March 29, 2020
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Science of God

Now, something I’ve talked about here and
there, is clearly we’ve talked about creation, but a lot of times what folks don’t understand
is the spiritual, the true understanding of creation, the creation process. And a lot of people that think of this term,
the Holy Spirit of God, they think of it as male, and there is no gender in God. First of all, we use the Trinity of God. To understand creation, you have to understand
the Trinity of God, but the Trinity of God is, they’re just metaphors, they’re just symbols
for us to wrap our mind around. There’s not a mommy God, a Daddy, God, and
then they had a child. They’re just metaphors. But I love that we’re getting so used to here
in how I teach, so used to the idea of the Holy Spirit, as a term, being used. You go in metaphysical groups and they’re
not into that. You go to drum circles and you mention the
Holy Spirit, you go into Shamanic whatever, and you mention the Holy Spirit, a lot of
people don’t dig the term. But the Holy Spirit is, means, the holy sacred
spirit of God. That can’t be so bad, but the Holy Spirit
is actually the female aspect of God, if you use the metaphor, a female, so it’s the Divine
Mother. So I love that people are getting more and
more used to… At first I had to be a little cautious using
Holy Spirit, even using God. Some people got a little tripped out about
that. No longer are they here. But they got a little… We didn’t do anything to them. They just gravitated to a non-God something
or other, that they like, but the concept of God, you know, bring God back into things. And yet that’s what also fills this room the
way it does consistently for eight years now, is that you know, people were like, Let’s,
you want to get back to God. Very important stuff. So the Divine Mother, it’s like in science,
the Divine Mother would be thought of as… As atomic waves or just waves, energy, the
love, of God. And I’ve said this so many times because we’re
created in God. You could call it the father, but the children,
child of God is created within God when the children of God decide. We’re going to try to separate and go explore
something. There is nothing to explore because God is
all… But when we fabricate the idea, “Well let’s
go explore something let’s go see there’s a life outside of God, which there isn’t the
mother? Aspect of God becomes the womb, that we fly
in to. So it’s kind of interesting because it’s almost
like “Here’s God. And then the witty helped the female aspect
of God. A long extent. All we did is expand God ’cause you can’t
leave God we expand. Got in the mother. So inter-infinite patience, becomes that extension,
the womb, which we call the universe, so the mother can materialize to show her children
how they’re doing. So it’s amazing if you think about it, because
there’s to me, the infinite patience, instead of… Well no, you can’t leave God it’s okay. And so it is, it honors our beliefs that we
can seemingly separate. So her job is to support us by mirroring to
us how we’re doing. We’re technically one with God, but if we
forget if we want to make believe were not whether that’s collectively in the beating
of time or individually at any moment we can say I’m not having a good day, having a bad
day. All she does is say… And so, it is not trying to do anything punish
anything, it’s completely objective. And so it is… Why would God the mother or father, or any
aspect of God? Why would it want to… And so, it is to negative thoughts because
Well, heal our negative thoughts when we see something that’s come out manifested as her
being the mother and matter, she materializes, our thoughts and then we say… I don’t like this thought, “I don’t like this
experience. And she’s saying, “Would you like to change
it now? And so it is, or we can say, “I have reached
bottom this is as far as I want to go in pain. And so, it is just always perfectly matching
whatever, the thoughts might be that we share. So one of the interesting things to me is
the world is made up of what we call molecular structure. But that’s almost like saying matter, and
even in matter, you have these molecules that are made up of these atoms and then the atoms
are made up of some to sub-atomic particles, and then behind the subatomic particles are
just waves but waves as they say, in quantum physics waves are thing. It’s like Just consciousness. So it’s like it’s the mother saying “I’m here
if you need me, and then we have a thought, and she holds… She freezes to mirror our thoughts. So to do that she actually has to adjust the
atomic particles, so the atoms have to be changed through the atomic waves. Having some different kind of a way of, a
different thought. So waves are like you know, thoughts and thoughts
are like ways. So that will change the atoms, which will
change the molecules and so on. Is that little bit making sense? So it’s amazing to me because the mother can
even be seen or experienced, or mirrored in atomic creation atomic development the way
things are developed even on an atomic or molecular level. So when we think I’m going to change my life,
we kind of do this positive thinking thing, I’m going to use my thoughts and change my
life. It’s kind of cool, you can do that, but if
you don’t have to know the rest of this… But I think it’s amazing that it’s not just… You’ll change your thoughts, and then your
life changes when you change your thoughts, you’re affecting the way you’re getting in
