November 15, 2019
  • 8:23 pm Orthodox Defense
  • 8:23 pm Meskel Zterekbelu Eritrea Orthodox tewahdo Church toronto,Canada
  • 8:22 pm Pete Mcee – O Ritual / Affluence Films
  • 8:22 pm Heroes of Terrinoth A Foul Ritual Part 2
  • 8:22 pm Identifying True Worship, Part 3: David Splane’s explanation of the Overlapping Generations doctrine
Taoist Master shares 4 Tips to Help You Find Balance – Yin Yang | Tea Time Taoism

so last week we covered the yin-yang and if you haven’t watched that video then click here if you have watched it then hopefully you’ve started to embrace the differences in your life between you and your partner you and your friends you in the world you’ve also started to embrace change as something that’s […]

The Taoist Way – Alan Watts Chillstep Mix

One fine day you realize to your astonishment there is no way at all of having your mind anywhere else but in the present moment as even when you think about the past or the future you’re doing it now aren’t you and that results in a very curious transformation of consciousness you feel that […]

Wu Wei: Ancient Secrets to Effortless Living | Tea Time Taoism

The secrets of spontaneity captivated ancient China, their greatest philosophers, Confucius, Lao Tze, Zhuangzi, Mencius were all said to radiate effortless charisma, in a state of being known as Wu-Wei. Imagine what life would be like, Wouldn’t it be awesome to glow like them? but given you and I are mere mortals, not great philosophers, […]

TAOISM | The Philosophy Of Flow

That which offers no resistance, overcomes the hardest substances. That which offers no resistance can enter where there is no space. Few in the world can comprehend the teaching without words, or understand the value of non-action. Lao Tzu There’s no proof that he truly ever lived, but if he did, it should have been […]

Taoism (Daoism) Explained + How it Could Improve Your Life – Tea Time Taoism

Daoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy and religion dating back 2,500 years with the writing of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tze. You can think about the Tao Te ching as the bible for Daoism. Dao literally means the path or way Welcome to the Wudang Mountains, the sacred land of Taoism. If you […]

Buddhism vs Christianity for Beginners  by Alan Watts

because you see you don’t get the idea of law until you move to a culture where order is based on the idea of obedience or in in the West you see are the origins of law spring from where the laws of the Medes and the Persians the laws of Hammurabi the laws of […]

The Blunt TRUTH About 'Spirituality': Breaking Free From Religion - Facing Fear / YOURSELF

good morning good afternoon wherever you're at all right so I'm gonna be talking about what's going on brother sup Cory love you bro so I'm gonna be talking about my opinion my experience of the blunt truth of spirituality and I'm gonna give it as blunt as I can I'm gonna give it as […]

Adyashanti — The Essence of All Spiritual Teachings

and so at its best the spiritual teaching is trying to elicit something much like a poet tries to elicit trying to elicit something that it's trying to elicit at least initially that irreducible quality of being the one part of yourself that you can't talk to yourself about that you can't reveal through all […]

Kirtan Guided Meditation - Coming Soon!
Alan Watts Talks About Carl Jung Spiritual Awakening Lectures