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Schizophrenia Vs Conspiracy * by StarGateKeeper * at MULTI CULT 1

[Lyra] StarGateKeeperrrrr Put your hands together for StarGateKeeper!
[audience cheering] [applause] [slow synthesizer chords] [StarGateKeeper] It’s spring equinox, 2017, and I’m sketching a twelve-sided stargate portal to activate my world vortex map crystal grid for protection and healing of the Earth. It may resemble magic… but I don’t know if my Jewish family
and/or G-d would approve of ‘magic,’ so I tell myself it’s an experiment
in holographic projection. And either way, I hope it works. Lisa Renee from says, “There are massive changes occurring in the Earth’s magnetic field that are transforming life on Earth as we’ve known it, and yet the topic rarely makes the news.” [laughter] Thanks Lisa Renee! Wait I messed that up. Okay In the latest episode of her podcast
titled “Geomagnetism.” Thanks, Lisa Renee, for updating me on the Earth’s magnetic pole shift. The people sharing climate change articles
on my Facebook feed don’t seem to have heard about it, and no one mentions Fukushima’s
radioactive fallout in the Pacific Ocean or geoengineering either. I dare not bring any of that up to my
climate change activist friends on Facebook. They mean well, I’m pretty sure. And I don’t want to rock the boat with an idea that people might call “fake news.” Mainly, I don’t want to feel obligated
to defend my perspective. It is what it is simply because
my brain can’t help but believe that it makes sense. The pole shift, radiation, and geoengineering and especially the phenomenon colloquially known as [synthesizer swells] “chemtrails” [loud white noise] are mere slivers of the tip of this
conspiracy-theorizing iceberg upon which I’ve somehow landed. If one thing is clear, it’s that I can no longer look at things the way I did before last summer. I’ve nearly forgotten how to look up at the sky and appreciate
a beautiful, partly cloudy day. Often when I try, I see planes drawing wispy, white and gray streaks across the blue. The streaks slowly disperse
and dim out the rays of the sun. Then I think of the terms “Solar Radiation
Management” and “global dimming,” and I miss full-spectrum sunlight, and I worry about the consequences if they’re spraying not only sulfur dioxide, but also… aluminum! Barium! Strontium! Monsanto herbicides! And genetically engineered viruses
for the global depopulation agenda! Also known as U.N. Agenda 21! [sirens] I really wanted to believe they were all just contrails, but I’ve read too much
and looked up at the sky too much, and now my brain is stuck believing in chemtrails and does not care that my ego is mortified
to come out as a chemtrail believer. [laughter] [sighs] My cell phone has come to represent not communication with loved ones, but carcinogenic radiation
and shadow government surveillance. Shadow government Illuminati Cabal New World Order Elite Reptilians Conspirators Or… whatever name you use for the entity doesn’t matter to me! It just fills me with relief to hear anyone besides me acknowledge it by any name. Especially off-line. I wish people talked out loud more about
the scary things that I think about rather than just the scary things on the news. Like, why did my computer keep freezing when I was researching
the scandal known as “Pizzagate?” [organ chords] Are all of those occult symbols hidden in
plain sight throughout culture, government, and the media… just a marketing gimmick?? Are all of the Project MK-Ultra, Monarch,
and Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors just lying about the underground child trafficking bases? Did Cathy O’Brien cut up her own genitals just so that she could say the government had done it and that Hillary Clinton had forced oral sex on her during Bill’s presidency??? [low rumbling] Is it just my imagination, or is Satanism getting more popular? [laughter] Surely the guy starting a
Satanic after-school club for kids in Portland really is just presenting an alternative to the evangelical Christian after-school club
in order to encourage critical thinking, right? He’s not into things like Satanic Ritual Abuse and
trauma-based mind control, is he? Was Lyme disease engineered in a laboratory, like some people say about Morgellons syndrome, that strange fungal nanotech parasite
that grows fibers out of people’s skin!? And is acknowledged by
painter/singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, who has it, but not by the United States
Centers for Disease Control?? What if the CDC puts genetically engineered
