January 18, 2020
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Scientology, the CIA, and MIVILUDES: Cults of Abuse

There exists in our nation today
a powerful and dangerous secret cult the cult of intelligence. Its holy men are
the clandestine professionals of the Central Intelligence Agency. Its patrons and protectors are the highest
officials of the federal governments. Its membership, extending
far beyond governmental circles… This is the program that Scientologists
didn’t want you to see. They’ve done all they can to stop it. Why? Because the big story
is secretly filmed inside the cult to reveal its bizarre
mind control techniques. This man is talking to an ashtray. This 1995 Carlton television documentary
on the Church of Scientology provided a rare glimpse
into the inner workings of the church through the use of hidden cameras. Watching it, we were left wondering if even half of what has been said
about the Church of Scientology is true: its manipulative practices, and the way
it charges up front for all services, clearly showing it to be
a commercial enterprise. Why is it still allowed to operate with
a tax-exempt religious status in the U.S? Something is wrong with this picture. Researching it, we realized that far more
was wrong then we ever would have thought. What we found was
a global pattern of unimaginable abuse, and protection of the abusers at the highest levels of governments
around the world. This is a story you will likely
want to believe is not true. But the evidence for it
cannot be easily dismissed. It is a story that will give you a glimpse into the inner workings
of more than just Scientology. A glimpse of things that
hidden cameras alone won’t show you. And it is a story that will change
how you see your world, forever. Scientology, the CIA, and MIVILUDES:
Cults of Abuse So is Scientology a harmless
fringe religion, or is it a sinister sect
that controls the minds of its members? This is one of the keys to understanding
what Scientology is really all about: mind control. Mind control techniques figure prominently throughout the entire
Scientology curriculum. And these techniques bear a striking
resemblance to those developed by the CIA around the same time
that Scientology emerged, as shown in publications like
the now declassified Kubark CounterIntelligence
Interrogation Manual. Kubark is a CIA codename
for the CIA itself. Specifically, the process of
Scientology Auditing is strangely similar to Kubark
CounterIntelligence Interrogation. You and a friend will team up together and follow the basic steps
of the procedure. This is called Auditing, and any two reasonably intelligent
people can do it. The term auditing comes from
a word which means ‘to listen’. Kubark interrogation
begins with eliciting, defined as obtaining information without
revealing intent or exceptional interest, through a verbal or written exchange. On Puhai Street she’s approached within
minutes by a young man with a clipboard. “If you could be anything in life
what would you like to be?” “An explorer.” Claiming to promote a book,
the young man persuades Ali to go with him to his office
to complete a survey. It is 40 minutes before he admits
he works for the Scientologists. This is how most people
are recruited into Scientology, but they don’t know the true beginnings
of this so-called ‘science of the mind’. Kubark defines the use of polygraphs
in interrogation as an aid in
the psychological assessment of sources, similar to Scientology’s use
of the E-Meter, which is nothing more than
a crude form of polygraph. And what I am going to do,
I am going to pinch you and I want you to just watch and see
what the needle does when I pinch you. Just note it, okay?
– Okay. Watch. Did you see that? – Yes.
– Okay, good. The E-Meter, they believe,
helps you uncover repressed thoughts. It didn’t take Marty long
to find a naughty thought of mine. Scientology literature is filled
with codenames and acronyms to a degree that is only common
in intelligence documents like the Kubark
Counterintelligence Manual. And some of the Scientology
training routines seem to even be developed
directly from the Kubark Manual. The Scientology training routine,
TR-1, is called Dear Alice. In this training routine,
the student is directed to read random phrases from
Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice in Wonderland, without showing any reaction
to the bizarreness of it. In the Kubark Manual, a confusion
and interrogation technique is described, entitled: Alice in Wonderland. Of course, none of this provides proof that the principles
of Dianetics and Scientology are based on CIA
counterintelligence techniques, but it does provide evidence
that L. Ron Hubbard was both aware of these techniques and willing to use them to gain
control and power over others. Notice for example how Hubbard
echoes the Kubark Manual which states that “detention
in a controlled environment, and perhaps for a lengthy period,
is frequently essential to a successful counterintelligence
interrogation of a recalcitrant source. Now, I want to give you just a little
run-down on what you are walking into. It’s too late for you to leave,
I mean you’ve enrolled. It’s quite customary for somebody to say “well, if you don’t like this
you’re here on yourself, determinism and all that sort of thing. If you don’t like this it’s volunteer
and you can leave and so forth,” we don’t do that around here.
You’re in, you’re done. So, they just closed
the gates right at that point. There are countless descriptions
of Scientology’s use of hypnosis and mind control techniques
from a large number of ex-Scientologists, many from the upper echelons
of the organization. Let us begin this half hour with the secretive and controversial
Church of Scientology. In a moment, a defector
from that church’s leadership core will speak out in
an exclusive live interview. Behind me is the ornate world headquarters
of the Church of Scientology. This morning, a member
is breaking ranks and silence, and telling stories of finances,
abortions and mind control. Hubbard was getting more and more insane. He formed, I could see,
a Nazi cult forming. That’s what they do to people. They take their private
confessional folders, anything they’ve confessed to, and they’ll use it to try to shut them up. The totalitarian leader
of this paramilitary cult lives there in an armoured building
and often travels in an armoured car. With copyrighted policies
of terror and psychoterror… The former official spokesmen and head of
the office of special affairs has left, bringing its secrets with him. People are not able
to think for themselves where they really are being suppressed,
where they are being abused. Because the problem is the government
