October 15, 2019
  • 11:14 am Hristos Anesti Romanian Greek Orthodox Byzantine Chant
  • 11:14 am Life after “death”(subtitled) Orthodox monk father Nikon of Holy Mountain
  • 11:14 am ND Filters EXPLAINED | Featuring PolarPro + Peter McKinnon Variable ND
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  • 11:14 am Quick Bytes with Ralph Pagan featuring Maruchan Raman Noodles
The Shining One: Svetovid the World-Seer

The Shining One Svetovid is a Slavic deity of war, fertility, and abundance primarily venerated on the island of Rügen into the 12th century. He is often considered a local Rugian variant of the pan-Slavic god Perun. Sometimes referred to as Beli (or Byali) And Vid (Beli meaning: white, bright, shining) Svetovid is associated with […]

MYTHOLOGICAL Artifacts That Might Still Be Out There!

From powerful rings crafted for gods to sacred swords used by generals, here are 10 mythological artifacts that some believe are still out there! 10. Seven League Boots In European fairy tales, a recurring item that popped up now and again was that of the Seven Leagues Boots. These boots did exactly what you would […]

The Mysterious SEALED Temple Door NO ONE Can Open: Last Door of Padmanabhaswamy

In a world that’s been around for thousands of years, with countless people that have come and gone, it’s naïve to think that there aren’t things that those people left behind. Our ancestors have passed down to the next generation as much information as they can but what about those ancient knowledge that have been […]

Top 5 Scariest Egyptian Myths

Egypt is rife with terrifying mythologies — stories of deformed beasts who judge your soul and eat your heart. The stories are endless, and plentiful in pop culture today, particularly in films such as The Mummy. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos, I’m going to be counting down our list of the Top 5 […]

Masters of the Ancient Wisdom

The Masters of the Ancient Wisdom The Wisdom Masters are reputed to be enlightened beings originally identified by the Theosophists Helena Blavatsky, Henry S. Olcott, Alfred Percy Sinnett, and others. These Theosophists claimed to have met some of the so-called Masters during their lifetimes in different parts of the world. Sometimes they are referred to […]

Enki the Anunnaki god  (Sumerian Mythology)

Enki is a god in Sumerian mythology later known as EA in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology he was originally patron god of the city for ado but later the influence of his cult spread throughout Mesopotamia and to the Canaanites Hittites and harrion's he was the deity of crafts mischief water sea water lake water […]

The Scyth - Dragon Religion - Scythian Giant Warriors

the scythe and dragon king and queen siphon religion refers to the mythology ritual practices and beliefs of the Scythians was little is known of the religion is drawn from the work of the 5th century Greek historian and ethnographers Herodotus modern scholars say that their worship was taken from the Greek gods but the […]