cyborg viruses in vaccines? On top of all the autism- and Alzheimer’s-inducing
ethylmercury and aluminum adjuvants? Did my third eye really get dimmer after I got that flu shot? Or did I just lose touch with
my psychic development work while caught up in the low-vibrational state of worrying about my pineal gland being drowned in ethylmercury? Would I be totally different if I’d never been vaccinated? Would I be more psychic? Or perhaps less confused about what to do on Earth in a physical body? I’m a floating blue dot, so why does a human look back at me
from the mirror portal? My friend Jesse’s nine-year-old son Raven
is autistic and doesn’t speak. When Jesse used to have him on weekends, Raven would chill and spin things like this, while Jesse played guitar. Jesse told me last summer — that frightening “Twilight Zone” season
I spent with him in north Portland, Oregon — that he wondered if Raven’s autism
had to do with his vaccinations. I suggested to Jesse that he get a blood type test kit to see if he had an Rh-negative blood type, thinking it could factor into
heritable vaccine sensitivity in Raven as well as some of the strange experiences
that Jesse had begun having, such as seeing two extraterrestrials with stretchy skin in line at 7-Eleven at 3 AM. Jesse didn’t have the money for a blood type test kit. He hasn’t had an income since last summer, when he left his job at an Irish pub
because he believed his boss was trying to get him “accidentally” killed, possibly to cover up
a loan she’d taken out in his name. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia
a few months later. Oh by the way, I asked, and he was certain that the 7-Eleven customers were not
two humans with a skin condition, but actual E.T.s with a different type of skin. Jesse told me sometime around April of 2016 that things at work had been getting weird. I was staying with him at this time, sleeping in a broken-zippered sleeping bag on the concrete floor of the garage-turned-bedroom
he was renting because living in my own apartment with a roommate whom I felt was kind of
an energy vampire had become unbearable. Jesse was generous enough to let me share
his space for the last two months he lived there. I spent more time in the garage than he did Dividing my time between
house-hunting and job-hunting and intensively preparing for a
psychic development workshop I was to lead at a queer adult summer camp that August
under the camp name “Stargatekeeper.” (Audience) Woo! [something hits the floor and rolls] Oops [laughs] Well I won’t need this anymore. [laughter] I told Jesse I would leave if he wanted alone time, but he said he liked having company after work and felt like his belongings were safer when I was there. This was because of one time when he had
left his phone recording audio in the garage while we had gone out together, and the recording had captured sounds of shuffling and drawers opening and closing for about an hour. I had heard a couple of minutes of the recording before it had mysteriously vanished
from Jesse’s phone. Jesse said that he knew it sounded paranoid, but he kept seeing the same biker dudes who were friends with his boss in different places And he felt like he was being followed. He said that a few of his co-workers had been
directing an unusual amount of attention towards him and making cryptic remarks to him and in his presence, and that it had started recently, following something he had said to his boss about wanting to eat more healthfully, though he had been working there for years. “I know it sounds like I’m imagining it’s
all about me,” Jesse said, “but it really does seem like
they’re making it all about me.” A week or so later, it wasn’t just people associated with Jesse’s work whose behavior was puzzling him, but also complete strangers whom he said made it a point to linger and stare at him. Or to make loud comments around him that referenced
content from his own private conversations. I didn’t know if Jesse was being paranoid
or seeing through the veil or both. He strangely lost all of his Spotify Premium playlists and shortly afterwards found that his PIN no longer worked with his debit card. The bank gave him a replacement card
with an RFID chip, by which Jesse believed helicopters
and satellites were tracking him. He later said that the replacement card
had stopped working, and that when he had asked a question about the chip, the bank employee had replied, “I don’t believe in that stuff.” [rumbling synth] Earlier that year, I had become fascinated with Targeted Individuals and organized gang-stalking, topics I’d stumbled upon while