isn’t doing anything about these abuses, which have been systematic
and going on for decades. I was speaking about the child Dianetics,
the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, that children aren’t actually children
but they are billion year old beings, occupying smaller bodies
then the rest of us, and they should be just as responsible
as the rest of us, and this sort of madness. She is one of Scientology’s
top global leaders, part of the inner circle,
a confidante to its top stars. Now, we can reveal she has been accused
of covering up child sex abuse. I was introduced into Scientology
when I was two years old. I eventually went to their boarding
schools in the desert of California. You are under watch,
and you undergo daily interrogation’s, with their version of a lie detector. As far as I understand, one of the major purposes of a government
is to protect the people, and Scientology is,
in my opinion, quite dangerous. What none of these critiques
and exposes examines, is the social and political condition
in which Scientology began. Subverting Human Potential Let’s get my relationship
to this completely straight. I am the writer of
the textbooks of Scientology. About two and a half years ago or so I even
ceased to be a Director of Organizations. The government in the first place,
I am not… L. Ron Hubbard’s self-help book,
Dianetics, was first published in 1950. Out of which grew
the first Church of Scientology. Incorporated in New Jersey,
in December of 1953, the California Scientology church
would follow two months later in February of 1954. With its claims of using
newly discovered technology and methods to fix humanity and help people
develop greater powers of mind, it can be seen as
the first step of a movement that was about to explode
on the scene in the U.S: The Human Potential Movement. And at precisely the same time
that the Human Potential Movement was beginning to form in the 1950’s,
the CIA began project MK-Ultra, in an effort to discover
mind control techniques by subjecting mental health patients
to electro-shock therapy, various forms of torture and abuse,
and drugs such as LSD. Using unknowing Canadian citizens
as test subjects, Cameron had developed a new procedure which had caught the eye
of the MK-Ultra researchers as well as the Canadian
Intelligence community. He was hired by the CIA
and the Canadian government to further explore the treatment,
which he called Psychic Driving. First, Cameron proposed that they
would use intensive electro-shock, and LSD and other disorienting drugs to,
in his terms, “de-pattern individuals,” basically to wipe the slate clean. The 60’s would see the Human Potential
Movement come to fruition, adopting methods of mind expansion
that involved the use of the same drugs the CIA was using
for mind control in MK-Ultra. The widespread use of LSD
in the Human Potential Movement can be traced back to one man, who coincidentally also had the last name
Hubbard, and who, like L. Ron Hubbard, was fixated on the image
of himself as a ship’s captain. Alfred Matthew Hubbard. Like L. Ron Hubbard, Alfred Hubbard
had a tendency to make grandiose claims
about himself and his past. Such as an alleged angelic vision
as a young boy in which he was given the secret
to building a radioactive battery; a virtual free energy device. A similar angelic vision would inspire him to introduce leaders and
social visionaries around the world to LSD, earning him the nickname,
the Jonny Appleseed of LSD. Alfred Hubbard gave LSD to
leading scientists, politicians, artists, writers and even church officials. What was not widely known at the time was that Alfred Hubbard
was a former OSS agent, and likely current CIA agent,
who at the very least, corresponded with
MK-Ultra mind control researchers. By some accounts,
Alfred Hubbard personally administered LSD to as many as 6000 people
around the world. Amongst them were Timothy Leary, who would encourage
the youth of America to “Turn on, tune in and drop out,” and the author of Brave New World,
Aldous Huxley. Ironically, Huxley, who’s book,
Brave New World, envisioned a dystopian future of
slavery of the masses through the administration of
a State produced drug called Soma, the effects of which are
uncannily similar to LSD, would become the inspiration
for the widespread use of LSD in the Human Potential Movement. The use of LSD then spread
into the streets of America’s cities, providing an often bizarre sideshow
that distracted mainstream attention away from the Civil Rights Movement, and left much of America’s youth
burnt out and brain damaged, working directly against the stated goals
of increasing human potential. The effects on the mind
are explosively disruptive. Reaction to the drug
is completely unpredictable. It can be the hoped for heaven
or a hell full of horror. In a similar vein, the Women’s Liberation
Movement of the 1960’s was infiltrated and redirected by an admitted CIA asset
named Gloria Steinem. Steinem spent year’s supressing knowledge
of her CIA connections. Finally, not only admitting them
publicly, but taking pride in them, Steinem referred to her CIA work in Europe informing on and disrupting
youth movements as the CIA’s finest hour. In the 1970’s the next phase of so-called
human potential research began with CIA funding of psychic phenomena
such as remote viewing experiments, conducted by Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann
at the Stanford Research Institute, or SRI. Alfred Hubbard was also employed by SRI,
and perhaps coincidentally, Puthoff and Swann were both
high level Scientologists. It’s clear that the CIA devoted
considerable assets to disrupting any possibility of a true revolution in
human potential in the 1960’s and 1970’s. And the formation of Scientology
in the 1950’s was possibly the start of that disruption. But that is not the full story
by any means. To understand more,
we need to go to Europe. And we begin in France. The French Connection In all of Europe, France would appear to have the lowest
tolerance for any sort of cultic activity. But the actions of the French
cult watch-dog group, MIVILUDES, tells a different story. The name MIVILUDES
is an acronym that translates to: the Interministerial Mission for Monitoring
and Combating Cultic Deviances. MIVILUDES’ battle against so-called
cultic deviances is so vigorous that they have come under
repeated fire for human rights abuses, and for working against not only
the UN Declaration of Human Rights, but even the French Declaration
of the Rights of Man and Citizen. Perhaps if MIVILUDES actually fought
against clear cases of abusive cults, such as Scientology,
their existence might be justified. But exactly the opposite is true. MIVILUDES does not actual put up
