December 13, 2019
  • 7:17 pm 9/11 Occult Ritual: Blood, Gold and Emotion
  • 7:17 pm What Do Quakers Do in Silent Worship?
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  • 7:17 pm Health + Wealth POWER Meditation | Bob Proctor
How To Meditate I – What is Meditation

Hi and welcome to this series of videos on how to meditate. In this the first video I will be talking about what is the meaning of the word “meditation”. First of all, the word meditation can mean many different things to different people. For some people meditation means simply a calming of the mind, […]

2016 Sacred Practice: Buddhist Meditation with Anam Thubten

Welcome everybody. There’s a deep silence that we can all tune into. It is the state of our being. Our consciousness prior to concepts, ideas … a state that is intrinsically peaceful and sacred We’re going to maybe just utter one word. This syllable The syllable is used as a mantra and also many times […]

♡ Guided Meditation by Sharon Salzberg ♡ Followed by Peaceful Ocean Waves & Mindfulness Bells ♡

I’m going to guide you in a very short foundational exercise in meditation If you can sit comfortably See if your back can be straight Without being strained or overarched You can close your eyes or not however you feel most at ease See if there’s a place where you feel the breath most distinctly […]

Superhumans: The remarkable brain waves of high-level meditators | Daniel Goleman

My co-author of the book Altered Traits is a neuroscientist, Richard Davidson. He has a lab at the University of Wisconsin. It’s a very large lab, he has dedicated scanners, he has about 100 people working there, and he was able to do some remarkable research where he flew Olympic level meditators—who live in Nepal […]

Key Points of Meditation Intention and Motivation Part1 HD

When you meditate, it is very important in the beginning (of the session) that you have a good motivation. This is really important. What is a good motivation to have? Why are you going to meditate? Is it just to benefit yourself, or is it not only to benefit yourself but to benefit more than […]

Zen Meditation

Buddhism is not a religion, it’s not a philosophy. It’s not even a way of life. What it is is a collection of teachings; methods that help us, aid in our wholeness, in our collectedness in this world. Zen is part of Buddhism, it’s one of the methods or medicine if you like, that very […]

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: George Kao, Business coach

hi everyone welcome to this week’s version of spirituality out loud this week I am so excited we have George Kao George is a business coach who is a champion for generosity in business and honesty and marketing instead of salesy and predatory tactics that we’ve probably all experienced as consumers he has coached many […]

易筋經 · Yi Jin Jing (1-12 · Full Explanations) · ИЦзиньЦзин +Subtitles

As long as you practice the Yi Yin Jing one time per week it doesn’t matter which one you make. Not at all. It makes no difference at all, which version of it you use. But… when you… really understand that this is a method, to keep your body, to keep the muscles and keep […]

How To Meditate For Children: A Kid’s Guide to Peace

Hi! In this video i’m going to teach you how to practice meditation. What is meditation? Meditation means to focus your mind on something; it means to clear your mind; to calm it down and to clean out all bad thoughts. When you practice meditation you try to focus on something with all your attention, […]

Why Meditate?  |  Change your Brain’s Default Mode

In the midst of being charged at by twenty masked men armed with rifles and explosives, Sally Adee was able to calmly and smoothly shoot down all of her attackers one by one. Sally didn’t entirely grasp what had happened – from her perspective, the 20 minute skirmish lasted only a few moments, and when […]