November 19, 2019
  • 7:14 pm Meditation Tools and Rituals: Secrets of Effective Meditation
  • 7:14 pm Anthony Milford & Pre-Game Rituals | Rexona Pressure Athletes
  • 7:14 pm Marcus Aurelius – How To Build Your Self Confidence (Stoicism)
  • 7:14 pm Top 19 Hindu Mantras – Sai Mantra – Gayatri Mantra – Hanuman Mantra – Shiva Mantra – Shani Mantra
  • 7:14 pm Beneath The Waters (I Will Rise) – Hillsong Worship
How to Do Math In Your Head : Quick Math Tricks: Thinking of Numbers as Blocks

Hi! I’m Sean with Expert Village and I’m going to show you tips and tricks for doing math in your head. When dealing with large numbers, it’s best to think of them in blocks. We like to deal with multiples of 10 because they’re easy to handle. If we had for example, 72-47, it’s easier […]

I Love You Rituals – Your Guide For Meaningful Connections

I love you rituals are designed to build bonds between people so that each person in the interaction feels a sense of connection. Connection with parents. Connection with teachers. Connection between children. This sense of connection creates a bio-chemistry that optimizes the function of our brain. – Dr. Becky Bailey I love you rituals begin […]

The Science of Spontaneity: Mastering Wu-Wei

In order to understand what effortless action is you have to understand what effort is and what effort feels like. And I think the best way to do that is the so-called stroop test. So we’re gonna flash a word on the screen and you should say aloud the color that it’s printed in. We […]

OSHO: What Is the Secret of Meditation

Presents What Is the Secret of Meditation? In my meditation you need not torture yourself in any way. If you love the lotus posture, good; you can sit in it. But Westerners go to India and it takes them six months to learn the lotus posture, and they are torturing themselves so much. And they […]

A Leap of Faith into Writing Through

In the last 30 years something, it’s uh, our country has been destroyed and killed so many people. Everything has damage and we need to build up again, we need to. Yeah um, it’s sad actually. I think you always have to remember when you think about Cambodia, the tragedy of the Khmer Rouge is […]

How to believe in yourself: Jim Cathcart at TEDxDelrayBeach

Translator: Queenie Lee Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard Somewhere deep inside, you know what kind of person you were designed to be. If you want to produce great acorns, think like an oak, not like an acorn. Think like the person you intend to become, like the Christian question: what would Jesus do? Ask yourself, how would […]

Daily Assemblies: Deepening Relationships Through Ritual and Recognition

>>Tim: Creating this strong sense of community inside our school empowers our students to transform their mentality. Creating that positive culture is something that we’ve done that has been very, very effective.>>Every morning we start our school day with something we call Community. And really, that’s a celebration of our students’ assets. It’s stand up […]


We know very little for certain about the life of the Chinese philosopher, Confucius He is said to have been born in 551 BC in China. He may have been a student of the Daoist master, Lao Tzu According to tradition, he began Government service, and served many roles, including: Minister of Crime, under Duke […]

Faith at SPU Teaser

– I think part of what makes SPU distinctive as a Christian university is we really do think of ourselves as a university in service to the whole church of God, and what holds us all together is our common commitment to Jesus. – The community of faith at SPU is – it’s really helped […]

Two Minute Meditation

So long, since you’ve been at peace. You used to know how to come here… As a child. It’s a place in your head. Focus on the water. It’s a bit of an illness to keep wanting more. This spot isn’t glamorous… …It’s what’s all around, when we focus. This permanently exists, amidst the noise. […]