November 15, 2019
  • 8:23 pm Orthodox Defense
  • 8:23 pm Meskel Zterekbelu Eritrea Orthodox tewahdo Church toronto,Canada
  • 8:22 pm Pete Mcee – O Ritual / Affluence Films
  • 8:22 pm Heroes of Terrinoth A Foul Ritual Part 2
  • 8:22 pm Identifying True Worship, Part 3: David Splane’s explanation of the Overlapping Generations doctrine
What is spirituality? Are there actual signs or symptoms of spiritual awakening?
UAP Degaussing NdGT for Religion

neil degrasse a tyson on the afterlife this should be so inspiring enlightening and really a religious experience to listen to this brilliant man tell us about the afterlife okay because he knows saying he's so much smarter than we are and that makes us just have to shut up and listen except I might […]