October 20, 2019
  • 3:14 am Faith Complex: Michael Eric Dyson on Hip-Hop Theology (PART ONE)
  • 3:14 am When we think about God | Analytic Theology in Practice
  • 2:14 am Faith in Humanity (dafuqmomentz)
  • 1:14 am Pagan Journaling Challenge #1-6
  • 12:14 am How can the music industry inform the system of K-12 education? | John Hardin
Faith Complex: Michael Eric Dyson on Hip-Hop Theology (PART ONE)

– He’s saying this is the real God, this is the God out here on the streets, ’cause if I’m gonna believe in a God, it’s gotta be a God who deals with the blood and brutality, the viciousness and the horror, the carnage that is being wreaked, partly by a figure like himself. (jazz […]

When we think about God | Analytic Theology in Practice

[music] We live in a time where there’s a lot of skepticism and cynicism about all sorts of things. About politics, about family life, about culture, about the church. A lot of that is grounded in a failure to think critically. That might seem almost like a contradiction, but I think people tend to just […]

Faith in Humanity (dafuqmomentz)

Yeah!? With who am I speaking? With tambourist, donuts! Okay there, listen! We can provide you anything you want! Anything you need! Car. Helicopter. Money. Chance to escape… Boo… boo… b… What to pack on this? No, unpack this! Just give me faith in humanity. w h a t Give me! The goat then! Faith […]

Pagan Journaling Challenge #1-6

Hello it’s been a while since I’ve been on the camera I Didn’t do my witty Wednesdays last week because I Just didn’t feel good This week today is Wednesday. It’s already 4:30 p.m.. And I’m just now filming it so I’ve had a rough week Stressful I look a little rough Sorry hmm. I […]

How can the music industry inform the system of K-12 education? | John Hardin

As we think about how do we transform education in a way that is going to enable every kid to realize their full potential I think there’s actually a lot that we can learn from the music industry. If you’re in the early twentieth century and there’s a song that you want to hear your […]

Biblical MANipulation: Silent But Winning?!

Hello and welcome to another one of my Nagging Thoughts. If this is your first time joining me, I would like to ask you to please like, subscribe, share and above all, please do comment. I very much enjoy hearing what your thoughts are in response to my Nagging Thoughts even if I completely disagree. […]

What Happens When Google Disagrees With You?

I used to be a senior software engineer at Google. Until they fired me. For doing something unforgivable. Something so controversial that it was the number one news story for days. My crime: I wrote an internal document, that among other things, suggested that men and women, on average, are different. Like I told you. […]

6 Most Terrible Things Link Has Ever Done

Over the course of roughly two dozen games, the hero of Hyrule has fought the evil, pig-faced Ganon, rescued various princesses, and kept the mysterious Triforce out of enemy hands. That’s all well and good… it’s just a shame that Link causes so much trouble along the way. It’s really not okay to break every […]

A Prayer for Wanderers

(soft music) – God of the seekers and the dreamers, of the disaffected and the disillusioned, of the worn-out and the burnt out, of the rejected and the leavers. – We ask for blessings as we travel, as we doubt, as we meander. We ask for grace to leave when necessary, to come home when […]

How to use kiwiconnexion practical theology ePortfolio

Hi, I’m David Bell for Kiwiconnexion.nz. This is a how-to tutorial, and it illustrates a navigation change in Kiwi Connexion with our last software upgrade. So I’m going to login as Demo1 Participant. As always, I arrive at my dashboard. Whenever I login, I’m always coming to a dashboard. You can see on the right […]