touch with God, you’ll either try to change your life through your own manipulation which
is ego-based creations or by getting in the one with God, and creating from a love base. So the atoms will respond to your thoughts
and then the Adams will affect the molecules, and then the structure like of a disease can
change or whatever else, even manifesting a new car. Because my thoughts, which are waves affected
the particles, the particles become new molecules, the molecules get together, and say, We’re
now a new car. So consciousness is behind all this mankind
forgets that we think of it as fairy tell almost very tall magic, but it is we think
these stories of it creating from consciousness is just fairytale. We think it has to be done the old fashioned
way we call it, which isn’t the old faculty at all. It’s the ongoing pain, painful way, which
is, I have to create what I need in my life I have to work to earn I have to do to receive… And the truth is, even you’re doing is matching
your belief systems, so even when you think you have to work harder to get that’s also
a belief in the universe, goes on, so it is not yourself out and other people go, it’s
just consciousness and that’s why one person’s a little bit maybe profession at healing. Another one, manifesting ’cause those are
the areas where you’ve allowed the consciousness to leak in and establish something. Our destinies for our consciousness to fully
believe this all the time, and just recognize I will this and it becomes… That’s how life was when we first came into
the universe, we had that ability and we just misused it, and stopped using it properly,
and then we lost it. So, people are now in this doing world and
struggling and fighting for things to get manifested but they don’t have to be that
way. So on an atomic level, you know you have this
thing we call it a proton and a neutral. All that is is the Father, the Father and
the Son, meaning the Christ energy, the father. And in the Christ energy, the proton, and
neutron the pop proton is positively charged, which is considered male. And then there’s the new tropics neutral,
and so they’re kinda hanging out, but around them creating an envelope or a wound is the
electron, which is the mother. Even on an atomic level, you have the Trinity
and the mother surrounds, and this thing once it’s connected is called a nucleus nucleus
which means new clay, us our new creation. I’m going to change my consciousness, which
is going to change the clay into a new play, a new form, so form the new clay, comes from
consciousness, but I’ve gotta get in touch with the right consciousness. So is it just thinking no, ’cause you can
think with or without God in alignment, or not in alignment with God now some people
would just say no. Any thoughts are God? No, no, no, not really. Yeah, free will. That’s why the neutron is neutral, the Christ
energy, is neutral because it’s constantly choosing you know what it’s going to believe
in the love of God or the fear of the ego. So we’re kind of in this neutral space, and
we can choose where we want to go with our creation process. And so it’s interesting because there’s not
just molecules that are affected by atoms which are affected by some to operable, but
it’s believed that the finest of these subatomic part particles are at a man time, at a anti-particles. There’s some people use different terms for
a court and other things, but at a anti-particles. So at the foundation of Adams, between was… And Adams, there’s this sub-become the most
“sobolev adamant why Adam there’s a connection to the name of Adam Christ. Once upon a time, decided to manifest itself
in the universe. So we go to do that, but to do that if you’re
going to manifest and the mother keeps going on, so it is and so she has to keep manifesting
it so you can see it. So we say, I’m going to manifest in the universe
and then when we do that we start, we have to create atoms in the universe. So that Adam, can manifest so Christ creates
atoms, and then Adams manifest Adam, which is us. The male first male, female. So it’s interesting if you think about it,
because all this connection to all things, in the universe, but when that first happens
to go from wave to Adam there’s something called sub-atomic particles which this most
fine as being out of Manti. I automate. What’s so interesting about that is because
it comes from the word adamant but that’s a miss translation. What it comes from, is the word law because
laws are adamant so an adamant in particle is not named because of the word adamant,
that’s a mis-translation in science. It comes from… Like Adam’s law, the law of Adam, the law
of the Christ creating so adamant particles. What you know the date certainly don’t know
a lot about these, but they’ll figure it out eventually maybe they should watch this, “But
adamant in particles, they say, “you know, particles will be affected by thought they
know that much, but the ADA anti-particles won’t respond to just any thought they’ll
only respond to love A… So then that’s why we’ll say the foundation
of atoms subatomic particles exist. Some are adamantine. And some are not. The ones that are adamanntine are inspired
by love and the others, not necessarily, which explains why some things we can create from
our ego fearful self, but if you want to create from God, create from love, then the universe
the way you’re in touch with the wave you’re connected to the wave and underneath all creation,
potentially is the love of God. In other words, this whole universe, you could
say, I’ve said it many times, is again in the womb of the holy, the Divine Mother, the