any sort of meaningful fight against established cults
like Scientology. Instead, it goes after small groups and individuals that adopt
alternative lifestyles, that are outside the scope
of what the State considers acceptable. Take for example this statement from
MIVILUDES 2008 report on cultic deviance. Repression by the State is necessary if
a certain number of criteria are satisfied. And the first of those criteria listed is: one or more people start to believe
in certain ideas which differ from the ideas
generally accepted by society. That same report states
that in previous reports, MIVILUDES had insisted on the fact that
belief in Satan is not a source of concern. Its focus is exclusively on the deviations
originating in the ideas and concepts, enshrined by the Satanic Movement.
This report confirms that point. What sorts of things does MIVILUDES see
as deviant and in need of State Repression? In their 2007 report, they quote
the Court of Appeal of Lyon on Scientology. Purification therapies,
presented as aiming to improve the spiritual and physical condition
of a person via sauna sessions and physical exertion,
in particular running, dieting and taking vitamins,
could represent an amalgamation of groundless affirmations
and surreal hypotheses, and be effective in the context
of mental manipulation, with possible lethal consequences
due to direct or indirect toxic effects. While Scientology is clearly
an organization that uses mind control techniques, and
hypnosis to manipulate its members, why do both the Court d’Lyon
and MIVILUDES specify as abnormal behaviour
in need of state repression, one of the few things that Scientology
does that is actually beneficial. According to MIVILUDES Director,
Georges Fenech, “everything that is natural,
can be suspected as a cult.” Not only does the French organization
MIVILUDES single out exercise and proper nutrition
as dangerous Scientology practices, they have waged a virtual war against those who practice all forms
of alternative health in France, including individuals and organizations
practicing yoga, tai-chi, meditation, those taking vitamin supplements
and organic farmers. Even suspicion of such
alternative lifestyle choices in France can lead to the State
removing children from their homes. And as MIVILUDES continues
to shut down businesses and take children from their parents for exploring legitimate
lifestyle alternatives, Scientology is given a virtual free-pass. In the most recent lawsuit
against Scientology in France, the law that would have allowed
for shutting down French Scientology operations completely was conveniently repealed
before it could be applied to Scientology. There is in fact, a long history
of protection of Scientology in France. The Paris law courts: 28 kilometers
of corridors, black robes and files. – Do you move files regularly?
– Yes, lots. Thousands of them. – Can files ever be lost?
– No. Nothing gets lost here. Anyway, each file has a duplicate. – You’ve never lost any?
– No, never. And yet, it happened. A full volume and a half of investigation
notes vanished a few months ago. The case was against Scientology. But, as we found,
this protection of Scientology is still only the tip of the iceberg. And it is an iceberg that descends
into very dark and troubling waters. The Cult of Abuse If French authorities such as MIVILUDES are the ardent cult fighters
they claim to be, why then do they steadfastly refuse
to investigate this: a staggering number of claims of ritual
child abuse across France tied to Satanism. Robert is one of many French children who have given testimony
on ritual child abuse in France. Bit by bit Robert started telling things. He began saying he was fed up
with going to his father. He said, “I don’t want to go there,
he is bad.” When I first heard him use the word ‘bad’,
I thought his father treated him badly. Robert told about evenings at his father’s
with dressed-up grownups. With robes and masks. And what I found especially
shocking in his story, was that he said, “Papa dressed himself up
but I recognized his voice right away.” And he also mentioned
animal sacrifices and child sacrifices, too. Despite the hardline position taken
by MIVILUDES on matters of natural health, and organic food, their response to
all claims of ritual child abuse is to ignore the claims completely. Robert claims his father has
raped him several times. Despite the testimony of numerous
witnesses and medical reports the case is ignored. Justice doesn’t
believe the boy’s statements. Even in the face of
photographic evidence. Like many other children, Robert
mentions cameras being present. We have found pictures of Robert
on the Zandvoort child porn CDs. Francoise clearly recognizes
her son in the pictures. When claims of discovery of tunnels
used to perform child abuse rituals arise, the French authorities still refuse
to raise a finger to investigate. She tells of about 10 child sacrifices
that have taken place in a year’s time. She shows the entrances of
the underground cellars on a map. Justice continues to deny a cellar complex
exists in Saint-Victor. And when photographic evidence
of these tunnels is produced, the photos and all related files
are conveniently lost by the police. I went to Saint-Victor several times. There are underground tunnels there.
I had the chance to take pictures of them. I gave those pictures
to the Police in Privas. To Mr. Morand.
No, sorry… Marron. He promised he would put them with
the Police reports of my testimony. I talked to the Police in April of 1999. But now the files suddenly seems
to have been lost. My pictures and the Police reports
are nowhere to be found. Children making claims, such as Robert‘s, are all too common in France
and all around Europe. Strikingly, children who could not
possibly know each other or have exchanged information, give the same testimony
and identify the same perpetrators. There are places that meet,
evidence that crosses while these young women
do NOT know each other! They have experienced things with
identical characters in identical places. And especially incredible events
that one cannot imagine like hunting parties of naked children
they tried to catch outside. True horrors! And all of this was done in “high” society.
Maybe the highest. And perhaps here we can begin to understand
why this kind of abuse is protected, while MIVILUDES prosecutes innocent people
and takes children from their parents for living alternative lifestyles centered around improved
physical and mental health. Why does the same thing happen
over and over again? Why aren’t the alleged perpetrators
brought to justice? Years of investigation are leading me
to the same conclusion time and again. Among the culprits
