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SUNNY FAMILY CULT VS SHELLEY | “Shelley’s Revenge” | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] I woke up moaning in pain. My head covered by some kind of a cloth. Everything was dim for a few seconds until the sack was ripped off. The sudden light blinding me. Then I realized just how
much trouble I was in. The room in front of me
was full of men and women all of them wearing identical masks. The masks should of been terrifying with flat dead eyes
painted onto rough cloth. Probably cut from the same burlap that had been covering
my head seconds earlier. But I was still too stunned
to feel much of anything. It looked like I was in
some kind of basement. The masked figures were all facing me except for the one doing the talking. Pacing back and forth behind
me, a knife in his hand. He was talking about growing, something about careful selection. His fervor growing with each word. None of that mattered to me. All I could think about
was how I ended up here in the first place. My cousin Marcy never
made it home one night, seemingly vanished into thin air on the dark country road
she walked each night. There had been over a dozen
disappearances that year. All of them kids around our age. The problem was between
the drugs, the drinking, and the boys, Marcy had
been trouble on two legs before she made it to 15. So nobody was surprised
when she went missing. They all figured she had taken up with one of her many older boyfriends, or gone to some party
that hadn’t ended yet. But I knew better. Marcy was my best friend
and she told me everything. There were no boyfriends or parties, at least not on the day she went missing. Days turned into weeks and eventually people stopped asking questions. But I kept looking
everywhere I could think of, asking questions, reading newspapers, keeping notes for the
rest of my junior year. I learned more from my own investigation than I ever did in school. Things that a teenaged
girl should never know. By the time fall of my
senior year rolled around I knew that Marcy was gone forever. I thought maybe her disappearance
was some sort of penance for the things we had done in high school, a payment for our sins. Either way, it stopped mattering to me. I’d finally accepted she
was never coming back. But that final stage of
grief gave me something I had never had before, a fierce resolve to claim vengeance for
whatever happens to her. It was that same fall when I
found my walking on the road that Marcy had disappeared
on a year earlier. I didn’t notice the station
wagon pulling up in front of me until the headlights
broke me from my reverie. There were two passengers, out-of-towners from what I could tell. They offered me a ride
but my mother’s warning echoed in my head, so I
declined, continuing on my way. That was the last thing
I could remember clearly. Then something hit me over my head and all I could see was darkness, and that brought me to now, chained to a chair in a basement listening to the leader as
he preached to his followers. “Each of us has a purpose,
we’re all parts of a whole, “and together we are a family,”
he practically shouted. The leader finally stopped
placing a hand on my shoulder. “And to usher in new blood
we must take old blood.” The leader passed his knife
to one of the followers sitting in front of me. It was already too late for all of us. But these masked murderers
didn’t seem to realize that yet. The leader beckoned to the group, “let us rise as one and
support our brother.” The small crowd in front
of me all stood in unison as the man with the knife stood over me raising it high over
his head about to strike when a field hockey ball
smashed into his face shattering his jaw. I began to laugh. As the leader turned to look at the bottom of the basement stairs, and there she was, he tattered
Catholic school uniform hanging off her pale frame
with lank, dirty hair blocking her face and crooked neck. Shelley had arrived. A few of the brave colt
members rushed her, thinking they could
take her out on her own. They were wrong, she was quick. The field hockey stick moving
faster than the eye could see. She took off one of their
heads with a single swing, splattering the wall
with a shower of blood. The leader looked to me with confusion and terror in his eyes. My voice was cold, pure rage
and fury washing over me, mixed with a health blend of acceptance. Marcy Emerson was my cousin, it took me a long time to find you, to figure it all out. But I did. Marcy and I we did things,
ruined people’s lives. Made them hate themselves, I said. We were just kids but that’s no excuse. The girls we bullied deserved better. Shelley deserved better. I looked up at the
leader through my tears, my eyes cold and hard. I knew if I walked that road enough you’d eventually take me. That’s where you always took
the others for your sacrifices, but I also knew Shelley was coming for me. She’s been coming for all
of us these past few weeks. Everyone who did her wrong, I said. And after that it was
all a matter of timing. Make sure you took me, so
when she came to collect what she was owed, she’d have to kill each and everyone of you
twisted freaks to get to me. It was happening faster now. The sunny family cult
scrambled for any exit, trying to get to the small
windows out to the yard above but it was futile. I was still tied to my chair so there was never any chance
for me in the first place. Shelley mowed through the cult, splitting another member’s
chest open with a wet crack. Before I knew it they were all
dead, except for the leader. He stood in front of her, rusted
knife clutched in his hand. “We are a family,” he said defiant. Then Shelley gutted him like a fish, his insides spilling out onto
the floor with a wet splat. The leader tumbled to the ground leaving the basement suddenly very quiet except for the sound of
Shelley’s broken throat. She stalked towards me. The bloodied field hockey stick dragging on the concrete behind her. I smiled, ready. “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry,” I said. Then the hockey stick came up. The last thing I saw before
a cloud of my own blood clouded my vision for the last time.

Otis Rodgers



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