April 7, 2020
  • 5:34 pm 6 Weekly Rituals That Have Completely Changed My Life
  • 4:34 pm A Money Manifesting Ritual (with Landria Onkka)
  • 4:34 pm A Simple Druid’s Rite – The Lego Core Order of Ritual (with voiceover)
  • 1:34 pm POWERFUL Hypnotic SLEEP (ASMR) • MONEY & ABUNDANCE Soothing Meditation
  • 1:34 pm Guided meditation for students

Hello my siblings in Christ, I’m Bojan, and in this short video I hope to show you what being an Orthodox Christian feels like. But first, a little disclaimer: This is a depiction. There are many Orthodox people. Some are more devout, some are less devout. Some of the items presented here do not apply […]

God of Miracles in ASL & CC by Rock Church Deaf Ministry

Let faith arise in spite of what I see Lord I believe But help my unbelief I choose to trust You No matter what I feel, let faith arise Let faith arise For my champion’s not dead, He is alive! Oh, and He already knows my every need Surely He will come and rescue me […]


HEY, DEAR CHURCH FAMILY! WE ARE THE LIVING FAITH SDA WINDSOR CHURCH!!! ⛪ Make sure you Enjoy The Living Faith Church Service 🙂 welcome to baby baby thank you guys for tuning in and I hope you enjoy good morning everybody I will do it today yes God is good and all the time amen […]

Chloe – A Story of Infertility, Adoption, and God’s Love

I grew up on my parents’ 100-acre property and I refused to stay inside, I loved being in nature. I would just go out there by myself and I would have all this time and I would be talking to God and we would have this conversation and, I didn’t know that was strange or […]

The God Who Is There | Part 1 | The God Who Made Everything

– [Don Carson] Hello. My name is Don Carson. You are watching the first in a series of 14 talks given in Minneapolis in early 2009. These talks are designed to help you find out what the Bible says. More accurately, they’re designed to introduce you to God as He is talked about in the […]

The God of Surprises

– [Don Carson] So often God surprises us. Moses thought so. As a young man, he thought he’d bring about revolution. He ended up on the backside of a desert for the next half-century or so. And finally, when God called him, Moses was already 80 years old, time to retire and slow down. Besides […]

Dax “Dear God” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I don’t call myself a Christian. I don’t call myself a Catholic. I don’t call myself anything. I just say I believe in God. I’m not a Christian rapper. I’m not a mainstream rapper. I’m not a YouTube rapper. I’m not an underground rapper. I’m not a green or a blue rapper. I’m an artist. […]

God With Us

every moment every pause every circle every door every light that scatters and shines a space so transcendent inspires a place you can’t help but just admire but it’s beyond these four walls where freedom reigns and fear completely Falls a moment to simply breathe then pause when you realize that everything once had a […]

How God Restrains Evil in the World (Selected Scriptures)

I want to encourage you all this morning. I want to kind of put you in a biblical context. We’re committed to the Scriptures, to the Word of God; and I want to talk from the Bible, as we always do, and perhaps give you a perspective on what you do that maybe you haven’t […]

I Thirst – Saint Mother Teresa Meditation

It is true. I stand at the door of your heart, day and night. Even when you are not listening, even when you doubt it could be Me, I am there. I await even the smallest sign of your response, even the least whispered invitation that will allow Me to enter. And I want you […]