researching schizophrenia out of curiosity, and I learned all about electromagnetic
harassment techniques such as Voice-to-Skull, electromagnetic torture via directed-energy weapons, and Extremely Low Frequency — or E.L.F. — waves. And the gaslighting that Targeted Individuals had been reporting internationally. The technologies are real and for sale. And there’s even a patent for a
“remote neural monitoring” device. So isn’t it irresponsible of psychiatry to treat all claims of gang-stalking as paranoia? That first time I got into researching
Targeted Individuals I had to quit because it was keeping me awake with worry. And I was already feeling energy-vamped from living with my roommate. It was Jesse’s case that broke through my pink cloud of recovery and got me hooked on researching Targeted Individuals again. Some of them are whistle-blowers Some have no idea why they’re targeted And some believe it’s because they possess the rare
Rh-negative blood factor, predisposing them to strong psychic sensitivities and attracting the interest of genetic experimenters from CIA black ops agents to grey aliens. British UFO researcher and
whistle-blowing super soldier, Max Spiers spoke about military abductions — or MILABS — and multigenerational,
occult-based programming and tracking of targets. Mid-July of 2016 was when I found his material online and heard days later that he had died after vomiting…. black goo. Jesse became increasingly disheveled throughout May His initial apprehension about work
turning into larger questions about whether he had been set up for this his whole life. I wondered if I were a horrible influence for
telling Jesse that Targeted Individuals were a thing, entertaining his conspiracy theories as
actually possible, and practicing all of those
psychic development exercises with strobing lights and hypnotic brainwave entrainment tracks playing in the background. But Jesse assured me that he would have been
freaking out regardless. Jesse decided to leave the garage, and we both moved into a house
with his best friend T in June. There, Jesse said he felt beams of energy
hitting his body from the cell tower on the corner. My handheld Ghost Meter beeped [soft electronic beeping] to indicate a strong electromagnetic field around Jesse when we stood by the tower, but when I tried to record a video, the Ghost Meter stopped beeping. “They turned the signal off,” Jesse said disappointedly. Later, he wondered aloud if the psychiatrist
to whom he’d been referred was conspiring with his employer. My Inner Voice of Social Propriety warned: “Hey! A normal person would discourage a friend
from wondering things like that because a normal person would recognize it
as delusional.” But no. The whole time, and now still, I’ve felt that there was more going on
than mental illness. Even if Jesse did develop schizophrenia
through a means more organic than directed-energy weapons
and/or nanochips in his brain. …Seriously it’s possible. In one of Max Spiers’ last lectures before his death, he said it was critical that we realize how
MK-Ultra mind control, addiction, and schizophrenia are interrelated. And — in my own words — how people are suffering from stigmas deliberately designed to keep them feeling isolated, powerless, and hopeless. It is apparently a huge aspect of
the war against humanity that Spiers and other
spiritually inclined speakers have described. Jesse first told T when demonic voices
started to bother him at the new house. T has had grey E.T. encounters and is schizoaffective, thus having a solid understanding of astral warfare. She eventually needed to take some space from Jesse
due to empathy overload. I had just started an internship with the
Forest Service — yes, the government — [laughs] And was barely around to talk about astral warfare and conspiracies with Jesse and T. I remember going in one day for my internship and responding to, “How was your weekend?” With something about feeling unsafe
in my neighborhood because of a large number of unmarked vehicles
that were always parking close to my house. I didn’t mention that any of them were white vans
adorned with orange traffic cones or that I had called the police to look for Jesse after he had expressed fear for his life
before going in to work and hadn’t come back home when he’d said he would. Or that it seemed like buses were no longer stopping
at the stop by my house. But still, I felt immediately worried that my supervisor was concerned about my mental health. He said, “Oh, I thought you lived in a pretty safe part of town.” Jesse’s and my bedrooms were connected, and I kept finding his stuff strewn about my room. I forced myself to ignore thoughts