holy spirit. But when you start tracking down at a adamantine
particles, being really the most subtle and then under that waves of love, then you start
to realize, the entire universe is connected by love. Am I getting in touch with that or am I segmenting
my part, myself from that? And then forcing things to happen. See, that’s the trick. So, we realize God everything is connected
and this whole thing, this whole idea, even back in ancient India, they had this concept
of adamant Vara is another word for this adamant in energy. So even in the Vedic systems, there’s an understanding
that underneath it, and they understood this long before people are now re-thinking they’re
rediscovering it but that underneath everything, the universe is One UN Universe one song,
one song of God, you’re allowed to right to be outside of that song, then it becomes hidden
but it’s never gone. So our lives are always protected by the mother,
but we’re allowed to throw a little tantrum, we’re allowed to act separate from… We’re allowed to kick our feet stop our feet
get into places of fear and attack and so forth, each other. But when we reach that point where we say,
“God this is just too far gone when we do that, the whole universe pauses and says Yes,
waiting to see. Are you committed, or you just saying that
I can’t take it any more? Gushing it, man, I’m done with the world as
it is. I want to have a different life and then go
to sleep or whatever. And you didn’t… You didn’t finish the sentence, you didn’t
finish the change, you just threw a tantrum and said I’m done but you didn’t do anything
else. The universe pauses when you… And I either choose to get into a spirit of
inspiration or get fed up with non-inspirations. The other way, the universe pauses and says,
Yeah, and it waits because in that moment… We’re allowed to say, “Here I am. When we say Here I am… Our arms become a vessel, chalice for the
Holy Spirit, the divine Mother to pour herself to pour herself into us and give us inspiration. Just give us something in our heart and soul
that says, “Would you like love instead? I don’t know what love is, that doesn’t prevent
you from having it would you like it? Well, I’m a little intimidated to love, and
relying on patience and relying on trust. You still haven’t said… Do you wanted or don’t you want it? Yes, and then transformation transformation
on the level of consciousness, deep deep consciousness which then gets me in touch with the wave
of consciousness throughout. The universe. And then that starts to activate or they call
it inspire it actually inspires and energizes the adamantine particles, because the adamtine
particles will sit there and say, “We only respond to love inspirations.” So they’re now getting ignited, and excited. They then will affect the atoms that they’re
participating with affecting the nucleus which is the new play us, and then from the nucleus
it starts to manifest and effect, as I said, the atoms and then the molecules, and then
the molecules start to attract other similar molecules. And then you have a new something. The El met, you had the addiction, you had
all of a sudden it’s changing because your body is also made up of the molecules which
are made above the atoms were you made a bet? The subatomic particles which are at the root
of them out of anti-particles and beneath that waves of consciousness or love. So, when I shift enough inside even my body
starts to say, “Well we can’t really do the old vibration, it’s not working any more.” This food, you’re suddenly not attracted to
because it’s not resonant with this new thing that’s happening, but then you might be drawn
to certain things. Walks, going for walks. I don’t know why, but… Oh, it must be this or that. It must be friends. All my friends go for walk, don’t assume you
name it, label it blame it on anything outside. When you see changes for the better start
with giving thanks in here, because something in you decided something else was no longer
working and you’re ready for something new, you never fail to give thanks when you see
yourself or other people deciding to make a change. It’s called Choose again at that moment of
choice, to say, I’ll choose to love energy in the universe instead of the fear that single
moment of choice is the strongest power we have within ourselves, shy IVI, divinity itself,
and as Christ I means as beings on the strongest gift we have is choice, but the ions people
think that means… So I get to choose between good and evil,
right wrong being mean today. The truth is we think choice is between two
or more things, because that’s logical. You look it up in a dictionary, encyclopedia,
you’re going to find It’s about choosing between things. The only time we’re actually exercising choice
is, when we choose love, because love, is all there is. So you’re actually only ever capable of choosing
one thing which sounds like Well where’s free will your will is never free unless you’re
choosing love, it’s bound, it’s captive it’s hostage and not free. So you’re either choosing free will, which
is only going to be on love, or you’re not choosing free will, which means you’re dreaming,
make believing night marrying yourself into something painful. Fortunately, those painful things aren’t real,
because underneath them, technically, you could say underneath them, they’re not accessing
the “ataman time particles, which is the Adam accessed particles, the Christ article, and
it’s not accessing the wave of love, it’s coming from fear. So it’s almost fabricated. So the ego or ego is capable of using pseudomonas
