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  • 4:15 pm معايدة صاحب الغبطةيوحنا العاشر بطريرك أنطاكية وسائر المشرقميلاد ٢٠١٩
Season 1 Reunion | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-Six religions represented. One house. And several cupcakes
to share among the group. It’s the “Have a Little Faith”
special reunion special. No, but seriously, we’re getting everybody
from season one together, and we’re just gonna
have a nice talk about faith and, you know, what it was like for
them to be on the show. And there’s gonna be cupcakes
and snacks. But you can’t have them ’cause
you’re watching on YouTube. Too bad for you. Let’s do this. Everyone find the most
comfortable seat. -The Jew stole my favorite seat. -Oh, no. Oh, gosh,
this is starting already. So, if you don’t know
what’s going on here, we’re having a “Have a Little
Faith” season one reunion. Every faith
that we covered in season one is represented here. We’re just gonna have
an interfaith dialogue between six different religions. No punching or biting or anything like that,
everybody. -That wasn’t in the contract. -Right.
Let’s just get out of here. -Obviously, there’s
some new faces tonight. Marwa, who was
in our original Islam episode, is not here because she is
studying in Egypt like a badass. And Ayman, who is her friend and had a lovely cameo
in the episode, has graciously decided to come
and represent Islam. So high five.
-Yep. -And unfortunately, Joe Franko,
who was the wonderful Quaker, has passed away. I think, Cody, you knew him well
and were at his wedding and wanted to say
a few words about Joe. -Yeah.
I was really grateful to attend his wedding
when he got married to David. It was just a testimony
to the compassion and tolerance that Quakers have
and inspired me, you know, to stay involved
and keep going. -We were so grateful that we got to share
his story with everybody. We’re really sorry
that they both can’t be here, but we’re gonna carry on
in both their spirits and have a great talk tonight. So let’s do that. I was just wondering
how everyone felt about their episode and how you felt
your faith was represented. -The feedback
that I got from my community was like, “You really — We’ve never seen
anything represented so nicely.” -Not a lot of people
know about the Bahá’ís, so to have something that is not
from a Bahá’í perspective, but, like, from you,
who’s just pure and wants to really know,
was invaluable. -Felt real positive about it. You know, everyone
really loved it. Only thing that was missing — At the end, I saw you say that
you were kind of disappointed that I didn’t baptize you. And if I had known that, I mean,
we could have done it, man. -So, this Sunday — pool party?
Baptismal pool party? Kylee and David,
I’m really interested in how you guys
felt about your episode. And I was kind of surprised by some of the reactions that —
-The firestorm. -We don’t know
about the reactions. -Our, like, original video got some hard,
harsh comments from people. For whatever reason, people
like to react to our faith in a negative way. It’s something
we know and we accept. And sometimes
it’s surprising still. -What was, like,
the wackiest thing that was said?
-Oh, geez. It wasn’t so much
about he and I, but when people
attack your religion — like, something
you hold very sacred to you, and because usually it comes
from a place of either fear or not understanding. -I was honestly shocked
because I thought the Jews would get
the most hate comments. I was like, “Wow! Finally, someone beat the Jews.” -Yay!
-Oh, are we high-fiving that? -And this is the last time
I’m gonna ask. How are we doing
on the marriage front? -We’re doing well.
-We’re doing well! All right! That’s —
I’ll take that! -We’re happy.
-Just take the plunge, you know. [ Laughter ] -I’m glad that everyone feels generally positive
about what we put out there. Does anyone feel that they were
misrepresented, or… -I don’t know.
I got… -You had about 30 seconds
of screen time. -I had 30 seconds, yeah. But I remember
I was asked about dating. And that’s
a very sensitive topic in the Muslim religion. Some people
overheard me talking, saying, “Yeah, I do date.
Yes, I do go to parties.” And there are some people
in my mosque who — None of them were angry.
They were like, “Is that true? Like, that’s really
what you do?” My mosque is really a mix of — I consider it
a very liberal mosque, but there are some people
who are quite conservative, and I feel like that was a side
that was shown by Marwa. And she’s one of my closest
friends, always has been. I consider myself liberal. She considers herself
more conservative, and I mean, I think
it would be great to show more of both sides
of the coin there. -That’s the thing with the show. You only show one person, and everybody practices
their faith differently. Well, before we filmed this, we asked everybody
to write a question that they have for each member
of the other faiths. And does anyone
have a burning question that they would like
to ask somebody else in this room? -I have
a pretty burning question. I think we got a Muslim
in between us — in between you. -Yeah,
they wanted to separate us. -We have, like,
Yom Kippur, different, you know, like, one-day fasts. And you guys have, like,
a 30-day fast. Do you actually do that? And are, like, the tempers, like, flared up, like,
“Oh, don’t talk to me”? -Tensions get pretty high.
I mean, when you go from 5:00
in the morning to 8:00 at night without eating or drinking,
it gets pretty rough. But the whole thing
is to be able to show that you can control what you think
and what you put into your body and really try to meditate
and keep with God, even when you are
in that state of wanting. -You personally do it?
-Yeah. I was fasting during
hell week for football. -What?!
-Wow. Respect. -And we did two-a-days
for two hours, middle of the hot sun
on a turf field. It was horrible.
Our closest thing to a loophole
was putting water in our mouth and then spitting it
back out in the hopes that somehow the moisture
would help you get through it. -Wow. That’s crazy.