are many in high places. They have the power to cover each other. And there is much money
involved in the cases. Noemi tells about children being abused, tortured, raped and
sacrificed in front of the camera. These so-called snuff movies sell
for up to 20,000 euros each. Something is very wrong with this picture
and it does not stop in France. The Beast of Belgium August 1996. Two missing girls
are found alive in Belgium, the only two survivors of the man who
would become known as the Beast of Belgium, Marc Dutroux. As it turned out, this was not the first time
Dutroux had gone on such a rampage. In 1989 Dutroux had been convicted of the kidnapping and rape
of five young girls. We are absolutely positive that
Dutroux could have been arrested. Information comes to light. In 1989, six years before the disappearance
of Julie Lejeune and Melissa Rousseau, Dutroux and his wife had been convicted
of the abduction and rape of five girls. Dutroux was released just three years
into a thirteen-year sentence. Released by the Belgian Minister
of Justice, Melchior Wathelet. Over the next few months, a series of devastating revelations
emerged about Dutroux’s past and his relationship
to the country’s authorities. Due to his previous conviction, Dutroux was a natural suspect for
the more recent case of six missing girls and was subject to police investigation. But curiously, the Belgian police
did everything they could to ignore evidence that Dutroux
might be guilty, including refusing to watch a confiscated
videotape of Dutroux building a dungeon used to keep the girls he had abducted. From his release in 1992,
warning signs were flashing. A police informant claimed he was asked
by Dutroux to help him kidnap a girl. Dutroux’s own mother
even tipped off police that her son may be hiding
girls in his home. Eventually, in August 1995,
the police put him under surveillance, an operation code named Othello. A camera was hidden in a railway wagon
in front of his house in Macinalle. This camera was in front of the house
the night that Anna’s nephew was kidnapped. The problem was that Dutroux chose
to do this kidnapping at night, and the police turn off the camera
at 6:00 o’clock in the evening. Afterwards they tell us that
for operational reasons this camera was only turning from 8:00 o’clock in the morning
until 6:00 o’clock in the evening. It’s very intelligent if you want to catch
someone – a pedophile kidnapping girls. The officer in charge of operation
Othello, René Michaud, visited the house in December 1995. Dutroux had recently been questioned
about stolen cars, and investigators used this as
an opportune moment to search his house. Also present was a locksmith,
Alain Lejeune, who was accompanying
the police in their search. Suddenly, children’s voices are heard. It was these voices
and this discussion starts. “Did you hear that?” The locksmith said, “I heard voices
and it was absolutely clear that they came from there, from
two metres from where we were standing.” The voices are Melissa Rousseau
and Julie Lejeune. Three months later, they were dead. Do not forget that this Julia
and Melissa disappearance was the top story in Belgium. It was absolutely
the top priority of police, at least that’s what they told us. Michaud found video cassettes
during his search. They didn’t watch the tapes. The explanation afterward was
that they didn’t have a video player. On one of these tapes you can see
Marc Dutroux constructing his cage. The explanation of where it was and
how it was constructed was on tape. They just had to watch it.
But they had no video player. There again, that’s official version.
Sorry, I don’t buy it. And at the same time, according to the highly regarded French
children’s advocate, Marie France Betay, the Belgian Ministry of Justice
withheld a politically sensitive list of customers of pedophile videotapes. An eventual parliamentary inquiry
into the Dutroux case produced a list of thirty Belgian officials
guilty of negligence and corruption. Amongst those on the list
was Justice Minister Wathelet. Wathelet was once again promoted,
this time to the European Court of Justice. The fact that the Belgian government
had clearly worked to protect Dutroux, sparked what Wikipedia
euphemistically refers to as “a number of shortcomings
in the Dutroux investigation that caused widespread
discontent in Belgium with the country’s
criminal justice system. In fact, the revelations
of government complicity in Dutroux’s pedophile network
nearly sparked a full-scale revolution. Again and again we find the same story, the same pattern of protection
of those committing unimaginable abuse, refusal of authorities to investigate, and harassment of those
who attempt to expose the abuse. What is the purpose
of organizations like Miviludes if they allow this kind of abuse to continue in the face of
overwhelming evidence that it exists? Whenever he brings evidence
he reveals a frightening reality: People working on
a catalogue of children related to photography studios
specializing in pornography. Behind the disappearance of children
lies a network of strange protection and the marketing of images
of children’s rapes… Regina Louf is a survivor of a pedophilia
ring that Marc Dutroux was a part of, and one of the few who was willing
to testify and who lived to do so. In 1996 this woman came forward
to tell the Belgian authorities she’d spent her childhood years
as victim of a pedophile network. She described a world of organized
sexual abuse, torture and even murder. Her testimony showed that she knew
details of unsolved murders that would not have been possible
without access to police files. In one of her testimonies she explained
how a certain person had been murdered in a certain place. I remember like it’s a film in my head. I can close my eyes
and see every little detail of that house she was murdered. She gave us some details that
made us think that it’s impossible to get without having been there at that place
or without having lived that. In the way the body was found
at that time, and the way she described
the person that was killed. All of her testimony checked out. She was even able to describe
the inside of the house in which a ritual murder had taken place, a strangely designed house, the details of which she could not
possibly know, unless she had been there. The credibility of Regina Louf’s testimony hinged partly on whether
she really knew the house where Christine Van Hees was killed. This man grew up there, though
his family sold it before the murder. It was two houses knocked into one with
a unique passage of stairs and corridors. No one, he says, could describe it
unless they’d been there. There was the corridor here