manifest to quicken Adams to do something to molecules which then manifest as things. And we go look at me either, I’m creating
negative things, or I’m a new-age who says My mind can create anything and I’m creating
whole stuff, but it’s still not coming from love, even when we think it is. How do we know if you don’t send her into
God, you’re probably not creating, with God, if you don’t send her into love, you’re probably
not creating from love. Unfortunately, in this universe things are
set in our controls inside settings were set to the automatic default program. Is fear-based, not love based to get back
to love-based. We have to choose consistently easiest way
to do that effectively, and efficiently, is to start every day with it, start every day
on the right side of the bed, get up on the right side of the bed. Or I say, “Get up on the right out of your
head, get up with “prayerful-ness get up with connecting on some level that is the thing
that could most consistently effectively, efficiently lock and load that you’re coming
from spirit, but you can’t just assume. Well, any time I’m dealing with my partner,
it must be coming from love. Because we’re in a partnership now. Any time you’re dealing with, or not with
my children, it has to come from love. No, our default program is fear-based and
you can’t switch that till you open the program open the window, click to switch it over,
which means, prayer, meditation, then it’s now defaulted until you shut your computer
off, then it reverts back to a different default. Unfortunately, it’s a consistent choice we
have to make. And I think sometimes I think that’s a bummer. That’s a bit inconvenient. It’s unfair. We have all kinds of thoughts about that,
but one thing I recognized is that even though I think it’s kind of like… Well, that’s unfair ’cause we should just
be able to lock in and connect and stay locked in. One reason that we subconsciously or agree
because our creations are mad up of our individual choices and our collective choices, one reason
that we collectively, unconsciously set the program to take time that has to be reset
constantly is because now the time of an individual master here and there is over now, we’re all
supposed to be waking up. And to do that, I keep in, I’ll get my computer
inside to set to default connectedness, if I could do that. I stand a chance of zipping out of here. But what we did was we decided to make a change,
especially when we started moving towards the Aquarian age. Hey I have an idea, unconsciously, we had
this conversation, one of us said to the rest, I got an idea. Why don’t we stop individually becoming enlightening
leaving everyone else here, why don’t we kind of go down the enlightenment experience, so
that we take each other with us, so I’ll have awakenings but, I’ll always keep that to fall
going the other way so that I’m still connecting with you all so that I’m still understanding
your problems ’cause I have them to your doubts, your fears. That’s one of the reasons I’ll not have the
default constantly an enlightenment, but rather I have to reset it. That helps us stay connected. Now that part you may not understand or may
not agree with, but at least consider it, that the Aquarian Age we changed things. The Christ is not going to be this person
or that person awakening. It still can happen here in their mind you,
but it’s the more important part of the plan of salvation, is that we’re all in this together. So instead of someone going and occasionally
channeling to someone else about it, or instead of one of us really getting it and saying
good bye, instead we’re getting it, we’re coming back faster, than we used to in between
lives we’re coming back because it’s now about taking everybody with us. Thank you, making sense. Yeah, and a lot of people don’t like that
idea, they’re like… “Well, no, I want to be able to get out of
here. I want to be able to wake up and get enlightenment,
enlightened.” And that’s fine, then do it. I’m just saying that the greater theme that’s
happening, the greater plan, the greater part of the plan now is, how do we get everyone
to go? It worked to have an enlightened master here
and there, it works but on the spiritual plane, they’re going. Well, we’re glad we did that, when it was
the pain age and some other ages. We’re good with that law giver profits. It’s cool, it’s just that almost every one
of them. Shortly after they spoke, someone screwed
it up, you know, because they spoke to a group of people in the group of people said, “You
know we totally get it and they didn’t, they almost immediately twisted something to suit
their needs. So Jesus says, never call any person, father,
but God and we were like, “Okay let’s start a church, you call the pre-father. This is going to work out really well. I mean, this is… We just do this and it init what it is, but… Oh my God, you know the level of dysfunction
in these things. And so it’s like, you know it’s going to… Here’s another idea. And it wouldn’t have worked in earlier ages,
because humanity wasn’t ready. We’re ready now to where we’re actually doing
a global download. And one little thing I want to add to that
most of us are aware that we are or not everybody in the spiritual path, but a lot of us on
the path find that we were unique in our families. Unique is a nice word. They might have seen us as a black sheep or
a whipping post. Unfortunately, that’s kind of how it got translated
