December 7, 2019
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  • 3:18 pm The Grouse’s Unique Mating Ritual | America the Beautiful
  • 3:18 pm More to See – Hillsong Worship
  • 3:18 pm I Believe – Hillsong Worship
  • 3:18 pm The Experience — The OSHO International Meditation Resort
*Breathing Techniques*  (Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress, Cancer, Blood Pressure) Kapalbhati

Kapal Bhati Is an ancient technique in the yoga system. And it has been taught for centuries. Kapal Bhati simply means… Kapal means skull, head. Bhati means Purification. Kapal Bhati means that which purifies your head. Once your head is purified you are a totally different person. It brings transformation. So Kapal Bhati is a […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Εικόνα της Παναγίας αναβλύζει Άγιο Μύρο

Orthodox Miracles – Virgin Mary’s icon outflows Holy essence Took place in: Monastery of Malevi, Arkadia Around 1964, an ancient icon depicting Virgin Mary’s Death (maybe by Εvangelist Luke), started outflowing Holy Essence, which wasn’t coming out of a specific spot of the icon, but was ”penetrating” the glass and flowing on the ground… But […]

Self Awareness Meditation – Teal Swan –

Hello Everyone at A fundamental Level Everything [is] Energy and That Energy is imbued with Consciousness What does This mean it means That everything in This Universe? Has Consciousness That Means every Single part of you every Cell Every bit of Tissue In its Own unique Consciousness as, well so this Essentially means that you […]

This Testimony of Healing from Cancer Will Build Your Faith!

Sid: She was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer. Her abdomen was filled with malignant tumors, given six months to live. And then her doctor said, “You are my first miracle patient.” Next on this edition of “It’s Supernatural!” [music] Centuries have come and gone offering wisdom and understanding throughout the ages. Today there should […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Η Παναγία θεραπεύει τον καρκίνο της Ερμίνας

Orthodox Miracles – Virgin Mary cures Ermina’s cancer Took place in: Patra, Greece During the first year of Ermina’s marriage, she was diagnosed with cancer. Being a distinguished doctor herself and also having a career, she knew very well what cancer meant. Τhe pain was bearable in the beginning but grew as time went by, […]

Orthodox Jewish All Star, Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, CNN Hero

Our first daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia at a time that the disease was not the very treatable pediatric oncology challenge that it is today. In those days almost none of the children survived transplants. Our little girl was an incredible warrior and a number of years after she passed away I found myself the […]

FOODTOPÍA: Reducir la huella Ecológica a gran Escala – Jesús Pagan y Norberto Navarro
Latest Milestone on Hank’s Journey toward Complete Recovery from Stage Four Mantle Cell Lymphoma

To my friends and Followers of the Christian Research Institute the Bible answer man broadcast the Hank unplugged podcast I I wanted to share my thoughts about another milestone that I have Just crossed In in in my battle against mantle cell lymphoma as many of you know, I was diagnosed April 15th 2017 I’ve […]

Betting With God

Well, I’ve always been an academic. It’s sort of the way that I figure out how things work, and when I was in graduate school I made a bet with God. I found out that my dad had been diagnosed with cancer, and the doctors gave him three months to live. I’m a complete daddy’s […]

How Chris Beat Cancer (Guest: Chris Wark) – | THE HEALTH AWAKENING | Ep. 126

– [Announcer] The following information is intended for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of A Rood Awakening! International nor this broadcaster. Should you choose to implement this information, please do so only with the assistance of a licensed medical professional. Neither the presenter nor […]