October 20, 2019
  • 3:14 am Faith Complex: Michael Eric Dyson on Hip-Hop Theology (PART ONE)
  • 3:14 am When we think about God | Analytic Theology in Practice
  • 2:14 am Faith in Humanity (dafuqmomentz)
  • 1:14 am Pagan Journaling Challenge #1-6
  • 12:14 am How can the music industry inform the system of K-12 education? | John Hardin
A Prayer for Wanderers

(soft music) – God of the seekers and the dreamers, of the disaffected and the disillusioned, of the worn-out and the burnt out, of the rejected and the leavers. – We ask for blessings as we travel, as we doubt, as we meander. We ask for grace to leave when necessary, to come home when […]

How to use kiwiconnexion practical theology ePortfolio

Hi, I’m David Bell for Kiwiconnexion.nz. This is a how-to tutorial, and it illustrates a navigation change in Kiwi Connexion with our last software upgrade. So I’m going to login as Demo1 Participant. As always, I arrive at my dashboard. Whenever I login, I’m always coming to a dashboard. You can see on the right […]

How Can we Know if the Core Theology Taught in the Modern Church was Passed Down from Jesus?

how do we know that the core theology, the beliefs that we’ve been taught in church actually came from Jesus down through the apostles, down to us accurately? Start either at the back or at the front. How would you, how would you describe this? Bock: Well, what we’re talking about is the quality of […]

You’re Included – Apologetics and Theology

The following program is a presentation of Grace Communion International and Grace Communion Seminary and is made possible by generous donations from viewers like you. On this episode of You’re Included, Dr. Alister McGrath discusses his journey into the study of science and theology, his discovery of C.S. Lewis, and various issues facing the church […]

Practical Theology Pizazz with ePortfolio Journals in kiwiconnexion

Hi I’m David Bell. Welcome to episode 5 of 10 on putting pizazz into your ePortfolio. I’ve said before that an ePortfolio can be very boring. That’s true. But one of the easiest and maybe the best way to turn it from boring to brilliant is to start using journals. Now, how does using journals […]

Open Seminary at Palmer Theological Seminary

What is Open Seminary? As the name suggests, [bright music] it’s a seminary without walls. We try to do theology where theory and practice is broken down where it’s acknowledged that it’s intention, but it’s brought into dialogue. The best place we believe where you can see that happen, is to actually spend time with […]

Does It Make Sense To Talk About Sin kiwiconnexion practical theology

I’m David Bell for kiwiconnexion.nz A few days ago I was discussing with a small group a Bible reading we heard in church recently. Everyone else said it didn’t make sense. They felt it didn’t communicate in today’s world. They said it lacked insight and was just plain wrong. I took the opposite point of […]

There Is No New Testament

THERE IS NO NEW TESTAMENT SUMMARY shamaremet.wordpress.com

Glass (2019) Theological Analysis | The Destructive Seed of Doubt

it’s time to dig deep into the movie glass the movie split dealt a lot with belief and the power of belief the movie unbreakable dealt a lot with purpose and finding one’s purpose in life this movie has a lot to do with the fact that we can all dig down deep and become […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα – Ο Άγ. Νεκτάριος λύνει μάγια σε οικογένεια

Orthodox Miracles – St. Nectarios removes witchcraft from family Took place in: Athens An amazing modern case of witchcraft removal by the miraculous Saint Nectarios Pentapoleos. (+1920), is narrated be the devout and cultured Archimandrite Father Constantine Ramiotis, witness of this story: Many years ago, a woman got married to a good and faithfull man. […]