November 15, 2019
  • 8:23 pm Orthodox Defense
  • 8:23 pm Meskel Zterekbelu Eritrea Orthodox tewahdo Church toronto,Canada
  • 8:22 pm Pete Mcee – O Ritual / Affluence Films
  • 8:22 pm Heroes of Terrinoth A Foul Ritual Part 2
  • 8:22 pm Identifying True Worship, Part 3: David Splane’s explanation of the Overlapping Generations doctrine
You Are More – Hillsong Worship

On the day I called You answered me And the hope in my soul increased I lift my hands And turn my eyes To the God who heals my heart And gives me peace You are more than My words could ever say You are Lord over all Over all of my days I will […]

【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 34 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添)

The Taoism Grandmaster Episode 34 Tie Lang. Your master has passed away. The Bright Moon Cave is just a living place. Don’t be so sad. No. My master’s tomb is beside the Bright Moon Cave. I want to burn incense for him. But that’s impossible. Master. I’m here to visit you. I failed to burn […]

【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 38 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添)

The Taoism Grandmaster Episode 38 Master, Yu is getting worse. Shang, are you okay? What’s wrong with Yu? His viscera was smashed. It’s okay, master. I can walk. But… Shang, don’t you trust me? Yu, hold on! At all events, I will take you back to the Alliance. Sorry for troubling you, Master. Are you […]

You Are Faithful – Hillsong Worship

Lord of all the earth How You care for me You have made me You will save And carry me always You are faithful You are faithful You are faithful Your joy is my strength Lord You are my guide I rely on You I put my hope in things not seen Your promises all […]

Worship Influences All of Life

And so, the Lord is building in to the life of His people structures that are constantly going to be saying to them, “Are you serving Me? Are you serving Me in My way? Are you going to structure your life around Me?” This, I think, is an important relationship to our belief in a […]

Remain As You Are — A Guided Meditation with Mooji

[bell ringing] Remain As You Are A guided meditation with Mooji [Mooji] Om. In this moment, I want you to just be aware. First, we can begin with just your bodily sensation, the awareness of the presence of this body. And the naturalness and simplicity of this awareness. It is just here, neither doing nor […]

4 Torajan Death Rituals That Are Out of The World

It may seem strange to the outside world, but Torajans are completely at home with the dead. Here are 4 Torajan death rituals that are out of this world. Fact number one, corpses of loved ones are kept at home for months. Even up to 30 years. The deceased are considered sick, not dead, till […]

【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 31 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添)

The Taoism Grandmaster Episode 31 I told you it was the wrong way. But you insisted on that. To tell you the truth, that’s a wrong way but a right one at the same time. What does that mean? You sure are dull. Don’t you remember what… – Over there! – Oh my goddess! Don’t […]

To The Ends Of The Earth – Hillsong Worship

Love unfailing Overtaking my heart You take me in Finding peace again Fear is lost in all You are And I would give the world To tell Your story ‘Cause I know that You’ve called me I know that You’ve called me I’ve lost myself for good Within Your promise And I won’t hide it […]

Worship in Makanjila, Malawi

Worship God wherever you are, whoever you are..