each of us so I try very hard to this what within perfection right we already sure I make mistakes lots of them but I mean you try your best to whatever your whatever you learn inside this direction over there okay well if it's all right I'd like to just ask you a few questions I don't know how familiar you are with Baptists there are all kinds that I know of and so I'll tell you a little bit about our particular church and the way that we function we believe we're an independent ministry and so in that sense we're technically nondenominational there are Baptist or not nondenominational in the same sense so for instance the Southern Baptist Church and you know the American Baptist the northern Baptist of course different different organizations that we have their different structure our church functions very independently we believe that the Bible is God's Word and we use it as our authority for faith and practice we believe that the Spirit of God lives in any sane believer and so we respected on spirit in the congregation and so a biblically run church would have the congregational rule as well as the pastor and the Deacons we believe are the offices in our church and so we we respect though that the Spirit of God speaks to all believers and so that would be the way our church would function so you understand where we're coming from we believe that the Bible the Bible is the Word of God and we believe that was 2nd Timothy 3:16 and 17 all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto every good work so we believe that the scripture has all the answers and anything that we need with the help of the Holy Spirit of God and with the word of God we have the answers we also believe about the Bible that that is preserved some individuals would say well is preserved in the original manuscripts we don't believe that a book that we that is a miraculous book is would have any value if we don't have access to it so we believe it's the preserved Word of God Psalm 12:6 and second says the words of the Lord are pure words as silver tried the furnace of Earth find seven times thou shalt keep them O Lord thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever Matthew a couple of different occasions verily I say unto you till heaven and earth pass away one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled and then revelation at the end of the prophecy that God gave to the Apostle John this scripture said this is a misquote but there are things yes if any if any man shall add to the words there's prophecy the prophecy of this book the ascension of the curses that are in this book will be added to him if anyone takes away from the words of the prophecy of this book this part will be taken away out of the book of life and so God takes very seriously the adding to or they're taking away from his his word the Scriptures so we hold a high view of the preservation of the scripture in to the concept of altering it so the weekly this is one of the essentials without the Word of God we don't believe we can know who God is and so maybe if you would just tell us what you believe about the Bible and about the Word of God well understand some of the particulars that you're that you've alluded to by and large what you said sounds good and you know there's a lot of good things that you're saying we're nice so I can kind of not contrast what you're saying they complement it I thought it would show something that many of our people out here in this church don't know much about I have to stop there just for a second that is what does revelation say happens to the person that adds to the Word of God yeah he's going to take his name out of the book of life and the curses are going to be added to him so right after we get it done loosely of course quoting that I didn't want to intimidate him by reading a bunch of Scripture at him I sent him a list of scripture references that he could read for himself print it out and you know so he could preface so everything that saying to him I'm not hitting him or surprising him with I don't think that's fair in any kind of an interview also I was really careful if you'll notice and I generally this is my style of speaking or preaching I generally try to get away from notes as much as I can not just because because I think sometimes is very wooden it's very unnatural I figure if you have the ability to read then I could just write out my sermons and send them to you if they're just going to be read to you I don't see a lot of profit and somebody's standing up and reading something to someone I want to speak to people and conversation is an interaction between people and it's amazing how much people talk to me when I'm preaching when I'm speaking I see it in faces and I see it in posture and conversation it's an interaction so I try to be natural and flowing especially in an interview you know interviews go really fantastic when they're natural but when somebody is just giving an answer might as well send them an email and ask them to respond by email if that's what we're going to do and so again but the question here is I just clarified to him we don't believe in adding to the scripture we don't believe in an authority besides the scripture and so now what he says yes that's all good I agree with everything you say and now I just want to compliment it by heading some things to get that yeah and he said it very well but he is the word compliment instead of ad but that's about what he's about ready to do and he knows precisely what I've said he said I think I understand what you've said I'm not sure I understand all of that and I told him if you have any questions why don't you drill me just go ahead if you're trying to figure out what I'm saying if I'm not clear about what I'm saying you go ahead in question and again in the interview hey good morning again in the interview when I am interviewing him I am giving I gave him more detail than what you have min to sit down I'm not I'm not playing citing him you know if you only watch the video you may think okay so pastor