sometimes but what’s interesting to me, you know, it’s like, God, my parents, the families,
they didn’t get it. We felt this like awakening. We were more intuitive creative, you know,
just add to them. But really, it just meant higher in consciousness,
which is kind of cool, if you’re on the other side, it’s very cool if you’re here, it’s
not so cool because being here and being sensitive, enlightened, whatever you want to call it,
doesn’t guarantee people get you. You don’t usually say, “You know I’m going
to practice spirituality. I can I tune in. I meditate. I practice yoga. And then go to some job site, some third-dimensional
strongly masculine job site and say it’s break time. Hey, you guys want to come over here. Let’s have a smoke and hang out. “No, I’m going to take a few minutes and meditate.” It’s like, they often wouldn’t get that sort
of thing. I mean, I did that when I was a kid. I tried a job for a day and a half, and they,
I was so odd to them they would call it. “He’s that kid, that reads.” Because I would sit in the car and I always,
always a little like Edgar Cayce or something, and always reading something like that. And, you know, clearly, I didn’t fit in. And I think sometimes they think that you’re
almost maybe you’re a symbol of their conscience because you don’t eat the same, think the
same, act the same, speak like some of the vulgarities and stuff. And I think sometimes I noticed people not
liking me, almost because it was reflecting a conscience, but I wasn’t there going, “Let
me reflect your conscience.” But here’s the interesting thing, I was leading
to… So, your families if this fits you at all,
your families probably don’t get you and you don’t quite know they might have been nicer,
might not have been nice but they might not have got this whole spiritual stuff that we’re
all in to but technically your mother, father, possibly know, but a parent somewhere on a
molecular level, has to have had a sub-atomic particle or a particle somewhere along the
line, in the nucleus. That was you, they had you on some level already
be prepared to bring you in, which means although it’s unseen unfortunately, for them somewhere,
they had a semi-awakening. Clearly not awaken conscious all the time,
but I’m saying if you think about it, even if you have x partners that used to be an
atomic structure it used to be an atomic structure, meaning thoughts manifested and it became
a molecular relationship you and that other person you change consciousness and you can
no longer stick to two people together. ’cause the subatomic the consciousness changed
then the subatomic and atomic particles and molecules, then you’re different now, you
can’t resonate with each other. It happens, but still on some level, even
that person even if they were cruel and hurtful on some level there was a really subtle particle
in them that was ready to create someone like you and their lives, and then they made a
choice. No, you were a potential awakening for them
and they chose… No, it’s not making sense, so it’s not… I’m the good guy. Molecules and my family is the bad guy. Molecules, even in them, something had to
be shimmering but faint, but some little spark. So thank you to any of those people in our
lives in the past. Because on some level, they held that spark
sadly, they just chose not to go with it, but they’re also not just having that spark,
they’re also having lots of clouds trying to snuff out that spark. And that’s the old school, the old-school,
new-school thing, you know, whether that’s traditional medicine, allopathic medicine
versus holistic old school, new school, and the old school fights to stay alive, even
though it’s already dead. It was never even alive. The old school is about death, it’s about
fear therefore, it’s about death, but it’s got a fight harder to stay alive when it starts
to sense it’s coming to an end, just like the body saw someone just this week, one of
our occasional attendees, that’s passing away soon, and they said yes, I was just told. No, it’s I guess I’m going to pass away. They had even people here talking to them
and outside the doctors told them No, we… You think there’s great hope you’re going
to probably come through other people, you know, I got this herbal concoction that’s
going to help you. I think this is going to help. I think that they’re trying to say and everybody’s
telling them all their friends, everybody doctors saying No, you’re probably going to
be able to heal. I’m the only one I said It’s not going to
happen. And yesterday, they said you were the only
one that saw that it wasn’t going to happen because all of this atomic structure, even
called disease underneath it, it’s reflecting the soul and if the soul says, I’m using this
to exit, then that’s what’s going to happen. It’s an either good, bad, it’s just that’s
what they’re doing. It’s like saying What song they want to hear
on the radio today, it’s just that’s where they’re at. And I could tell that that’s where they’re
at, that’s where they were going to go. So the world doesn’t like to always know that
clearly. And the allopathic fights from the holistic,
the allopathic went so far in their fight, they actually… And it’s called actively, actively tried to
harm the chiropractic community and it was, I think, in the 70s, after years of lawsuits,
it was proven in federal court that they actively published materials and said things to this
credit chiropractors. So your doctors that said “Oh whatever you
do, don’t go to a chiropractor. He’s been told that by somebody, they’ve been