between the two houses. And she drew a picture
of the doors inside. They were antique doors
and she drew the mouldings. She described the wallpaper
and the front step. I don’t know how she could have
described it all so faithfully if she’d never entered the house. The response of Belgian authorities? The investigators were removed
from the case. But then, out of the blue,
the investigation was stopped. We received a message that we
couldn’t investigate anymore. Just like that. We were sent home. Just like that, without an explanation. And the Belgian government,
with the full complicity of the media, declared Regina Louf a liar. The flagship program of the government, funded by the French language channel
was unequivocal. De Baets was guilty, they declared, and
Regina Louf a sinister and deranged liar. I think Regina Louf
is a pathological liar. She’s a woman who’s invented scenarios
that don’t stand up to scrutiny. It’s all been shown to be fiction. That should come as no surprise. Regina Louf’s testimony went far beyond
what anyone could imagine; sexual torture and abuse that can
only be described as unhuman, conducted at the factory
of Belgian arms manufacturer ASCO. Louf called this
“the factory of the video recordings” and gave names of those taking part in the videotaped torture
and murder of children there. Among those names, was Belgian
Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet, the man responsible for the early release
from prison of Marc Dutroux, and the man who would go
on to support the creation of an anti-cult task force like Miviludes,
in Belgium. The pattern continues, and still the perpetrators
are protected by government authorities. I think this is one of the most important
court cases for children in the country. Basically a decision was made in a court
that Holly Greg was not competent. This is after the police
originally said that she was competent. And that was recorded in writing.
A reliable, competent witness. The judge then ruled she’s not competent. The judge had no medical
or expert opinion to rely on and he, sorry, she was not qualified herself. Because she has Down’s Syndrome. They’re saying that she’s not competent
even though she was competent. Well, they’re not using any evidence. They’re making an arbitrary decision
and of course why they want that decision, is they want to undermine
there is a credible witness in a horrific child abuse, rape
and sexual assault that she’s suffered. And who were the perpetrators? Well we know the perpetrators were members
of the Scottish legal establishment. They included sheriffs, police,
social services people. But the key thing is, this is the state blatantly attempting
to silence this little girl, well, young lady now,
by taking her away from her mother. Even more child abuse is discovered, this time on the tax haven island
of Jersey, between England and France. Panorama now, BBC One reporting on the recent allegations
of child abuse in Jersey. For the first time we report
from inside the Haut de la Garenne, as Jersey’s children’s homes
begin to give up their secrets. Allegations of child abuse that were
related to a wider pedophile network. Back in Jersey we joined the team
now tracing a web of information connecting Haut de la Garenne
with a number of other children’s homes. From the ’50’s to the ‘90’s, young people passed
from institution to institution, and in some cases,
the staff they feared moved too. Allegations that would be met
with the same predicable response. We’ll speak with two politicians
from the island now. One of them is Senator Stuart Sivray. And he’s the former health minister who says he was sacked
for blowing the whistle on all this. And back in the U.S.
the pattern is the same. One such pedophile network in the U.S. centered around Nebraska
Republican Party leader, and general manager of Omaha’s Franklin
Federal Credit Union, Lawrence King. This is the true story of Lawrence King. It is the story of an evil
at the heart of America, of a cover up at the highest level. It’s a web of intrigue that starts at our
holiest of holies, Boy’s Town, Nebraska, one of the most respected institutions
in the United States. And spreads out like a spider web
to Washington, D.C., right up to the steps
of the nation’s capital, the steps of the White House, involves some of the most respected
and powerful and richest businessmen in this United States of America. And the centerpiece of the entire web, is the use of children for sex,
and drug dealing and drug couriers, and compromising the politicians,
compromising the businessmen, but worst of all, the corruption of key institutions
of government that have the duty and responsibility to
make sure that these things never happen. Once again, those involved
enjoy the protection of the courts. On the trail of Craig Spence, Decamp finds the investigative reporter
who exposed Spence’s call boy network, Paul Rodriguez of the Washington Times. We had uncovered a series
of allegations from some minors that led me to a call boy operation
here in Washington. This is the thing that always bothered me: they claimed it was the largest
male prostitution ring in the city that they’ve ever uncovered. It’s a million dollars a year minimum. And yet,
they only prosecuted the operator, Henry Van Sant
and three of his lieutenants. They never went after any of the clients. This operation which was,
again, quite large, claimed to have clients that ran from
the White House to the Capitol Hill, from the state house,
to the churches and the media. So a lot of what Paul describes
is the people he was with. A lot of the stuff, it led there, but
we couldn’t quite nail it in all cases. Because again,
to accuse someone of high stature, you’ve got to be very careful. I understand. We were able to do it through the… which provided us credit card receipts
and cancelled cheques. And then a list of the clients.
Prosecutors knew all this stuff. There was approximately
20,000 pieces of documents. 20,000 documents that they had. They sealed the entire record
when they found out I was accessing it. They required consent agreements
from all the lawyers, all the clients, all the relatives of all the clients, all the hookers,
including the clients themselves. Which means you can never gain access. They sealed them by court order. And we have tried, we attempted
on several occasions to unseal that and we’ve been told it’ll be a cold day in hell before
those records ever get unsealed. And it makes me wonder,
what’s in those records. Yeah. While those who attempted
to bring the abuse to light suffered harassment and even death. As Gary Caradore and Karen Austin sort out
new witnesses on the streets of Omaha, they found themselves
under constant threat. Gary was threatened several times.
