September 22, 2019
  • 7:14 pm Why Do Non-Jews Have a Special Appreciation of Jews?
  • 7:14 pm What Is the Role of Jews in the World?
  • 6:14 pm Scripture and Tradition with Fr. Mitch Pacwa – 2019-09-17 – 09/17/2019 Mail Bag Show
  • 6:14 pm 10 Things That Will Happen When JESUS RETURNS!
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Sex God Method by Daniel Rose 📖 Book Summary

When’s the last time a woman thanked you for giving her a mind-blowing orgasm? 99% of women will only ever experience average or below average sex. And whether you like it or not, 90% of having amazing sex is the man’s responsibility and 10% a woman’s. Sex God Method by Daniel Rose was written to […]

Cult Films of London: Blow Up to Repulsion

Does this look familiar by any chance? If it does, that’s maybe because you’re thinking of ‘Blow Up’, a great film by Michelangelo Antonioni made here in 1965 in Maryon Park in South London. I’ve never been to Maryon Park, although I feel I know it well from Antonioni’s film and from the enormous amount […]

Judaism does NOT oppress women!!

Judaism does NOT oppress women Unlike the feminist propaganda that keeps suggesting that the Jewish religion is Misogynist and biased against women a deep analysis of its true characteristics gives us an entirely different image as for how really women are treated by Jewish religion rules and guidelines in compared to the Jewish males As […]

Is Waldorf a Cult?

Hello, and welcome to another Sunday with Sarah! I’m Sarah Baldwin and today I’m here to answer the big question: are Waldorf schools a cult? Now, there are a lot of misconceptions about Waldorf education. One of the the biggest myths, in my opinion, is that Waldorf schools are religious schools and I want to […]

Arian Controversy and the Council of Nicaea | World History | Khan Academy

– [Instructor] In previous videos, we have talked about how Christianity evolved and developed under the Roman Empire. In particular we saw that as we entered into the 4th century, that Christianity continued to be persecuted, in particular by the Emperor Diocletian, who had some of the worst persecutions of the Christians. But over the […]

Is private education good for society? | The Economist

There is a big boom in private education all over the world, you see it in schooling numbers so the numbers of people going to private primary has gone up from 10 to 17% over the last 15 years. Secondary has gone up from nine to 27% and then if you look in particular countries, […]

Life of Muhammad and beginnings of Islam part 1  | World History | Khan Academy

– [Teacher] I’m now going to give an overview on the beginnings of Islam. And regardless of whether you are a part of an Islamic culture, you are a practicing Muslim, or you believe in the Islamic traditions, it’s valuable to learn about the beginnings of Islam because, today, nearly one-fourth of the world’s population […]

10 years after deadly riots, China’s Xinjiang under lockdown

 ISTANBUL (AP) — A decade after deadly riots tore through his hometown in northwestern China, Kamilane Abudushalamu still vividly recalls the violence that turned him into an exile  Abudushalamu was 9 and living in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region that is home to the predominantly Muslim Uighur ethnic minority, which has long claimed […]

The Oh My God Particle | Space Time

[MUSIC PLAYING] Long before the God particle, there is the Oh-My-God particle, a cosmic ray vastly more energetic than had ever been seen or was even thought possible. These ultra-high energy cosmic rays still perplex scientists. Where are these extra galactic death rays coming from? On October 15th, 1991, a single atomic nucleus travelling at […]

Religion class for Education

Hi, I’m Carmen M Montaner, professor of Religious Education in Valencia, Spain. What does the subject of Religious Education contribute to Education? If Education means to make people freer and more complete from all views, the subject of religion It is the key, and actually helps to cohere all other subjects, give them another depth; […]