price goes in and sets traps or try to get him to allude to things no he's being slick he knows what I believe and he's being slick about it so again everybody said we said okay we don't add to the scripture at all and he says oh I agree with all of that and now I just want to compliment a little in other words he says I'm going to add to the scripture now here we go Lord was here present with her a passive and then their disciples and so forth all the way up for numbers of years there was a new Bible there was no Bible and actually they didn't come to grips as to what were the books of the Bible because there was there was all kinds of literature out there okay we're gonna complement we're gonna undermine there was no Bible you tell me how long was there not a Bible tell me tell me let's let's just review this in time how much of time was there no written word of God from Adam tell Moses right from Adam to Moses we didn't have a Bible well because they will have it Moses know how didn't know how did Moses know about creation how'd he know about the fall of man how did he know about the traces of human history that the line of Seth and the line of Cain how did how did Moses know that but none of that originated with Moses in other words everybody knew that if you go back to pre flood Noah you'll see that Noah was one generation removed from Adam in other words Adam lived until about what was it let's see the flood would have been 1500 so Adam would have Noah would have known people who are alive when Adam was alive that make sense to you guys all right so and then of course Noah would not have been that long removed of course for Moses but the idea that people don't know their family history or world history whatever the flood was a pretty catastrophic event and all of it was recorded but it wasn't inspired by the Word of God the first inspired Word of God God gave to Moses okay so Lee answered the first part of the question he's alluding to the first century though right how long until the Canon of the scripture was finalized and I don't mean endorsed by the Catholic council how long until the last letter of the New Testament was written yeah before 90 ad before 90 ad so Jesus died in 33 within 60 years why don't we still had apostles living by the way who were foundational to the church we had the prophets complete the Old Testament the scripture was complete built on by the apostles who were writing from I assumed 35:38 from from the early 40s they were writing the scripture and the apostles were still living so if you had a question about what God said and God spoke through the Apostles you had the apostles now here's the irony of it though who withheld the scripture from the people and he said the people didn't have the scripture the Catholic Church did that's why people didn't have the scripture they didn't allow you to have the scripture the mass was in Latin nobody spoke Latin the scripture they translated from the original Greek and into Latin from the original Aramaic and Hebrew into Latin why so that the people so that the church would have the scripture but the people wouldn't have scripture and they forbade the translation of the scripture if anyone translated the scripture they'd be put to death and then they also claimed that no one else could understand the scripture people works and we don't have it we have this idea that you know until 1500 or so people are speaking Latin not so at all so at all it was the language of the Church of the diocese it was their way of saying we'll tell you what God says and standing between you and God but the question though that's his perspective did the scream should not exist outside of Catholicism in other words did the Catholics hope all of the Word of God are they the only ones that had the Bible because it was in Latin this is why we use the King James Bible folks we use the Bible the Catholic Church never tampered with we use the Bible that didn't come through that Roman Catholic period in there holding the church hostage and so I don't want to get into that conversation right now but the the Bible was in Alexandria Egypt the Word of God was being translated there the Word of God was being used and rewritten and copied thousands and thousands of extant existing copies of the scripture today that aren't traced through Romanism okay so when he says his argument here is okay you're not supposed to add to the scripture I'm going to complement the scripture it's the same thing right he's about to tell me about the authority of the church and then his point is you know you know one didn't have the Bible until you sneaked it away from us you know till William Tyndale took it tell you know Martin Luther took it till these guys stole it from us you know we we had the Bible and you didn't have it he's not gonna say that it's not going to say that but that's that's what's the underlying concept behind what he's saying you get it at that time after the time of Christ with a little bit me like that all kinds of which I call books that could be incorporated in the Bible a lot of them never be incorporated whatever so contradictory but there is all kinds of choices to include what we call the canons the books that are in the Bible it was in the fourth century that they selected the books of the Bible and part of that for blinis has the scriptural inference and as well preaching the ring-toss they appreciate the council never returned or what they preached about scripture wasn't anything tangible it was up here in their heart and they do it so well because they had worked at it and that's what they did they were consonant preachers everything from the Bible was here and here and about the 4th century they began and then some as they went along then some of them would have maybe what we'll call today a couple of two or three books of the Bible there is 45 Old Testament books and in our Catholic Church we say they're 27 New Testament books and out of all that they might have had two or three books of the New Testament out of 27 maybe they would