April 7, 2020
  • 5:34 pm 6 Weekly Rituals That Have Completely Changed My Life
  • 4:34 pm A Money Manifesting Ritual (with Landria Onkka)
  • 4:34 pm A Simple Druid’s Rite – The Lego Core Order of Ritual (with voiceover)
  • 1:34 pm POWERFUL Hypnotic SLEEP (ASMR) • MONEY & ABUNDANCE Soothing Meditation
  • 1:34 pm Guided meditation for students
Teenage Exorcists (Part 2/2)

BOB LARSON: Go somewhere private. TRANSLATOR: [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] BOB LARSON: Behind a closed door. TRANSLATOR: [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] CHARLET DUBOC: The constant exorcisms had already taken an emotional toll on me. But the Teenage Exorcists just seem to smile through it all. During a rare break, I grabbed an opportunity to try to get […]

Is God a HIM?… a HER, IT, THEY? | Going There

(chiming percussion music) – [Oscar] That was in a park in Delaware and it was all fun and games until (drumming music) – Ugh, argh! – [Oscar] If there is a hell, I imagine it feels a lot like rolling your ankle. Ouch! Anyway, welcome back. My name is Oscar, this is Alexa, and we’re […]

World’s Largest Pilgrimage – Hajj Documentary

SUROOSH ALVI: And this is about as quiet as it gets. Hajj is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world. It happens in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. And for Muslims, it’s a requirement that you have to do once in your lifetime. The Saudi government estimated that last year there were over 3 million pilgrims who […]

I Joined a Cult – the World Mission Society church of God

Hey guys, it’s Chrissy and welcome to Chrissy’s corner. Today we have a special guest. Her name is Sonia, she’s 22, from Michigan and she’s here to talk to us about her experience with joining a cult called the World Mission Society Church of God. Okay guys, so I have Sonia here with me. How […]

Teenage Exorcists (Part 1/2)

AUDIENCE: [CHANTING] ANNOUNCER: Let’s give a very warm welcome– Teenage Exorcist. CHARLET DOBUC: The Teenage Exorcists is not the latest occult TV show, but a trio of real-life All-American home-schooled virgins from Phoenix, Arizona. 18-year-old Brynne and her two friends the Sherkenback sisters spend their spare time touring the world confronting the devil. Bob Larson, […]

Kids Of Different Religions Explain Hell

– Most people think of Hell as a place where bad people go and it just gets worse for them. I’d like to think of Hell as where bad people go and everyone that does bad things meets each other. And they can talk it out, kinda like a therapy group. (dramatic music) I think, […]

How Religious Are Americans?

♪ [Living Facts] [How Religious Are Americans?]]>>GREG SMITH: The United States is among the most religious countries in the industrialized world. In our surveys, 9 in 10 Americans tell us they believe in God or a higher power, and many Americans say religion is very important in their lives. The data also show, however, the […]

Bishop Barron on What Faith Is and What Faith Isn’t

the president feel urgent paul tillich once said that faith is the most misunderstood word in the religious vocabulary and I’m increasingly convinced that he was right about that and my justification for that is my experience with these YouTube videos because as you know people can comment on these videos and I must say […]


-I'm gonna ask youa serious question, okay? Are you religious? -Mm…-I don't know. -Yeah.I consider myself religious. Sure.-We're culturally Catholic. -I think you'd sayI was a heathen. -I'm kind of a "Taoist-afarian." -I've got a little bit of Jewin me. [ Laughs ] -What do theyteach you in church? -They usually talk aboutholiday stuff like […]

धर्म और विज्ञान- कौन सही कौन गलत ? Religion Is the Worst Enemy of Mankind