-That’s commitment. -A lot
of people don’t know this, but the Bahá’ís every year
have a 19-day fast. So we’re about to start ours,
actually, on March 2nd. -The same thing —
No food, no water. -Yeah. And it’s amazing. It’s, like, one of the best
times of the entire year. And you wouldn’t think so.
You’d think, like, “Oh, my God,
that sucks like hell.” You realize how often
you just mindlessly do things — You know, eat something
or drink something. And the whole point is to just
fast from your carnal desires. So it’s very similar. -Yeah.
-That’s true. -We actually —
In the Mormon religion, as well. We fast the first Sunday
of every month. -Really?
-Mm-hmm. -Just for the hell of it.
-Just the same — Yeah, why not, you know?
Why not? -Or for the heaven.
-Why not? Yeah, everyone else is doing it. -Everyone that’s fasted — What does it feel like after? Do you feel like you’ve gotten
some sort of spiritual connection
out of it? -For me, definitely.
-Yeah. -I think it’s just this reminder
that your body — Your soul can’t survive
on physical nourishment alone. But by reading of scriptures
or praying or taking time to focus on service
and things like that, that that’s really
what sustains you in life, that
that’s what makes you happy. That’s why we’re here. -And when you’re not eating in that same
kind of mindless way, there are just
so many other things that you notice, that you hear,
that you see, that you feel
that you wouldn’t otherwise. And it can be
real powerful, you know? -I feel like
the common ground here is that everyone here
believes in God. Is it possible to live
a fulfilling, happy life without God? Because there are a lot
of people, like myself, that are still searching
and questioning, and there are a lot of atheists
that are gonna watch this video. -The first thing
that popped into my brain is that God is love,
in my mind. So if you’re loving
the people around you, even if you don’t believe
in God, you’re exercising a love,
a gift from Him to the people around you. I wouldn’t say that
they’re not going to be happy. Of course they’ll be happy.
There are wonderful people all over the world
who don’t believe in God. -There are days where,
you know, I believe more and days where you just
kind of physically see God less. And I think that life
without God would just be like, “What the hell
are we doing here?” It just seems so empty. -Since I have found God and since I have established
a relationship with Him, again, really, life has given me
a whole new perception. Now that I’ve had
that perception, I don’t know
if I could go back. I don’t know if I would truly
find happiness without God. -I think, you know,
in your individual life, you kind of pass
a point of no return, where you’ve felt the happiness
the way you feel in your temple and what you’ve learned
with God or what you guys have felt growing
in your relationship or preaching
to your congregation, though I think, you know,
people who are born, live, and die without ever hearing
the name of God — I think that in their own case,
they’re able to find very fulfilling
and happy lives. I think God is very just
in that way. I think any happiness
that we receive in our life does come from God. And I think whether people
believe in Him or not, He’s still mindful of them
and giving them happiness. -I think God is — It’s a buzzword
for a lot of people. And it’s got
an instant kind of — sometimes a negative association because everybody’s been
hurt in some way by, you know, someone from some faith or had something mean
said about them in some way or had their clergy criticized
to another — or whatever it is. I know I was told
I was going to hell a lot being raised
in a born-again Christian town. But I understand
what God is to me, and you have your understanding
of what God is to you. But I think the difference
is what faith does. In our faith,
we believe that faith simply means conscious knowledge and then the practice
of good deeds. And it’s through that that you can begin
to comprehend a higher power because truthfully,
like you said, we’re all finite. So the Bahá’ís
believe we are all finite. So you can’t even
comprehend God. So, in many ways,
when I meet someone that doesn’t believe in God,
I get it because I know
that I cannot comprehend a place without time or space. I mean, it sounds like something
out of a storybook, but we’re told we can only
understand God’s virtues by doing, by seeing. Like, you know,
you spend your day in service. We’re all out,
and we’re trying to, you know, have compassion
and trustworthiness and honesty. These are all virtues of God. -Whether it’s a politician
trying to right the wrongs, whether it’s a teacher who’s truly committed, you know, a healthcare professional,
a great comedian, everybody’s kind of seeking
that truth. -Nobody knows. Like, none of us
actually, truly know. And that’s what’s so beautiful. That’s where faith
comes in, you know? We have our experiences
and our faith. And that’s what we have. -It’s a lot
to chew on for sure. This was the season two premiere
of “Have a Little Faith.” Keep tuned in to SoulPancake for this and more
great bongo programming. Keep watching to learn
about more great religions. And bongos. [email protected]! SoulPancake [email protected]! [email protected]! Subscribe [email protected]! So that’s what happens
when you get six people from different religions
in a room, and they talk about faith. As somebody
who isn’t really sure where they stand
on their faith in God, I do have a lot
of faith in humanity, and I think the key to that is having an open mind
and an open heart. I hope you learned something,
had a good time, and I still have not
had a cupcake. So I’m gonna have
a little faith in that. Mmm!
That is good! Delicious. For more in-depth conversation on things that didn’t make it
into the episode, click one of the links
on the screen. If you’re on mobile,
click one of the links below. If you’re on dial-up,
there’s absolutely no way for you to watch this video. If you’d like a transcript,
um… I’m not gonna type that out.