have had that and how well it would have been printed for them I have no idea but any rate they might carry a few of those things with them that entirely made up a whole Bible but a lot of it came from here and here and then finally when those books were to be in the Canon X number of books I don't think it was precisely as it is today because there were many councils that were held after the fourth century still debating on the books of the Bible or should something be included and so forth and I'm I don't want to get complicated and going all that but my point is that must have been beautiful when those disciples had that much scripture in their heart their heads did there was no Scripture another thing that took place over the years in the last 2,000 years things happen out there in life that we're not called for at the time of Jesus take our technology of today I mean I'm over overwhelmed by our current technology today and when Jesus was preaching at that time it was to a different culture and we had to be very careful to go back and look a little bit of Jesus culture and then to bring it all the way into arms because that's 2,000 years it's way too much and technology is a good example today interrupt with a question I want to would you say the Bible then moves with the culture or child words actually the words are staying the same they had translations of the original manuscripts right but through the years even though they started sisters going to what you're saying even though they started to select out the books that would be in the Canon of the Bible it's a good question right and you're saying that the Bible changes the Word of God changes because what we've said is that in order to know for sure that you're saved the only way you can know for sure that you have eternal life is on the basis of the person of Christ and the Word of God who as Jesus cannot be anyone other than who he is and any person have eternal life he said he's the door he said I am the way no man cometh unto the father but by me so the person of Christ that's the door the the person of Christ that's the way okay so if that changes then Jesus isn't the door Jesus isn't the way but we can't know who Jesus is again we can't know who Jesus is without the Bible it changes right and that the same is true today this is why today Catholics are shocked by the disruption by the changes in Catholicism conservative Catholics have a real problem today with saying all of a sudden that abortion is no longer murder of babies and now it's acceptable Catholics have a problem today with saying that marriage is something other than a man and a woman that that that's acceptable see that's changing in Catholicism in Catholicism changes with its leadership when the Pope changes what the church leaders changes because the Pope is the Catholic God make no mistake and so this is this will come out further but I just want to clarify want you to understand when you're witnessing when you're sharing the gospel with your religious friends you need to know what's different see I don't know hardly a single Catholic or devoted Catholic who isn't very sincere in their faith who doesn't really believe and the problem is is they don't see a problem with these things you need to know what the differences are so you can point them out and then you can ask the question does God change does God change because why he's assertive here is that God changes with the times the culture changes God and that's very much like the Greeks isn't it and their mythology we just change the name of the God we just changed we just adapt the myth to our culture and that's a problem if God is unchanging in the for centuries in Beyond even though that was taking place 98 or 99 percent of people have not read it was just a small percent of the intellectual you know like a few many we see in the ministry or just lawyers and then they get mass-produced Bibles so they make them available to people and today Bibles are very plentiful but it took fifteen thousand it took it took from here years of the fourth century and beyond until the time of Martin Luther in the 1500s and so while there was the Word of God it still had to be shared with the people from people who knew it because the people they even if they were able to read it or he read it to them I'm not saying anything in contradiction to what you're saying okay we have two in there today alright so even if the people read it they wouldn't have understood it did you I mean just throw that in there just you know no big deal you know we said didn't I say to him we believe in the Holy Spirit living in individuals who believe in Congregational Authority because Christ lives in all of us not just in the priest he speaks to all of us and so when God speaks to the people in our church I haven't a leader in our church I listen to the people because God talks to them as well as me and that's very different isn't it God doesn't talk to the people and Catholicism God talks to the leadership now the laity the people think God talks to them but they're oftentimes straightened out you know other words they think they have their own relationship with God but the the authority structure the priests the bishops the Cardinals ultimately the Pope they know God can't talk to the people God talks to us because I've got to talk to the people that people would need us to tell them what God says and so we're gonna stop there Charlie I'm in a delay you want more week for going back I'm so naive I every week I think we'll just watch the video and not interrupt it and we'll get right through but I want us to pick up some things I want us to be thinkers I want us to think about you know what the difference is I'm a skeptic about his sincerity at this stage but it gets worse by the time we come to the place where he last week told us not last week a couple years ago we did the video but last week what he tell us he said you know we don't venerate Mary in Catholicism it's only of the Italians and the Spanish folks that do that when you try and