October 15, 2019
  • 10:14 am English Orthodox chant: Open to me the gates of repentance (Lyric Video)
  • 10:14 am St. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church celebrate 100 years
  • 10:14 am Does the Instagram Grid Matter? A Conversation With Dunna and Becki!
  • 10:14 am 🎄What are the Pagan Origins of Christmas?🎄
  • 10:14 am Young Guns 16 Winners Announced – Juan Carlos Pagan
The End of the Age: The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul

As we continue now with our study of the crisis in eschatology the point I want to look at in this session is this question: When Jesus spoke about His coming at the end of the age did He mean by that phrase the ‘end of the age’ the end of world history, or was […]

Religious leaders to deceive many...

you understand the Bible prophecies the prophecies foretell the establishment of a global religious system in the end time according to scripture the leader of that deceitful organization is going to have two objectives he's going to unite the world's religions under one belief system of tolerance let's just all get along doesn't matter what […]

End Time World Religion

now let me talk to you about something else that's an ongoing prophetic fulfillment and that's the formulation of a world religious system in the end time and that that world religious system would use its influence the leader of that would use his influence to get their followers to pledge allegiance to the world […]