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Spirit of Positive Energy, Luck & Fortune | Guided Meditation (Collaboration with Joe Treacy)

Take a comfortable position for your body and your
mind. Allow it to be in a quiet space without interruptions. In today’s meditation we will be removing
blocks and negative patterns of energy from your body and your auric field of energy that
surrounds your body. These blocks and unwanted energy may have
been created through the ways of your upbringing, your thoughts, words and any other ways created
and borrowed from your inner and external environment. We also will create new pathways for the energy
of good fortune, luck, prosperity and general wellbeing. For this we will invite the energy from the
Spirit of positivity and good fortune: ‘Hear my voice and let my guidance soothe you, let
it take you to the place of pure wellbeing in all areas of your life’. Begin this meditation by observing your inhales
and exhales; watching your chest rising on the inhale and gently falling on the exhale. Leave anything that does not serve you outside
of this meditation. Make some space – clear any thoughts bothering
you; it’s about you and your experience during this meditation. Now make three conscious and bigger breaths
– inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, let all the tension to go away. Let your physical body relax completely and
let the body of your energy expand and take up lots of space ‘Inhale, exhale and let it
go… Inhale, exhale and let it go… Inhale, exhale and let it go…’ Now let your body breathe by itself – normally
and begin to scan your body, simply look through it and observe how your body feels today. Move across your body with your inner vision
and your soft breath; with each find of any tension or emotion within the body, just breathe
through what you find and then release it. Begin with your toes and your feet ‘breathe
in and out, observe and release’. Now move onto your shins, calves and knees
‘breathe in and out, scan and release it on the exhale’ . Breathe into your thighs and
hips. ‘breathe deeply in and out, find it and release
it’. Direct your attention onto your fingers, palms
and arms right into your shoulders send your breath into your arms, inhale, exhale and
let it all go… Now inhale, visualize and feel a breath filling
up your torso, your lungs, your ribs, your heart, your neck, right up to your chin ‘breathe
in and out, observe and release…’ . Finally reach your breath into your face,
the back and the top of your head – ‘breathe in and out and release’. Completely relax the space in your head… Let goooooo… Now visualize the Spirit of good fortune standing
very tall above you as you relax with your eyelids gently closed. This Spirit is acting as your protector and
guide and not only today but at any moment you need its support and direction. Now do your best and begin to feel the Spirit
creating a gentle vortex of energy around you. Its beautiful energy is luminous and bursting
with beautiful colour swirling wide all around your body. Expand and open your body; allow me to surround
you with my transcendent energy, allow for it to enter your energy field to create a
harmonious place for new and powerful beginnings. You may begin to feel little tingles across
the body; it’s perfectly ok to feel different emotions and energy riding through your body. Allow for the energy vortex to completely
surround you where you are completely safe and at one with the Spirit. Through this energy allow me to let in the
light and clarity, let this energy create a steady stream of abundance and good fortune
to come to you and to stay all yours. Open yourself for this energy cleanse and
completely surrender. Make room – let the past to complete go. NOW. Now visualize and feel the Spirit placing
its ethereal hands above your whole body. Visualize these hands being held over you
with a bright powerful light coming down from the hands and entering your body. You are beginning to feel a magnetic pull
from the hands of Spirit drawing all unwanted energy from your whole body and maybe from
some parts of your body more than the others. Feel the hands full of powerful and loving
energy moving across your body. These hands feel like a magnet, like a vacuum
for any unwanted energy. Give up; let go of any negative emotions and
thoughts in the body. NOW. Let your feet become grounded but free, let
you not be stuck in one place, let you be free to move where your desires and wants
move you. Let your legs not be stagnant and tired but
alive and vibrating with energy of strength and movement to new grounds. Let your hips and belly be free, full of breath
and fire for all your life passions. Let your heart be loving and soft but strong
and courageous. Let your arms be gentle towards all you love
and strong for all your creations. Let your head to be always full of clarity,
to see opportunity, to seek communication and be balanced in all the ways. Now feel all of the old, stagnant and unwanted
energy leave your body. Take a few smooth and deeper breaths as you
release all of this energy. Watch the energy lift into the atmosphere
and then move into the light coming right from the palms of the Spirit. Feel the lightness and ease coming all over
your relaxed body. Feel the gentle tingles, let the experience
to complete take over; enjoy this surreal and powerful energy clearing within your complete
being. See the Spirit take the hands off you now
and all of the unwanted energy being transformed within its hands into a beautiful spectrum
of lights. Watch these lights lifting higher up and up
into the night’s sky. See these vibrant beams shimmering just like
the Northern Lights – beautiful, calming and heavenly. Keep relaxing your body in this sweet surrender,
you may still feel different sensations within your body and you may still see the different
colours with your inner vision. Let it all be as is without changing or force
anything to happen. Now that the Spirit has cleared all of the
unwanted energy and you are feeling lighter and clearer, it is time to receive all of
the positive energy and the energy of all the good fortune. Just like the light from the sun in the morning
caressing all living things that are eager for thriving, visualize and feel the Spirit
placing its hands of light once again all over your body. Feel these powerful hands charged with the
power of light, emitting a warm and gentle energy. Right now your body is feeling like a magnet,
a vortex, ready to take in all of the beautiful energy pulsating and streaming from the Spirit. Keep your body open and ready to receive. Allow me to give you my gift to you. Allow me to fill your life with all that you
desire. Breathe and keep your body calm. Feel the energy of good fortune and positivity
enter and flow through your whole body, let it to stay present. Allow for the energy to settle in all corners
of your being. Let it spill and overspill into you, allow
for it to make you almost glow with that light you received from the Spirit. Visualize your aura radiating with clear and
vibrant colors of positive energy; feel the effects of this clear energy existing within. Let it transform you and your life. Empower and activate your luck and blessings
everyday with moments of happiness. Follow your intuitive inner voice for that
voice is the trail to all your desires. Grow your expectation for positive manifestations
like a strong oak tree within you, let its roots grow deep, making you feel grounded,
strong and most of all happy. And if and when you will lose the sight of
the energy and connection you received today – look deeply within yourself to find the
light, follow the light and you will feel a sense of calm, a connection to all that
is. Come back into the present moment and into
your physical surroundings. Notice how your body feels, notice how your
mind feels, even your skin. Notice the glow rising from within. Feel your calm breath riding gently through
your body. Sleep peacefully or flutter your eyes open

Otis Rodgers



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