September 22, 2019
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5 Infamous Doomsday Cults | What the Stuff?!

(suspenseful music) – Oof! Hi, I don’t usually hang out in alleys but when I do it’s to tell you about cults. (suspenseful music) So lots of people don’t like the word cult. It’s a controversial label, right? But there are a few groups most people agree are not only cults, but doomsday cults. (suspenseful […]

Are Mormons A CULT?!

Kali ma, kali ma, kali ma! AHHHHH! That was, that was — we cannot use that! – I have an Indian friend who is so offended by that movie. Oh my gosh, that’s the worst thing you’ve ever done! Too many shenanigans! We’re gonna get right to the meat of this thing. I’m scared for […]

Friendly Neighbourhood Cult

Hello there brother. (Ominous woosh) Oh! Hello.. New to the village? Oh yeah, yeah I am! I was just doing some unpacking Are you, A religious man? No, not really, no But in this village- Auh.. We worship the Church of the eight sides (Crash) Ouh! My egg cups So have you accepted our many […]

NXIVM Survivor’s Mother Details Reliving ‘Painful’ Cult Experience For Bombshell Lifetime Movie

It’s based on oxenberg’s book.>>Every time I talk about it, it’s painful. I literally went through hell. My family went through hell.>>Yes, master.>>You have no idea what these people are capable of.>>He just wants the best for all of us.>>India’s terrifying time inside nxivm is all exposed in Catherine’s new lifetime movie and Catherine reveals […]

Scientology, the CIA, and MIVILUDES: Cults of Abuse

There exists in our nation today a powerful and dangerous secret cult the cult of intelligence. Its holy men are the clandestine professionals of the Central Intelligence Agency. Its patrons and protectors are the highest officials of the federal governments. Its membership, extending far beyond governmental circles… This is the program that Scientologists didn’t want […]

3 True Stories About INSANE CULTS

Number One A friend of mine in Japan had a sister who got involved with a weird cult over there. They meant by the name of Aum Skinrikyo The Supreme Truth. It was led by a guru, Shoko Asahara. A man who literally declared himself to be Christ reborn. He believed his mission in life […]

The Red Pill is a CULT

Emorpheus Johnson: Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there. Like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. Do you know what I’m talking about? Emerican Johneo: The Manosphere. Emorpheus Johnson: Do you […]

5 Dangerous Cults

The human mind is what makes our species so unique, our ability to feel emotion, to think, deduce, derive all comes down to the complexity of the brain’s labyrinth of synapses. But often times, what our brain tells us might not even reflect the reality. In this video we delve into the darker sides of […]

EK 178 CARLIN CULTS – 2KK/H – BEST places to hunt for KNIGHTS

[Music] hey guys this is a new hunting video for low to mid-level nights it’s about Carlene cults cape you don’t need a quest to access this area if you just use the torch like a show at the beginning of the video to break a wall and access the teleport but make sure you […]

How Charles Manson Came to Lead One of the World’s Most Dangerous Cults

Today we will talk about serial killing again, but this show is different because our protagonist wasn’t the person who committed the murders. He was behind them, though, as the leader of a cult called The Manson Family. Some cults, although sometimes regarded by authorities as suspect, go about their days in peace. Others are […]