feed me a line like that I just think how dumb do you think I am you know I know that Italians are Roman I mean I know Romans are Italian I know that the Catholic Church is Italian so if you're telling me that only the Italians of the Roman Catholic Church venerate Mary because part of their culture that's the church and if you're going to say that doesn't represent you well what does represent you if you're the Roman Catholic Church that's just very disingenuous and then when you say today I hold to everything you say about the authority of the scripture that it's the Word of God it's the final authority for faith and practice it's all good I just want to complement that compliment that and then you spend your time undermining it with the different arguments the church never had the Bible people can't understand the Bible even if they habit and so on and so forth all of a sudden you realize will this and gentlemen this gentleman's perhaps not deceived that was my conclusion at the end of this this video has been on online has been reposted by a lot of different people actually for several for several years it probably has a million views if if you just take all the different people that have posted and it has several hundred thousand for a piece and one of the overwhelming predominant comments that we get is this guy such a liar so people say he is so fake now we did a similar video where I interviewed in muscle me mom and one of the overwhelming comments on that one is this guy is really sincere he really believed me he'd tell you some fantastic things just ridiculous stories of things that he honestly believes through ignorance but I think they Imam honestly believed the papers of this guy is he saying I know what you're saying I know what you're saying he knows what I'm saying and then a works to undermine this that is did they I guess I assuming he gave you permission to post this oh yes oh yes and the Imam did too they were both very happy both of them viewed the video very happy with the way that we edited it and put it up the Imam actually invited me back to do another video he said what you've come back again I really he loved it he went on and commented you know this is accurate this was very well represented us and sent me emails he was just thrilled at the way that we represented him actually and so yeah neither of these guys neither these guys father is a bill or muammar boomer bikies I think was the name of the Imam that Arivu the other one would say that we were misrepresented them a matter of fact before we posted it before he used it I sent them a copy of it so I want you to view this and make sure that this because there's edited you know we didn't put everything it could be into it this is an hour and an hour and 15 or 20 minutes something like it's a long video and you know we had a lot more material that we that was just clutter you know we took out it so I wanted them to say I want to make sure that this is accurate and we did a good job Tony did the editing and he did a really good job making them look good as far as you know taking out the stumbling the bumbling the vocal clutter things like that he removed it to make them look sharp make him look better and because our goal wasn't to go and you know and and have this you know going disrespect something out here going just destroy somebody we want to accurately represent them because our goal is to help us to understand this is what we believe and again Christian if you're gonna reach your religious friends you need to know what you believe that's what's going to enable you isn't what everyone else believes that's going to enable you to reach them but you do need to know where they're coming from and by the time I'm at this place I realize my Catholic friends are very sincere but they have people who have them duped who are very insincere now I'm not going to go and say you're priests are a bunch of liars and they're just you know they're just they're just you know using you and all these things they're not gonna believe that but it's true that is the truth and so I need to understand my Catholic friends are very Catholic they're very staunch in their Catholicism and so I just need to figure out what they believe that contradicts the truth and then I can present the truth to them just like all did the Athenians and he he socked it to him straight between the ice but I'm not gonna be angry at somebody for being deceived we get that and it's not very fair when someone is tricked to get mad at them right I'll finish with this and I know we're way over on time now my grandma we were talking about for us a couple weeks ago on my wife's grandma she she's been tricked a few times your dad Alyssa she sent your dad she thought she said your dad money because he called and you know she's a thot he called a hey grandma I'm in a lot of trouble and I need some money one of these scammer calls you know and you know how the goodness of our not Jeff would never do that Jeff wouldn't and uncle Russ found out and he said you know Jeff would never call you and ask for a money moment he just never would do that and so she wrote a check and sent it off without telling anybody that sort of thing is Jeff her grandsons in trouble and you know any good grandma it's gonna take care of their grandson all right we're gonna yell at grandma for that right you know you just think what a sweetheart you know she wants to help her grandkids but she got scammed you don't yell at somebody for being scammed you don't get angry somebody for being scammed you call him names y'all calm stupid you don't insult them you don't belittle them you understand where they're coming from and then you try to protect them you try to serve them truth that's the attitude that we ought to have okay all right father thank you for we've learned today and I pray that you would just just help us to be able to shape our thinking and God helped us to win our religious friends we pray in Jesus name Amen I will start we'll start church on time e about I think

Otis Rodgers