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SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Summer Buddy” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

– [Woman] Taylor, baby, you
weren’t supposed to see that. – [Taylor] Why can’t I go? – Taylor you’re too young. – [Taylor] Do you ever wish
you could do whatever you want and not have to answer to anyone? – What the fuck? – You do not walk away from me. You do not get to decide who you are. I do. – I can do better, I’ll do better. – Then do it. (groaning) (eerie music) – Psst. I bet they’re all dead. – Why would you say that? – Who goes missing in
this shit hole of a town? It’s been a week. Either they all ran away or they’re all dead. Tsk. (bell rings) – You know this is the
girls bathroom right? – Not today Ally. – Ally Anne. Only my friends can call me Ally. Friends, useless gutter trash. With any luck, she’ll go missing next. (bell rings) – Why do you always look so sad? Like unhappy, not pathetic. – What do you mean? – We’ve had the same
homeroom for three years. I’ve watched your mannerisms. Ever since those kids went missing, you’ve been even more… – It’s scary, I don’t know. – Afraid you might be next? (car horn) – [Woman] Taylor. – See you tomorrow. Last day before summer. World is our oyster. – New friend? – [Taylor] Maybe. – So your birthday’s coming up. You leaning more towards
red velvet or carrot? – Surprise me. – It’s your 17th. You can at least try and
act like it means something. – Does it? – Of course, Taylor. – I don’t care. – Taylor, if you’re struggling– – Don’t give me another victim speech mom. Not today. – So your mother’s been telling me that you’ve been feeling
a little regretful? – Hey. Let her breathe. – She wanted this. – She wanted to make you proud. All right, she wanted acceptance. – You saw her face. She loved every second of it. (sighs) (dramatic music) – [Taylor Voiceover] Well,
I’ve never been one to keep a diary but recently I’ve
find words might be the only foundation between what
is real and what isn’t. They, whoever they are, say
you learn what you live. Nature versus nurture. But then what of free will? I mean, when all you know is fire are you destined to spend your
life watching the world burn? – [Announcer] Watch new
scary vids every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Otis Rodgers



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