His vehicles were tampered with. I would think whoever tampered with them, it was a scare tactic
because it was so obvious. He called about this book. It was like addresses,
telephone numbers, names. He said if they knew he had it,
they’d kill him. On July the 11th 1990 Gary Caradore
and his 8-year-old son AJ were flying home from Chicago. They had watched
the All Stars baseball game, and Caradore had been pursuing new leads. Investigators from the National
Transportation Safety Board are here on Cameron’s corn field trying to determine what caused
this private plane to crash, killing its two occupants. The bodies of Gary Caradore and 8-year-old
AJ were found in the wreckage. National Transportation Safety Board
investigators say wreckage from the crash is apparently strewn over a three-quarter
to one-mile stretch in this field. The fact that the wreckage
is scattered over a large area certainly demonstrates
that it did break up in flight. The exact mechanism of break up
is still unknown. The federal investigation was never able
to discover what tore the plane apart. More witnesses would either be killed,
harassed by the FBI and law enforcement, or sent to prison for testifying
about what had happened to them. And then there is this: the strange case of Henry Lee Lucas, a drifter who claims to belong to
a cannibalistic Satanic cult called the Hand of Death, and who may or may not have been
the most prolific serial killer in history. Lucas was arrested for unlawful
possession of a firearm in Texas in 1983. Once in custody, he confessed to the murder
of both 82-year-old Kate Ridge, and his under-aged girlfriend
Becky Powell. In a bizarre twist, while in court, Lucas then spontaneously confessed
to killing even more women. What followed was a law enforcement
and media circus in which Lucas confessed to literally every unsolved murder
in the U.S. that was brought before him, a number of murders that,
if he had committed them, would’ve outnumbered all other
serial killers in history combined. But were these confessions real? By the time the circus had died down a total of 214 unsolved murder cases from
around the country had been closed. All pinned on Lucas, without
forensic evidence to back them up. Lucas was used as a virtual
lone crazed gunman, to wipe as many mysterious murders
as possible around the country off the books. Lucas’s background and confessions had all of the hallmarks of someone
subjected to mind control. As a child he was severely beaten and repeatedly exposed to his mother
working as a prostitute. And during the confessions Lucas was kept
compliant by being drugged. Lucas would eventually recant
most of his confessions. While there is no doubt that Lucas
was responsible for many murders, and was certainly not someone
who should be left to walk the streets, it also became clear that
Lucas was a pathological liar, with a severely fractured ego
from childhood abuse and drugs, being set up as a patsy. Then, days before he was scheduled
to be put to death, the case took
the most bizarre turn of all. He was brought to trial and sentenced
to death in the state of Texas, while George W. Bush
was governor of that state. George Bush was notorious for rejecting
requests for stays of execution. In fact, Bush held the record
for the greatest number of executions of any state in the U.S.
by the time he left office. The first woman to be executed
in over 100 years, Carla Faye Tucker,
was killed while Bush was governor. Bush even went so far as to laugh at
and mock Tucker’s pleas for her life. He then executed another woman
two years later, 62-year-old great-grandmother,
Betty Lou Beets. And while Beets did appear to be guilty
of the murder she was charged with, there was simply no reason
to put her to death. At her age, she could have been
locked up for life at a fraction of the cost
to the state of an execution. But so was the nature of Texas under Bush. If someone could be executed,
they were executed. In fact, during his time
as governor of Texas, George Bush intervened to stay
only one death sentence. That of self-proclaimed Satanist, cannibal
and mass murderer, Henry Lee Lucas. This sort of protection of pedophiles,
rapists, mass murderers and abusive cults, while at other times prosecuting
and harassing innocent people suspected of simply
living alternative lifestyles or carrying out cruel, or unnecessary
death sentences that do not serve justice, does leave one wondering: Just what is going on? Perhaps part of the answer
has something to do with this. The Cult of Terror In her book “The Shock Doctrine,
The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”, Naomi Klein exposes a pattern of
bringing the people of the world under the domination
of a few large corporations through the exploitation of people
shocked by disaster, such as the U.S.-backed overthrow of democratically elected
leaders of foreign countries, to replace them with
murderous and brutal dictators. As Klein points out in her book, this was the case with the democratically
elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende. Allende was overthrown
by a CIA-backed coup and replaced by the ruthless
and murderous Augusto Pinochet. Under the CIA-backed rule of Pinochet, thousands of Chileans were either
publicly murdered by the government or simply disappeared without a trace. And conveniently, Pinochet also
implemented sweeping economic reforms that proved disastrous for Chile
but profitable for U.S. corporations. But the plan to literally shock
the people of the world into submission clearly goes beyond the obvious
disasters and political upheavals that Klein points out in her book. The Marc Dutroux affair was used
to reorganize the Belgian justice system, including a push for the creation
of a cult watchdog group like Miviludes. Henry Lee Lucas was used both to horrify
the public and as a scapegoat to pin a variety of mysterious murders on. The pedophile prostitution ring
run by Lawrence King, using children from Boy’s Town, was used not only to serve the twisted
needs of political and corporate elites, but to blackmail politicians into
supporting policies and laws that benefited these same elites. These are only a few examples
of the unimaginable sickness that appears to pervade
all governments on the planet. These cases are not merely incidents of
bad people achieving positions of power. They are the norm. The sickness is systemic. The abuse seems to bear all the hallmarks
of a vast counterintelligence program for gaining more power over the minds
and lives of the public. Given the virtually identical pattern
of abuse and protection in both the U.S. and in Europe,
organizations like Miviludes appear increasingly like protectors
