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SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Face of the Family” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(intense drum beat) – Why can’t I go? – There’s a difference between
knowing about something and actually participating in it. (door slams) (drawing knife)
(groaning) Everything that we have in R, it’s me. You don’t say a word unless I tell you to. – Maybe it’s the Sunny
family cult rising up like a dormant volcano that’s
finally decided to erupt. (screaming) – Please, god, don’t do this. (intense music) (dripping) – [Cult Leader] We can choose our friends, we can choose our enemies, but family, family is forever. Patrick. – Lies. Please, you’ve got to understand. – [Cult Leader] Understand what? That you would abandon us? That you would defy
and desert your family? We took you in when the
bank took your house, when you had no one. No wife, no kids, no money. – I can’t do it anymore. This is not a family. This is a butcher shop. – Family, as it is
written, it shall be done. The price for desertion is death. (intense music) (stabbing)
(screaming) (coughing) (groaning) – It was there in the brush. – Here? There’s nothing here, Allie. Not a goddamn thing. – Mom, I swear. – Am I not giving you enough
attention, sweetheart? If this is how your choosing to act out, please do something that
isn’t going to impede on my credibility. – Why won’t you believe me? Someone tried to kill me yesterday. I saw a body in the brush. It was real. – I’ve seen the way you
interact with your friends. I’m not one of your girlfriends in the business of being manipulated. Let’s go. – Now, there’s one other
thing I’d like to address. Taylor has brought it to my attention that one of us in our family
has been acting independently. And I’d like to remind
everyone that solidarity is the glue that keeps
this family together, and there’s no exception to that rule. Repeat. – [All] As one. – We have paved our own way. – [All] As one. – We have overcome a world who seeks to undermine our integrity. – [All] As one. – As one. – Just feels like a Caravaggio, you know? He’s a master of realistic
observation of the human spirit, both physical and mental. – It’s haunting, like you. Why are you here? – I wanted to apologize. – Oh. – I’m not a teacher. – I gotta go. (loud drum beat) – Taylor? – Please leave me alone. – You need to listen to me. I think you could be in danger. We all could be. – There’s nothing here. – Maybe you just got pranked or something. – God, you guys are just like my mother. Look at this, does this
look like a prank to you? Keep looking. (sighs) What the hell? – He told me he’s talking
to all the students who might’ve known the missing kids. – Same, I just don’t
understand why he’d lie. – That’s the police for ya. He probably knows something we don’t. (intense music) He’ll figure it out. (piano music) – Hey. Are you okay? – Twice in 30 years. I hate enacting this rule and
I don’t want to do it again, but examples must be made. – Are you afraid that Taylor might… – I know she thinks I’m a monster, but I only want what’s best for her. Her safety and her true
place in this family. – So, show her. You’re more than a
leader, you’re her father. Never lose sight of that. She might not understand it all now, but you were young once too. – Is that real blood? Gross, what about disease? – Shouldn’t you just hand
that over to the police, your mom? – No. I’m not gonna be humiliated by her again. I can figure it out. – What’s so funny? – Nothin, I just haven’t seen
that symbol in a long time. – You know what it is? My house, tomorrow. I’m all yours. (eerie music)

Otis Rodgers



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  14. Minnat Abbas Posted on October 5, 2018 at 6:54 pm

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