October 15, 2019
  • 10:14 am English Orthodox chant: Open to me the gates of repentance (Lyric Video)
  • 10:14 am St. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church celebrate 100 years
  • 10:14 am Does the Instagram Grid Matter? A Conversation With Dunna and Becki!
  • 10:14 am 🎄What are the Pagan Origins of Christmas?🎄
  • 10:14 am Young Guns 16 Winners Announced – Juan Carlos Pagan
Baal is Back! Demons in the Deep State

(dramatic music) – In the Bible there is this ancient worship of the god called Baal. But that’s all ancient history, that’s all done, or is it? Something has surfaced not too long ago in Europe. It was the worship of Baal but under a different name. It’s all connected to the G20, it’s all […]

Mashiach and END OF DAYS, How Will It Be? (70 Sec) Rabbi Akiva Teichtal

people often ask you – Where were you on September 11th? Where were you when this and that surprising event happened? I’ll ask a better question , where will you be at the end of times? Where will you be when Messiah (the Mashiach) will come? The Gemara (the Talmud) says – there are 3 […]

God’s Sovereignty & Man’s Free-Will

tonight our study is going to be on the topic of God’s sovereignty and man’s free will not or but and man’s free will and this is one of those topics yet again that we continue to hear debated more than discussed and it has and continues to divide the church and divide many Christians […]

God’s End Time Endgame | Dr. Lance Wallnau

Hi I’m Lance Wallnau. Welcome to our Bible study. What we’re talking about is this is a period of time when God is opening the word like a treasure chest and when God chooses to open up the word then there’s life there’s power there’s favor there’s illumination that comes out of the revealed Word […]

Is the Sabbath for Christians? | FULL EPISODE

(slow music) – When Yeshua walked this earth, He did not think like the Pharisee thought, He did not teach like the Pharisees taught, or He didn’t look like they looked, and He didn’t hang out with the people that they thought He should hang out with. He did things His own way. Why? Because […]

20 Verses Christianity Ignores! (Part 2)

Modern Christendom twists, perverts and ignores the many plain truths of the Bible. Over the last 2,000 years, it has counterfeited every true doctrine and replaced it with a cheap substitute. This has been possible because certain more difficult to understand passages can be easily misrepresented to say something they do not. It is these […]

Ways that Holy Ghost Worship is different from Christianity

Well, here here’s the topic. Ways that Holy Ghost Worship is different, say, is different, is different than Christianity. It differs. Who is God in the earth today? The Holy Ghost. Who’s the only God in the earth today? The Holy Ghost. So Christianity has kind of left that part out of it. Well, that’s […]

Male and Female, God’s Design

tonight please join me in a word of Prayer loving Heavenly Father thank You and I pray Lord that You would just go before us now in the strength of Your might and bless this teaching this word that You have provided for Your people and do so in a way that moves all of […]

20 Verses Christianity Ignores! (Part 1)

Every Sunday, hundreds of millions who profess to be Christian assume they are being correctly taught—and that they understand and believe—the truth of the Bible. In reality, almost no one knows even the most basic teachings of God’s Word—or of Jesus Christ. Almost all worship Jesus according to what is commonly believed, without the slightest […]

Could Christians somehow inadvertently take the mark of the beast today?

Ankerberg: Okay, another question. People say in Daniel when he has his discussion about the 70 weeks, how do we know that the seven-year period at the end is the tribulation? Hitchcock: Well, the 70 weeks prophecy, Daniel is given a period of 490 years. It says, “Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people,” […]