of the abusers, not the public. The Connection Aside from the connections to all of this
that we have already explored, there is another key connection between
Scientology and these cults of abuse. Satanism. The essence of so-called black magic
is gaining power over other people. This is also what is behind
all mind control programs, ritual child abuse and Scientology. The Nazis’ interest in magic
and the occult is also well documented, and directly related to their search
for ways of gaining the greatest possible control
over the populace in gaining power. Immediately after World War II, many of these same Nazi researchers interested in the use of the occult
to gain control and power, were secretly brought to the U.S. to continue their research
via Operation Paperclip. Operation Paperclip was officially
approved in August of 1945, perhaps coincidentally, the genesis of Dianetics
seems to trace back to that same year. The official Scientology biography
of Hubbard states that, “In 1945 he was left partially blind
with injured optic nerves, and lame from hip and back injuries
and that Mr. Hubbard was hospitalized at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital
in Oakland, California. Allegedly he then spent the next years
healing himself by applying the principles
that would become the foundation for his 1950 book ‘Dianetics’, the book that gave rise
to the Church of Scientology. However, in an earlier interview quoted on
the Scientology site “ronthepoet.org”, Hubbard gives a very different account
of that time saying, “I spent the last year of my naval career
in the naval hospital, not very ill, but I had a couple of holes in me.
They wouldn’t heal, so they just kept me.” What neither the official biography
nor this earlier interview mentions is the fact that Hubbard,
after leaving the hospital, moved in with self-taught chemist,
rocket scientist and co-founder of JPL, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena,
California, Jack Parsons. Parsons was not only a brilliant
rocket scientist, he was a self-proclaimed Satanist,
black magician and avid follower of Aleister Crowley, the British Satanist who dubbed himself
the Beast 666. Parson had dubbed himself the Antichrist. In 1945 Hubbard moved in with Parsons
and they became very close friends. Together in 1946 they performed a magical
ritual called the Babylon Working, intended to give a physical incarnation
to the so-called Whore of Babylon or Mother of Abominations. The Babylon Working was
a sex magic ritual, in which L. Ron Hubbard
played the part of high priest as Parsons had sex with a young girl. Curiously, Hubbard was allegedly
a neophyte in Satanism and magic when Parsons gave him the role
of high priest in this ceremony. Parsons wrote to Crowley that, “Although Hubbard has
no formal training in magic, he has an extraordinary amount of
experience and understanding in the field.” Clearly, there is far more
to L. Ron Hubbard’s history than is covered in his official biography. Following the completion of
the Babylon Working by Parsons and Hubbard, Parsons again wrote to Crowley exclaiming, “Babylon is incarnate upon
the earth today, awaiting the proper hour
of her manifestation! And in that day
my work will be accomplished, and I shall be blown away upon the breath
of the father, even as it is prophesied.” In yet another strange coincidence, Parsons was literally blown away
six years later, by an explosion in his home laboratory immediately following
Hubbard’s announcement of the foundation of Scientology. Foul play has been suspected
but one can’t help but wonder if Parson’s blew himself away
to fulfill the prophecy once he saw the mother of abominations
incarnate in the world as Hubbard’s new Scientology movement. All of this tends to lend credence to
the claim of Hubbard’s son, Ron DeWolf, that Scientology IS actually black magic. “Really, the basis of Scientology,
which is rather hidden and covered over, is the occult and the deep involvement
with Satanic powers. He felt that… he was deeply involved with a British
black magician called Alistair Crowley, and through putting himself
in deep hypnotic trances and the use of drugs on himself, he wanted to become
the most powerful being in the world.” This is further supported by the obvious relationship
of Scientology symbols to occult symbols. The main Scientology symbol
appears to be a variation on the central symbol
of the Brotherhood of Luxor. And the Scientology cross bears
more than a passing resemblance to the cross that adorns the back
of Alistair Crowley’s tarot cards. But perhaps the strongest evidence
that Hubbard’s Scientology is an attempt to apply principles
of black magic and Satanic worship to mass manipulation
of the public comes from his own lips. “You could simply say I had action.
A magician. The magic cults of the 8th, 9th, 10th,
11th, 12th centuries in the Middle East were fascinating. The only modern work that has
anything to do with them, is a trifle wild in spots,
but it’s fascinating work in itself, and that’s work written
by Aleister Crowley. The late Aleister Crowley
my very good friend.” Nazi mind control scientists, brought to
the U.S. via Operation Paperclip. The introduction of drugs into
social movements and onto the streets. The infiltration and subversion
of the human potential and women’s liberation movements
by the CIA. The destruction of
the civil rights movement. The rise of Satanic worship taking
the forms of child abuse cults, pedophilia, and the modified
black magic of Scientology. And the protection of
and distraction away from all of these by courts and government groups
like Miviludes. Examining this evidence,
the following picture emerges: Seeing the possibility of
a widespread change in values, beginning with the growing
civil rights movement, a massive counterintelligence program
was launched. The purpose of this program
would be the infiltration, subversion and misdirection
of all groups and movements that might contribute
to this change in values. Once the civil rights movement
had been stopped, and all other movements
had been subverted, the spectre of cults
and more recently terrorists, along with institutionally sponsored abuse
was used to coerce the public into accepting greater levels
of governmental control over their lives. And organizations like Miviludes were then created to protect those
committing institutional abuse, and battle against those attempting to
expose or heal the effects of this abuse. All under the guise of
protecting the public. We encourage you to examine
this evidence for yourself. And if you reach conclusions
similar to ours, we also ask you to think: Do you want to live in a world ruled by
abusive, and psychopathic monsters?

