December 6, 2019
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Spirituality in Drumming

spirituality and drumming that's a title that's definitely gonna make some people a little leery at first but I promise you this is a lesson that a discussion that you're really gonna want to take part in so we've been talking about what makes you drama what type of drummer are you what inspired you as a drummer and you know aside from the people who have dedicated their life to professional drumming whether it's being a studio musician or an educator or a touring musician something along those lines you know the I'm talking about right now the regular average Joe the person who's not getting up and working behind the drum set all day or in a studio the person who's working or regular job who's taking care of the children who's trying to figure out things in life and balance their life I'm talking about you and you know when I say the spirituality of drumming drumming you have to understand you know drumming is one of if not the oldest instrument there is you know when they found an old flute but we know drums and banging on things has been around since cavemen right so drumming is the oldest thing around and it's something I used to say in Germany all the time you know drumming is something that comes from within we get a feeling and emotion and we can express it on mylar and wood and metal we can take it and take that emotion take that thought take that idea and create a rhythmic pattern out of it that creates a melody or a sound that can be appealing to people now if that's coming from within and you are expressing it on your drum set there is absolutely a spiritual aspect about that now even think when you start at first playing drums you saw something that touched you inside somebody did something you saw a lick a solo you heard a song and it touched you deep within it reached inside you and grabbed you and said ah there's something about this that makes me feel good that I want to experience this well it's not just you know having all the people in the crowd want to be a part of your life and get autographs and it's not about money it was about that original deep connection and that is a spiritual aspect drumming regardless of how you look at them that is a venture of various spiritual instrument like I said it's it's something it's really the only instrument that we can express our our entire existence with our mind both hands and our feet you know the coordination the attention to detail every aspect of drumming I kind of ought to be the path spirituality and drumming now that's definitely a title that a lot of people gonna be a little leery to click on but you know I want you to really think about something I've spoken so many times about how drumming drums are probably the oldest instrument there ever was you know we were definitely banging on things and making a rhythm before we were blowing wind into a flute or doing other things so drums has been around and been a part of our existence to human existence for a very long time now when you first started playing drums or when you heard that piece of music or saw that drum solo or whatever it was that sparked that initial interest in you wanting to play drums that means you saw something that made a deep emotional connection with you that's a spiritual event something touched you in a way that made you want to take part of it to express it and think about what I've said on drumming or even here on YouTube a whole bunch of times we get an idea in our head we get an emotion a thought we can with both hands and our feet express this on would my lot of planned plastic and make a rhythm create sounds and creating music drums has been used to communicate with people to let people know of danger it's been used in celebration all of these things throughout human history and all of this has a deep spiritual aspect of it so taking aside the drummers who are getting up and sitting behind a desk all day working for a drum corporation or the studio musician and natori musician I'm talking about you the person who's at home trying to balance their life with their children trying to work their job trying to figure out what life is trying to understand why you have a tornado of thoughts going on in your head constantly all day long that's what I'm talking about right now I'm talking about that person who plays drums for their enjoyment who had a connection with drumming and who lost that connection and that's what I want to tell you think of what I just said you're living a life you're doing all of these things that you believe you have to do and we've taken on responsibilities so we do have to do a lot of them but you're doing all these things you're living in this world of constant thought and you have very little time to do the things that mean anything to you to just either sit and do nothing or experience something else because you constantly got to figure out when the next bills gonna be paid when the kids got to be at the next appointment what you got to do tomorrow what's the dinner you've got all this going on in your head and then you sit there at the end of the day and say I don't have time to practice I don't have time to play drugs worst off I don't have time to spend alone by myself in quiet meditation you know I used to say spend at least five minutes a day in silence we're processing noise and visual sights and sounds and everything all day long that your brain needs to process silence but you know you your soul your energy that voice that's deep with inside of you that needs to process an existence in that silence because I want you to think about something and I