that people really were coming into the house and moving stuff, since I knew that 70% of the time it was Jesse who had moved his own stuff to confuse the targeters
he believed were collecting information on him. He said that all of the underwear
in his underwear drawer was just gone one day. I burned sage compulsively. I wanted to keep one foot grounded
in the third dimension, illusory as it may have been, and to keep the wool over my eyes just long enough to hold my shit together for finishing my internship and also running my psychic development workshop that August. That’s what I did, as Jesse became more gaunt and terrified each day. He kept making doctors’ appointments
and missing them. When I was away being Stargatekeeper
at Illage Summer Camp, the roommate from whom Jesse was subletting
came back and found the bedroom a disaster
full of rotting food and urine. I heard about it all via texts from that roommate, who said that Jesse had denied peeing in the room. Jesse was staying at his sister’s in Washington
by the time I got back. The other roommates then told me that they had asked Jesse to move out
because he hadn’t paid rent and had been tearing up their books
in search of secret codes. I said goodbye to Jesse a few days later, when he rolled up to the house in the passenger seat
of his brother-in-law’s car. He insisted that there had been a miscommunication and that he was still supposed to be living at the house. His brother-in-law had driven him back, unsure. I felt awful telling him that
they probably weren’t going to let him move back in, especially since I too preferred
not to live with him at that point. And I didn’t want him to think I was part of the targeting. I said, “I’m still your friend, and I’m on your side.” Before they drove off, I added, “Aren’t you at least glad that it’s probably schizophrenia
rather than actually being a Targeted Individual?” He laughed weakly, though he was
upset about the house, and I could tell he still believed he was being targeted even though he knew his symptoms matched
those of schizophrenia that are in the DSM. Jesse is now living with another family member, and we talk online occasionally. I told him recently when I read a
Targeted Individual story about someone ELSE’S underwear disappearing
from their underwear drawer. It was a bone-chilling find that pretty much washed away my remaining doubts about whether it had really happened to Jesse. Even more recently, I read a YouTube comment
about how gang-stalking groups will go as far as to piss on your floor! [smoke machine hissing] What is schizophrenia, anyway?!! Is it just because I’ve researched the CIA
that the fragmented, traumatized expressions of schizophrenic people
tend to make so much sense to me? Why don’t we all listen to the interdimensional
pattern-spotting schizo-shamans in our lives? Are we afraid of opening ourselves to what they know? Not everyone can see elves, and not everyone can feel E.L.F. waves. If you aren’t sensitive to those parts
of the electromagnetic spectrum, how could you know for sure that someone you thought was schizophrenic
wasn’t actually a Targeted Individual, subject to invisible torture of the physical, psychological, and even spiritual varieties? What if hallucinations are actually interdimensional convergence points wherein entities, organic or synthetic, come popping through open portals in the aura
like hackers through open ports in a router? And what if — what if that can literally happen
through a Wi-Fi router?! Have YOU asked YOUR schizophrenic friends? [pulsing music] Although I’ve always wanted to be friends
with a ghost that I could see, I’m not too bummed that my psychic development exercises
haven’t worked that well. It’s unsettling enough just to think
about Targeted Individuals, chemtrails, nanobots, and the apocalypse. Would I want to truly, claircognizantly know if I were right about any of it? Well… Maybe… But… only if I knew that the information would help people and not land me in a mental hospital with no windows, because then I wouldn’t get to watch the apocalypse. I say “apocalypse” loosely. I still believe that humanity has time to save itself… and the planet Earth. Especially if starseeds are actually real and not just another one of the CIA’s New Age psy-ops. Oh, and as long as I’m here in this theater
full of harvestable energy… I’m just gonna go ahead and imagine that sending all that energy
through this spinning mirror portal will close up all of L.A.’s demonic portals. Because, you never know, right? [fast organ music] [applause]

Otis Rodgers