trained to say that, they know nothing, many categories of health, whether it’s nutrition,
and anatomy many areas categories of health or medical school, the chiropractors are more
trained than physicians. You’re not told that because the old school
wants to keep life from happening. Anything new, anything good? That’s why another reason why some of our
old families did not get us ’cause they don’t want to. You remember to affirm there has to have been
a spark of life. I couldn’t have even been in the same room
with you, if on some level, there wasn’t a particle of me in you, which is why it’s accurate
for Jesus to say, her Christians to say, if you accept Jesus you’ll accept salvation why
as he symbolizes that he symbolizes awakening. It’s not that he hasn’t… You don’t, he has it and you are… But we use them as an example for our own
awakening. And your family members, you know, they’ll
be a point when the cloud dies down enough and they go. Oh my God, you know you understood all this
stuff. I had to be dead for 30 years for the clouds
to clear enough for me to see this, and they did it now they want a channel through you,
you know, and you are supposed to… Technically your job would have been to say,
“I don’t need the apology. Not okay if you do, it’s okay, if you still… I need that apology from what they did or
didn’t do what they said or didn’t say, It’s okay but as we grow there is a point where
you go… What what I need an apology for, “I’m just
me. I was never really contingent on them anyway,
which then, sounds rude, but you know, to be able to say I am, is that as I am, I’m
good, I’m complete somebody else’s apology doesn’t make it so that even that sounds route
to some people, but… So then don’t say it out loud, just know it,
it’s kind of nice to be interdependent. I just have all that I need is right here
within me, and I am. When I entered the material world, the universe
Christ became Christ, created a universe and the mother manifested the Christ thought it
and then the mother became it for us, and when we did, it was made up of these particles
and they became Adam atoms and then we came in and used the atoms to create a body that
becomes the first Adam, meaning us starting the manifest as bodies. So now we go. Okay, now I’m stuck in Adam. No, oh, I matin. I’m the Christ who can choose which Adams
to be and then which atoms will help determine depending on what Adams on creating through
consciousness, will determine what person I become and even if I get here and I’m all
stuck in the atomic structure of it. My consciousness changes and it can change. But remember, we do this individually or collectively,
so we are… Adam made up of Adams and behind that waves
of love and Christ consciousness. So, if I don’t like something, right now in
my life, how do I change it? Well, the more Adams that change the atoms,
it will change the molecules which will change the world. So the more of us that get together in this
consciousness it’ll have an effect and that’s what we want, that’s what we need to look
for. So imagine there’s not a world that we’re
conflicted with it’s actually honoring our consciousness, but we’re just usually in the
wrong consciousness, and that’s why prayer that’s why you calling upon the Holy Spirit,
you know I’m ready to understand I’m ready to be an alignment and forgiveness is what’s
most going to shift you from the old world to the new world, the old consciousness to
the new consciousness. There are things that help prayer clearly
is going to help living a different life breaking in a choosing to break addictions. And so, ’cause again for me to shift into
positive thinking or even a prayer or even forgiveness, back to the root of that choice
choice is the most pivotal piece. But once I choose my most powerful tool forgiveness
practicing daily random acts of kindness, behaving like a new person, not just wishing
for it, but living it, behaving on every level we can, and it’s kind of cool ’cause then
the world just starts to reflect this all the love of God. I start to get tuned in. You know people that’s at a near death experience
and they say, I felt all this piece that peace is always there but we got into a consciousness
where suddenly we felt it and we go. Wow, and those people don’t usually even want
to come back because when you feel the thing that’s already there, it feels that good and
yet if you can experience that consciousness while still in a body, you’ve pulled it off
now, that’s really Christ-ed. If you can get it here, you can get it anywhere
is the same, right? So can I believe in the love essence underneath
all things while I’m in a body that ages or gets a pain here and there, I can, I still
connect with the love of all when I see certain things, if I watch the news, that’s the trick. Now, if you don’t, you just do your best. I’m not saying you gotta do it perfectly or
by my standard, but that is our job to do our best. It’s what, of course in miracles calls the
divine plan of salvation, it’s we don’t leave here wishing for a great universe somewhere
nice people get to go live because we’re just going to keep coming back back in about how
many hundreds of billions of galaxies are there and within each one of those how many
hundreds of billions of stars and how many of those might just mathematically speaking,
the percentage is high that some of them have planets with life. So there are people like us doing the same
kind of work elsewhere. Try a different college, still can end up
with you. Sorry to break the news and… But you’re still going to be there, so I have