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    I found irony in the fact the Jewish fellow kept saying the word Hell and thought that it was hilarious the Baptist fellow wasn't moving to the singing at the end as everyone else was! We are all unique, but are also all vulnerable to stereotypes. People of the world are a marvel. Also I agree with one of the other commenters – the Bahai couple look like catalog models!

  87. Mariah Parvizi Posted on January 15, 2018 at 11:41 pm

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  90. Christine Badostain Posted on August 14, 2018 at 3:36 pm

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  91. Christo Chaney Posted on February 13, 2019 at 1:04 am

    I’m going to an annual interfaith forum this weekend at a Unitarian Universalist Congregation. One of the panelists is from my own synagogue. Numerous friends of mine are also on the panel forum! Looking forward to it.

  92. Edgar Sanchez Posted on March 12, 2019 at 11:18 pm

    3:26 I knew it!! He's from Jane the virgin!!

  93. Tay Katoo Posted on March 25, 2019 at 11:18 am

    Everyone did such an astounding job – especially you, Zach! You are a natural moderator and always say the right thing! As a Catholic, my heart is comforted by the faith that that Quaker man (I have to go back and find his name) is finally with his husband in heaven. What a beautiful soul we have lost, though 😢

  94. Lovely Untamed Posted on March 27, 2019 at 7:52 pm

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  95. Lovely Untamed Posted on April 17, 2019 at 4:01 pm

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    This video makes me even more proud to be a Quaker ❤ Quakers tend to be listeners… So the fact not much was said in this collaborative episode makes a lot of sense ❤ RIP Joe…

  97. r3mote Posted on June 25, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    Disagreeing with someone does not mean a lack of love but a potential for discourse, but the extent that discourse can deepen depends on love. It's easy to keep it topical, where profound love exists the discourse can carry on into ideological conflict without hatred. You don't have to defend truth …in that it won't stop existing if you hear something you disagree with, but you do have to defend your freedom to seek it out.

  98. Thuy Anh Nguyen Posted on September 29, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    Justin has the best answer about God and Faith. I don't believe in any God but I do believe in living with purpose. I believe the empathy we feel comes from our heart and consciousness. Respect and love each other is key.

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