Otis Rodgers



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    L. Ron Hubbard literally has fangs. How literal is that?

  66. Ante Kate Posted on March 6, 2014 at 3:15 am

    Is Obama running France too ? They have loads of evidence that children are being molested by satanists and the gov. won't do anything about it. Thats because all the gov. officials are involved. Sounds like the USA.

  67. michael franco Posted on April 5, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    this isn't the least bit credible.  you're an idiot if you believe it.  

  68. Danny Krinkle Posted on April 9, 2014 at 3:00 am

    RELIGION (not to be confused with SPIRITUALITY) is designed by man for one reason and one reason only: To manipulate and control the individual, and by extension, the masses. There is ALWAYS an ulterior motive for religions to form. Always. Anyone can pray to the god of their choosing in the privacy of their own home. There is no spiritual reason for institutionalized religion. Those who want to control your mind and money you have evil motives.

    Very sad what happened to those poor children in Belgium. What a disgusting embarrassment that the authorities stood by and allowed it. 

  69. coracorabelle79 Posted on May 2, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    This is disturbing……….Makes me thingk of David Palites and his book"Missing 411". Children missing in U.S. national parks.

  70. Shrak Shrakson Posted on June 23, 2014 at 4:17 am

    i don't want to live on this planet anymore.- futurama

  71. Foo Fixers Posted on July 14, 2014 at 10:18 am

    Hey, dis  Scientology all you want, but to suggest that LSD causes brain damage, is simply a lie. The psychedelic experience is most likely the reason that we have evolved into the hyper intelligent creatures we now are. Recent research has shown that psilocybin mushrooms actually grow brain cells and mural pathways. Cults imprison the mind, psychedelia frees it. Please your thinking accurate.

  72. Addison Smith Posted on August 18, 2014 at 4:22 am

    Mind control aside, how can this org. be a tax free religion.
     It is clearly a money making scam.

  73. Mediumchild Posted on August 31, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    I thought I was watching a docu about scientology and then it turned out to be a conspiracy everyone in power is a satanist video /facepalm

  74. De Elizabethan Posted on September 5, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    Scientology is an insidious cult. What this video tells you about it is true. I let myself be duped to be a volunteer OSA undercover informer for 4 years, because I believed to be helping the church I then loved, but did not know the consequences of my actions. I finally woke up and eventually looked to the internet to find out the truth, thereafter finding freedom from their control ever again. Please don't go in and get hooked, subtle as it is.

  75. Timeless Posted on September 10, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    These documentaries are great movies to me…

  76. measl Posted on January 19, 2015 at 6:52 am

    Why am I not surprised to find G.W. Bush with his own 15 minutes of fame in this movie?  Seems that wherever there is true evil and utter horror, Georgie Boy is never far away.

  77. Johanne Kratface Posted on February 25, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    How could a scam-fucking load of shit like "Scientology" get tax-free church status??? Cause it's run by CIA fuckheads…gimmie a fuckin break !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. a1 chill Posted on July 22, 2015 at 11:12 pm

    boring as FUCK

  79. RachelC71 Call Posted on August 20, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    They are hardly ever called out

  80. llunaticraven Posted on August 27, 2015 at 10:04 pm

    and they try to convince us that Islam is the big bad wolf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  81. mustaffa1611 Posted on September 21, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    democrats and republicans are still the most violent cults of all.

  82. G.J. Waters Posted on September 27, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    Thanks for this video

  83. Theresa Hall-O'Brien Posted on February 3, 2016 at 1:36 am

    I don't understand why such an abusive and deadly cult is allowed to exist

  84. Theresa Hall-O'Brien Posted on February 3, 2016 at 1:46 am

    taking vitamins, proper nutrition and exercising are healthy but the high doses of niacin and saunas is not healthy at all. The neglect of children & keeping them away from their parents is devastating

  85. Mayra Posted on September 17, 2016 at 2:49 am

    Lord almighty that music's whack ^_^

    Good info tho.

  86. jimmy johnston Posted on December 9, 2016 at 4:02 am


  87. Linda Root Posted on December 21, 2016 at 6:13 am

    I made a you tube screen name

  88. Linda Root Posted on December 21, 2016 at 6:14 am

    MKultra27 back in the day 2010

  89. Linda Root Posted on December 21, 2016 at 6:16 am

    This is propaganda bull shit

  90. Jer Szak Posted on February 28, 2017 at 12:12 am

    Love to know how many of these satanists in this video are jewish.
    This ritual sexual child rape and murder is exactly what their Talmud encourages.

  91. Craig Hartanagel Posted on March 15, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Absolutely amazing all this info and the dots consistently being connected all around the world 🌎……… they call us crazy and conspiracy nuts when they are caught and the blanket is yanked off of them they blame us for the NWO's sick satanic horrible crimes.
    They try to say it's out of contex and not like that and we are crazy but we are waking up .

    Sad the

    It's anazimg the story grom survived kid and reports die when they speak out or THEIR STORY'S ARE ALL THE SAME !!!!!! No conclusion but we are considered crazy because we are waking up and waking others up.

    Sad that history is repeating its self and these NWO satin worshiping g child abuse and spirt cooking and hunting you had this figured out in 2012??? ????? Wow and Wikileaks's and the so called pizza gate is out now.

  92. Jason Murray Posted on February 17, 2018 at 10:52 pm

    LSD set me free!

    It is the last experience the deep state wants you to have.

    There’s a reason the penalty for possessions of small amounts LSD is manslaughter !
    I haven’t done it in years but glad I got to experience it and it absolutely opens up the mind to 3eye experience

  93. Kevin L Posted on March 28, 2018 at 7:39 am

    You know, Jim Jones had connections to the CIA too. Maybe the Jonestown cult was ultimately part of the same experiment. Once they all died, the CIA moved onto Scientology.
    I always wondered why Scientology had a cross as a symbol since they don't believe in God or Jesus.

  94. Justin Facer Posted on April 14, 2018 at 9:12 am

    I've always suspected that scientology is a cia operation. If they aren't personally responsible for its creation I would bet the farm they've infiltrated and now control it. What other explanation would explain it's tax free standing.

  95. Tyler Barker Posted on April 21, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Remember that time the scientologist swam out to "save a whale" and the fuckin thing hit him with his giant tail while was swiming. It was on the news 2017

  96. Miss MeaCulpa Posted on June 15, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Holy shit!!! I have that book by Victor! I have been telling people to read it for years

  97. Mimimi Mimimi Posted on August 24, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    Most of those cults were GOVERNMENT EXPERIMENTS.

  98. Mimimi Mimimi Posted on August 24, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    Why governments create cults? Because they need to test what they create in labs, research centers, etc.

  99. Mimimi Mimimi Posted on August 24, 2018 at 11:14 pm

    Why they create mind control programmes? Because they want to control everyone.