April 2, 2020
  • 5:34 pm 6 Weekly Rituals That Have Completely Changed My Life
  • 4:34 pm A Money Manifesting Ritual (with Landria Onkka)
  • 4:34 pm A Simple Druid’s Rite – The Lego Core Order of Ritual (with voiceover)
  • 1:34 pm POWERFUL Hypnotic SLEEP (ASMR) • MONEY & ABUNDANCE Soothing Meditation
  • 1:34 pm Guided meditation for students

Hello my siblings in Christ, I’m Bojan, and in this short video I hope to show you what being an Orthodox Christian feels like. But first, a little disclaimer: This is a depiction. There are many Orthodox people. Some are more devout, some are less devout. Some of the items presented here do not apply […]

Mary, Mother of God (A) 1st January 2020

Dear friends in Christ, To all of you a very happy and blessed New Year, and a grace-filled feast of Mary, Mother of God. Today we honour Mary as the Mother of God. But how can a human person become the mother of her own Creator who is uncreated and eternal? Today’s Gospel reading shows […]

An Outsider Visits a Lutheran Church

– Hey, I’m Matt, this is the 10-Minute Bible Hour. And when you picture Christianity in the West there are basically two groups that come to mind, right? You got the Catholics associated with Rome, and you got the Protestants associated with everywhere and nowhere all at once because it’s a very decentralized expression of […]

Are Theological Divisions Pointless?

We go now to Len in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, listening on Sirius satellite radio. Len, you are on with Trent Horn, what’s your question? Good evening, guys. So I’m a lifelong Catholic, but I’ve studied Protestant theology probably at least as much as I’ve studied Catholicism. I have the same objection into both churches, and that […]

Norman Wirzba of Duke, on Ecology & Theology

Having eaten in certain sorts of ways for a long time, it’s hard to get out of those patterns. There’s also so much pressure to eat in the ways that our culture does… because it’s convenient, it’s cheap, you can get loads of it, even though it’s bad for us. It’s bad for the world […]

Theology of Communion (Ruth Anne Reese)

today we’re going to be looking at the historical background for the Last Supper we’re going to start by looking at first Corinthians which is our oldest account of the Last Supper Paul was writing to the church at Corinth and he was reminding them about what he had already taught them about the Last […]

The Protestant Reformation: Crash Course European History #6

Hi I’m John Green, this is Crash Course European History. And today it’s time to find out what else besides money was behind the competition between Spain and England as they fought it out on the seas and across the globe after 1550. That’s right, today we get to talk about religion. As you may […]

A Cajun Catholic Eucharistic procession on the bayou

– Bayou Teche is a very historic waterway It’s probably three, four thousand B.C. old. It’s where the old Mississippi River, just eventually meandered eastward. And that’s where the Acadians came down, the Teche. The Acadians, the French that were Catholics, they were living in Nova Scotia. And the “Grand Dérangement,” the upheaval of 1765, […]

Bishop Barron on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist

I the privilege last week of speaking at the Atlanta Eucharistic Congress which is one of the really great events in the Catholic year about 30,000 people descend upon this arena outside the Atlanta Airport and the whole purpose is to honor the Eucharist so they hear talks about the Eucharist and the the Congress […]

The Eternal Current in 3 Minutes or Less

Alright, hello. This is my attempt to tell the entire story of The Eternal Current in three minutes or less. Three minutes or less…the whole book…timer… and then let me hit play and we’ll go. Alright, the introduction is just called “The Eternal Current” and basically this is the big story: There is this great […]