to wake up this is it. I don’t just go live on Venus. The planet of love I have to wake up to Venus
on Earth, I have to wake up and do my work, my Saturn work. Well, on earth, so there’s nowhere to escape,
to or from nothing to escape from. We’re here and this is where our work lies. Guys with each other, so how can I learn to
be the Christ, on Earth, how can I learn to be as much in high love consciousness as possible? “Call upon the mother, she knows how to do
it, she knows what we’re missing, she knows where we’re off and she knows how to get on
track. If we just keep doing these things where we
try to fix ourselves, it really doesn’t work. And as I’m closing, I want to mention here
I’ve mentioned many times that there’s three realms heaven Eden earth. But let’s be clear, all three of them are
actually in US, so I don’t go to Heaven, or go to Eaton, they’re here and heaven in me
can only get as high as all the other parts of me can get. It’s not like, “Man, you know, I noticed heaven
and me is really all together. Oh, but my human self is completely screwed
up. If only I didn’t have the human self. I know what I’ll do. If I pass away, I’ll go to the heaven self
and I’ll be great.” No, it doesn’t work that way. Because everything that I am on this Earth
plane is reflecting my inner realms my lack of awareness of my divinity is reflected in
my other realms. When we originally thought we could be less
than divine that’s where this whole thing came from and it’s taken billions of years
and the majority still haven’t gotten that figured out yet. So if we’re looking at time, we’re not doing
really well, if we’re looking at our percentage our chances of really just having a waking
up, it’s not going to happen based on our experience, based on our… What we’ve demonstrated evidence. So instead all three exist in us and it’s
heaven Eden earth, all within me, and people that are on the spiritual path are in one
of these higher to the lower realm. Imagine people that are just earth-based material
base, not interested in spiritual grow. We know a lot of them, we’ve been there maybe
ourselves. That’s one group, they’re not helping matters
but they’re in all of us. The second group, Oh they’re the good ones,
’cause they’re spiritual. The second ones can be spiritual while on
earth, but they do what I call horizontal spirituality. They’re still meditating, they’re still fasting
every so often and aiding certain ways and behaving a certain way, and wearing the right
stuff to be spiritual, but they’re actually never getting closer to God, they’re just
doing, doing, doing spiritual stuff, doing material stuff, doing spiritual stuff. And the only reason doing spiritual stuff
could be helpful is if it takes me further to being spiritual stuff. So even doing spiritual stuff can be complacent. And the horizontal all of us need to stop
and check in and ask ourselves. Am I on the spiritual path? Great, that’s this part of me and am I… Is that spiritual path taking me more and
more closer and closer into a direct experience with God? It doesn’t mean I have to sit and came up
in LA is I’m talking about my day-to-day behaviors am I an expression, is my mother proud of
me, because she’s love and I love to say, what I’m saying, so… My being, my body, soul, this entire Trinity
within me, is it reflecting as much love as I can, and is it improving more and more each
day, if that’s not happening? You might have got cotton complacency in the
Book of Revelation, there’s this statement where John the Apostle he goes and he sees
these visions of this book with seven seals which is a vision of himself, is his own being
and his seven hills are his chakras. So when he says I looked and I saw this scroll
or this book and on it were seven seals. What he’s saying is, I went into meditation
and I was shown my inner self then he was told. And here’s an evaluation in the 12st program,
it’s called an inventory. He goes inside and He looks at each chakra
and is told Here are your perks and your pitfalls for you. Each of us has to go through this process
and on a couple of those hackers had, you know, they all had kind of compliments, but
they each also had the area where their weak… He’s weak in that center, but a couple of
the themes were complacency. You’re growing, you’re really good about this,
but you’re really not going any further you know you’re really good about this, but you’re
not doing that like I wasn’t trying to be critical, it was pointing out where you’re
off. The idea would be okay. How do I repair myself? Get on the path, start doing your work to
repair yourself but you can only fix yourself so much. The best way to heal is not on your own, but
in alignment with spirit. Okay, we’ll pause there and take a few centering
breaths, just go straight from that high energy and go straight into it herself, take that
test take that passion of talking here and just got us it as fuel to go deep right inside,
just rocket right into the core, into the center, all that energy taking us some were
beautiful. You can reflect on what you’ve heard or learned
or you can go into a deep place where you trust that you totally understood at all whether
you contemplate it, which is good, healthy helpful, or you just drop into IM it, which
ever go to that place now become aware of yourself as a person per pitfalls aches, pains,
financial issues, relationship patterns, whatever it is, look at the human self and be honest
and be aware, be courageous to look at the limits of it. The challenges in yourself or in others around
