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Sex and spiritual enlightenment

thank you almost be pretty good at manifesting you sit once skinny here really and get right into them right you said once that sexual energy and spiritual energy is the same you tuned in tapped on turned on well when you are really in alignment that that is the purest form of what humans call sexual energy well that that's basically my question because given the sexual the amount of sexual activity on this planet at any given point of time was humanity not more enlightened because there is sex inside the vortex and there are sex outside the vortex a lot of sex is needy a lot of sex is controlling a lot of sex is demanded a lot of sex is perfunctory a lot of sex is habitual it's teenage sex you want that that that that alignment and inclination that comes from alignment so the sexual energy you referred to as being a spiritual energy that's when you are in the vortex well with we're not really talking so much about sexual energy it sex is like the word God in that in that most people when they use the word don't mean what we mean when we use the word in other words and so we don't use the word God because it just it just evokes from most people all kinds of distortion that is even close to what we know as Source Energy and sexuality or sex is the same sort of thing it it usually stirs in most people something that's not even close to what and so when we're talking about alignment we're talking about about let's start in another place when you feel negative emotion it always means that the way you are approaching a subject is very different from the way the source within you feels about it and when you feel wonderful it means that the way you're thinking about a subject is in alignment with what source feels about it well when you look at all of the rules and punishments and taboos and regulations and biases and criticism that follows the subject of sexuality it's very rare to find a healthy minded person who is thinking about sexuality you're just hung up about so many things and pushing hard against so many things fortunately in the process of sexuality itself Napoleon Hill wrote a wonderful book called Think and Grow Rich and it evolved and much of what he meant to say was edited from it but there was a chapter called sexual transmutation and his point in this book was if you could if you could discover the alignment that you often can discover through sexuality and understand what it isn't transmuted through other subjects that it would give you benefit and here's what he meant by that in the process of the physical intertwining often there are elements in place that put you in alignment with who you really are most important and this is what we meant we're playing about the the idea of the the early sexual encounters as your rendezvous in with someone that you are have not developed patterns of resistance about in other words you don't you you're you haven't been critical you don't know so much about them you're you're not and so they're new and because they're new you're fresher in your appreciation of them also the physical intertwining and the active physical sexuality in and of itself is distracting in the sense that if you're focused upon that you're not focused upon the bills you can't pay or who's mad at you or that sort of things so there is the potential of being in a more distracted and therefore less resistant place and two of you working in concert together can build in that synergy there is nothing is more delicious than a an orgasm of two people that is coming together and the reason that it happens is because they're focused mutually upon a singular idea and that singular idea is pleasure for me and pleasure for you in other words there there is so much harmony that is in all of that but even as these words are flowing through there are all kinds of people who don't who just don't want to talk about that there and so that's the answer to your question why this the planet is not more spiritually enlightened the question that is even more at the basis of of that question is why aren't more people relaxed into their natural state of well-being and so when you look at the animals of your planet gives you a much better understanding because they're not hung up on it they don't have all these rules about it they live more in the moment they let the biology of their beings carry them in other words the the it is it is something that is inspired not something that is that is demanded the the natural biology of the female who is in heat actually sends a vibrational signal to the male who wants to co-create there are all kinds of wonderful sexual energies that happen that when you're tuned into the wholeness of who you are you feel the inspiration of that many people feel sexual energy moving when they meditate many people because as they come into alignment the wholeness of who they are is moving through them you see a lot of people begin to feel that sexual energy and they are repelled by it or they are worried about it today they're put off by it because they don't understand it most people are not even coming close to allowing themselves the connection to the source that is within them and once you begin to understand this vortex and you you deliberately work to come into alignment with that which is your vortex and then from inside the vortex you have your conversations from inside the vortex you have your physical intertwining from inside the vortex you create your music you play your music in other words everything's better from inside the vortex and sex is just one of those things so so what you said teenage sex is closer to spirit oh yeah well we just means that teenagers are less less they are they're more biologically inspired and less and less structured and and there are a lot of obedient teenagers who are very frustrated okay I'll get it you

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  1. Genevieve Chanda Posted on May 23, 2019 at 9:26 pm

    Sex transmutation- Napoleon Hill
    Great approach 🤓😻

  2. Colleen L Posted on May 23, 2019 at 9:26 pm

    This explains why I get aroused when I get into the Vortex.

  3. Chloe Peacock Posted on May 23, 2019 at 9:26 pm

    Love her…she is so funny yet wise

  4. DURAN X Posted on May 23, 2019 at 9:26 pm

    Hahahaha I don't give a dime what society thinks about sex I just love sex but I am not sexually active because there is not a needy nor controlling sex in my world that's why I would like a partner because I don't get to be sexually active as I would love to at all in a dual and needy world.