don't want to get off track here but before light before there was anything for us to see and before we had language it was silence so silence darkness you know the non-existent of life existence of light sitting in a room dark without any sounds that is a very natural state for us it's something your body wants to do and that's why sometimes you catch yourself daydreaming daydreaming is just a natural way of your body shutting down and letting you get into a meditative state without you even being aware of it so you really want to spend this quiet time because spending that alone time spending that 20 minutes in quiet yeah you're gonna have thoughts going through your head that's right come and go just sit there and keep doing it every day when you lay down at night those thoughts won't be there during the day since you've been dedicating this time to let your thoughts be processed and let that silence rise as the noise settles down over days and weeks or months however long it takes what you can realize is now as you're going on with your daily life your mind is more clear you don't have that tornado of thoughts anymore because you've been learning how to purge those thoughts follow them and let them go and enjoy that silence you're gonna find that you actually do have a lot more time because you spent so much time in thought just sitting there thinking you watching TV while you're in thought doing something just lost and thought that this is time you could be sitting behind your drums and just playing just playing just playing anything it doesn't have to be a song it doesn't have to be a peridot pick up a sticks and just move your body make some noise get familiar with your drums you know I can talk about this for hours but I only want to give about 10 15 minutes here of this but that whole spiritual aspect of drumming drumming like ii-i've been trying to express Lee he is now between a drummer yo in here on YouTube that drumming is more than dots on a paper it's more than expressing sticking in a roll drumming is is something that comes from deep within yes there are drummers who are amazing but they've been taught to be amazing drummers and yes there are drummers who were just born and grabbed on to that natural instinct and let that emotion go and grew with just an incredible amount of talent because they let themselves go they put their focus on a day don't worry about what other people were doing they don't worry about what's on TV what their friends are doing what she's doing what he's doing what did they post who said this who posted this what are they doing what did they learn and they don't care they sat down and did that thing and it's it's that's what you need to do man you know I you know we started off a couple of weeks ago why you stopped playing drums and it's because you know it became just such a I'm sure for you every other second it was learning this and doing this and learning this song and catching up to this person to being a part of this clique and group in this and then I asked you what kind of drummer are you and I explained you know are you that you know if you want to be that professional drummer out there you just do it for yourself and this week I just really want you to think about that that whole aspect of that mental aspect of your life of what's going on in your life don't worry about the drugs right now your life what's going on in your life that's that's making you live in this constant thought are you the kind of person that's constantly walking around well what if this happens and what if this happens and what if this happens in them what if I can't do this and what if I can't do this are you living in like the future projections of imaginary thought are you walking around doing all this happened to me 20 years ago this happened to me ten years ago this happened to me six months ago what we's me and are you literally time-traveling with your conscious mind and taking that emotional state from back then and bringing it into today's life what are you doing are you living a life of expectations just expecting everyone around you to understand you and know what you want and everyone around you to do what you have to do are you living under the rule of somebody else's expectation I expect you to be here I expect you to be on time I expect you to notice I expect you to do this I expect I expect expect let all that crap go let all that go when you're taking your last breath when you're looking up and clutching your chest however it's gonna happen it's you who's leaving here when you were born it was you who was born all that other stuff that's going around around you it doesn't matter because we live in a monetary based society because somebody screwed us over a long time ago don't worry about it that's shifting that's changing modern technology is rising up that old mentality that an industrialized mentality is dying down we're gonna start taking advantage of the technologies that are going to enable us and free us to have more time and experience this world relax with that stuff if you're living beyond your means financially then make the adjustments you need to make to within your means comfortably don't let money be something that comes between you and your relationships you and your passion don't let money be something that comes between you and just experiencing life with joy and happiness you know look I've had great days in my life and I've had some of the darkest experiences you can possibly imagine and you know what I truthfully and honestly appreciate every single one of them from child abuse to stupid mistakes and all of it I appreciate it all because it has made me the person I