you, the news and the struggles in the world. All of this stuff just see it a person, a
word, whatever form it takes, but see it. And then with spiritual vision, you can make
believe if you need to call it that, but with spiritual vision look at the people or events
look at the illness or the topic and do your best try to see it as a molecular structure. There’s these little particles molecules making
up that person, that event, that experience, even if it’s an old car that keeps breaking
down, look at it, it’s made up of molecules, just try to see the little vibrating molecules,
and then beneath that, Adams creating the nucleus that attracts it’s like the conductor,
that attracts the musicians called molecules, the conductor is that nucleus
this marvelous dance of atomic particles, and beneath that subatomic particles. And at the foundation of the subatomic that
becomes the atomic that becomes the molecule that becomes our life at the foundation of
it is our belief systems. So just sit for a moment honestly, what belief
systems might I have that would in any way be contributing to the song being played called
my problem. What belief systems do I have? I don’t know how to change it might be your
system, your thought system. I’m tired of being the only one working on
changing it, I’m scared I’m alone et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Then all of a sudden, that world with this
person on the news, or that event, it does seem all of a sudden it makes more sense. Human beings are afraid of waking up now,
it makes sense that there are mass shootings, people can be sometimes because of fear, they
can be aggressive, now, it makes sense that they would eat and kill certain things don’t
become frightened of the things they’re molecular structures be in God, God is and look at them. Molecular structures they’re harmless. There’s more space in the molecular structure
than there is structure or solid far, far, far more space universally, it’s called dark
matter any structure is like its own galaxy. And so how can I change the beliefs? So let’s drop out of that. Everything we’ve been doing so far, go just
drop a little deeper inside, and imagine dropping into waves. Not particles was… It’s the place that mystics go and they call
it inner peace symbolism, the inner sanctum, fares the Jade palace your heart and soul
deep. Inside the deep insight and their stillness
and yet it’s a stillness, it has slight Dave or movement, it’s quiet, it’s gentle love,
love, and as I tune in to love, I’m actually experiencing my Divine Mother
mother Holy Spirit of God, help me to forgive myself that I would have thought anything
other than what I’m feeling right here, right now, help me to forgive myself. Help me to recall that this has never changed,
that I’ve never left this place, but I may believe helped me to get over, make believing
pain world, and instead show me and guide me every day on how to manifest this real
world that is love, feel her presence, feel her presence. The waves around are not just around there,
within and before we seemingly leave this presence. Imagine that feeling, those waves her presence
actually exists in your upper chakras. She is, I am. And then as that energy that is in us pours
down into our heart and lower shockers filling us completely, we also see it symbolized as
that presence that was waves. Feelings starts to excite the subatomic adamant
in particles. In my being, it excites them. They’re excited that I’m in touch with my
Divine Mother and the adamant in particles call into alignment other subatomic particles
and Adams, the nucleus of a new life, manifesting further and further down into my body and
chakra states of consciousness and also further and further into my world into molecules,
molecular structure that is aligned with love. My Amazon created me, I will to be the Christ,
on Earth, I see it outside all of the atoms molecules, they’re dancing with delight to
join with other molecules. Believed in by me, that there is God right
here. And now in all the things I see in all the
things I experience God is… And then it manifests as what externally on
the most material level, visualize. Now the car working well because it’s an alignment
with new thoughts and new nucleus and new everything, molecular structure and so on,
visualize the disease the ACE fading, because they’re not in alignment, with the new beliefs,
the new beliefs are saying Here we are light love visualize healthy relationship partner
and communication visualized being in love with your body, because it’s a reflection
dance with it friendships prosperity miracles manifesting, not out of the blue. Like people think they’re materialized from
consciousness of course they’re going to happen. It’s no longer even seen as a miracle, but
natural there is that health that friendship that car that new job, whatever we’re looking
for, we just had to believe that we were made in the image of love to see a loving reflections. And if it takes time, or it doesn’t manifest
the way we want, we don’t get attached to the outcome, we just keep working on the consciousness
and we fill waves of closing with gratitude, waves of gratitude, gratitude, gratitude,
ways from the deepest part of my soul, all the way to the most fundamental levels, on
the outside grateful for all. It’s coming this direction grateful my lessons
learned today, grateful my new awareness and the manifestations grateful, grateful, grateful. And so it is. Nice.

Otis Rodgers



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