August 21, 2019
  • 9:14 pm Alabama law reins in religious boot camps
  • 9:14 pm Religious Accommodation Policy Changes
  • 9:14 pm Racism, School Desegregation Laws and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States
  • 9:14 pm President Obama Participates in a Fireside Hangout on Google+
  • 9:14 pm The Terrifyingly Effective Nazi De-Bollocker
Geography Now! Indonesia

Hey everybody, so if you don’t know anything about Indonesia, basically, all you have to know is that it’s kind of like the Hawaii of the Muslim world, but it’s like huge. It’s like the biggest state and with orangutans. And that’s it just no punchline. Let’s just go to the intro song. *Intro song* […]

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] THOMAS MORTON: All right. Hi, it’s Thomas. We’re in Bishkek. I’m on a Kok Beru horse. That’s basically polo, but you play with a dead goat. It is one of Kyrgystan’s many fine traditions. One of the other traditions, a little less fun, is kidnapping women and making them […]

Brainwashed by the Westboro Baptist Church (Part 1/2)

FRED PHELPS: What’s wrong with this country and England and the world is that they have bought Satan’s lie that it’s OK to be gay. Our message is, it’s not OK to be gay. It will warp the mind, destroy the soul, and damn the nation, damn the nation. Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka is […]

Life After Polygamy: The Daughters & Wives of A Polygamist Cult Reclaim their Hometown

I tease my whole life that I was getting married like this when I turned 18 my father he’s like come on we’re going on right I got in the car and he’s like I turned you in this morning and he had written a letter and recommended me that very morning and then I […]

Internet Scamming in Ghana

[MUSIC PLAYING] THOMAS MORTON: Hi, it’s Thomas. We’re in Ghana, the internet capital of Africa. If you ever wonder what happens to computers that you donate to one of those green e-recycling programs, this is basically it. Kids from the north of Ghana come to this junkyard during the summer to break computers down for […]

Why do we have religions?

Most people, cross culturally, and throughout time, believe in the existence of an invisible world that is richly and diversely populated by beings who transcend time, they transcend the limits of human capability, and we call them things like gods and demigods. On occasion, some of those beings can make themselves manifest visually, or by […]

How Atheist Values Help Correct Religion’s Mistakes | Rob Bell

The beautiful things about a thinking atheist which I think most atheists are thinking – I should say that again. The beautiful thing about atheism is just the refusal to believe in something that’s destructive or misguided or bad for the world. And some gods should be rejected. What I find so fascinating is how […]

Hinduism is not a Religion – Hindu Culture, Philosophy, and Spirituality (What is Hinduism?)

People have misconception about Hinduism. When person reads about Hinduism, they consider Hinduism a religion. And it is know that Hinduism is a religion, but Hindu is a philosophy. Hindu is a culture first. Actually Hindu is a very very ancient and very big culture. And it is considered very rich culture. In that culture […]

Noah Feldman: Politics and religion are technologies

I want to argue to you that in fact, politics and religion, which are the two primary factors — not the sole, but overwhelmingly, the primary factors — which are driving towards a war which looks extremely likely — bordering on the inevitable at this point, whether one is in favor of that or not […]

Religious Tolerance Shouldn’t Mean Accepting Lower Moral Standards

There’s a section within the left. I refer to them as the regressive left and I want to clarify I don’t mean all of those on the left. I mean a section that have come to the view for the sake of political correctness, for the sake of tolerating what they believe is other cultures […]