am today but luckily some way some way God willing I found a way out of that noise and was able to step aside and look at it with awareness and I live a completely different life than I used to live so so really I'm telling you you're not the noise in your head you're not the reflection we see in the mirror you're not the name on your Social Security card or birth certificate none of that stuff that was all given to you every aspect of your life everything you think you are everything you were associated with your identity and yourself was given to you you were born you had given a name you were given a direction and education you were given a direction his spiritual belief you were given a direction in Sirte and how society should be and you're sitting here going whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa why am i unhappy why am i OCD why do I feel like this why am I just always in thought what's going on around me well it's because inside you you know that this isn't how things are supposed to be so you have to be the change that you want to see in the world you have to change the world's not gonna change for you until we all change and can get on some good common ground but you have to change it's not gonna happen for you until you don't change look I wrote my book and I'm not even talking about the drumming book I put out I have a book that's on Amazon in print and in Kindle edition or all over the world in Kindle and it's an amazing book about life and the truth of our lives and I don't want to talk about it here I don't want to cross those paths here but it's a book you should probably read because it's so amazing it's so incredible and every single person was read it every single person hundreds of people who have read it have all said it's an incredible book they didn't have one problem with it you cannot argue any of the facts in the book so when I sit here and tell you that you were meant for more and that more is to be able to freely enjoy this planet in this world drink from the rivers eat through the trees and got meet your neighbors and walk without fear and intimidation and without wall and boredom that's what this world was meant for so all that that's going on with down inside your head all that stuff that's going on in your heart and your gut it's because of all this so start distancing yourself from all that does not serve you if there are toxic people in your life who are breaking you down distance yourself from them go within connect to that pure mind that was born into this world before everybody got their hands on it and twisted and turned it into a 90 different directions okay now many of you might be doing what does this have to do with drums well for me it's got everything to do with drums because if I don't have my life in order if I'm not walking around whistling Dixie and feeling good then this isn't gonna be good I'm not even gonna want to sit here I'm gonna want them to collect dust and never touch them but if my life feels good if my heart's pumping good and my soul feels good and if I feel connected and I'm doing good and I'm getting out there doing good stuff when I sit behind here it feels good so you know what let's do something right now I'm gonna sit down and play no metronome I'm not gonna tell you what to play I'm gonna play in for why is for for such a popular beat why is most why is the most recognized and accepted music in the world whether it's R&B disco rock in four because our life moves and flows in harmony in a rhythm so you know that's why jazz and funk and things that are in our times they're this selected I love them don't get me wrong but a lot of times you hear the word it's a musician's music right related to jazz and things like that therefore musicians well it's not necessarily like that but it's because a musician can appreciate the talent and not have to live in that rhythm but all of us who are walking through life we want life to flow through us just like we flow through a so that's why for four that's why four is so good with us it's a natural occurring rhythm a repetitive motion over and over so I'm gonna play in four I may do a fill here and there and I change it up and I made a double tempo whatever I'm gonna is I'm gonna completely play spontaneous but what I want you to do is I want you to play with me if you want to do fills do fills I'm gonna hold down just a groove I want you to close your eyes I want you to shut your mouth I want you to shut your brain off I just want you to hear the rhythm and the beat that I'm playing and I want you to play to it just humor me for a minute let's just have some fun for a minute and we'll do this and I'll definitely see you next week okay everybody and if you're having trouble if there are things going on in life and you're looking for ways and you want to know how you can incorporate meditation and things into your life and stuff don't be afraid just because we're talking about drums here that's the problem with drum education is they limited to drum education and they take the whole aspect of the human being human existence human life out of it and and they make it to mechanical to monetary based and here we go all right nothing complex absolutely simple but it feels good man because you just you're letting out that anxiety or you should let me out that love you're letting out that frustration or you're connecting with that harmony it's an extension of you so don't push it away get it back out in front of you and just play it the way you want to play it right now and worry about all that all this stuff another time okay everybody have a beautiful day now i'ma stay I'll see you soon bye bye

Otis Rodgers