October 15, 2019
  • 11:14 am Hristos Anesti Romanian Greek Orthodox Byzantine Chant
  • 11:14 am Life after “death”(subtitled) Orthodox monk father Nikon of Holy Mountain
  • 11:14 am ND Filters EXPLAINED | Featuring PolarPro + Peter McKinnon Variable ND
  • 11:14 am How To Get BETTER AUDIO In Your Videos!! [CHOOSE THE RIGHT MICROPHONE]
  • 11:14 am Quick Bytes with Ralph Pagan featuring Maruchan Raman Noodles
Cheerful Yuletide (Deity Is Fanciful) – Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Anyway, it’s Christmas, right, we’re gonna do this fucking stupid song With its stupid lyrics Are we ready? Yes! In Bethlehem, in nought AD Not a lot was occurring Only a regular winter within the Center East No-one particular there was born Sure, we all know you have heard it otherwise However we’re afraid you […]

Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Venice on Deity – Let’s Play Summary

Enrico on Deity Okeydogey Salty fields Scout it out Pen is mightier Oh hey Portugal Honor for protection Get at the salt! Educate Do you have your library card? Warrior code right away 12. A highly guarded Monopoly on salt My Shoshone Great Library of Portugal I don’t want a shrine, and I won’t get […]

Teenage Exorcists (Part 2/2)

BOB LARSON: Go somewhere private. TRANSLATOR: [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] BOB LARSON: Behind a closed door. TRANSLATOR: [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] CHARLET DUBOC: The constant exorcisms had already taken an emotional toll on me. But the Teenage Exorcists just seem to smile through it all. During a rare break, I grabbed an opportunity to try to get […]

The Fallen Deity

Hey baby… Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Hell yes!

Joker Movie Review (Classic Or Trash?)

hey good evening star report on a Friday night I’m your host star aka the Big Kahuna okay okay hell of a day on the screen you see it the Joker movie review I went to the movies this this afternoon 12:30 to be exact got my ticket we deal with receipts ah huh I […]

Season 8, Chapter 1 – For Those of You Just Joining Us… | Red vs. Blue

*Ominous Music Plays* *Radio Sounds* Doc: Come in Command. Come in Command, this is Medical Officer Dufresne. I have arrived at Freelancer Program Simulation Outpost Seventeen. Command? Come in? Come in, this is Medical Officer Dufresne. I have reached FPS Outpost 17. Simmons: Hey, down here, we’re over here! Hey, come down here! Doc: Never […]

Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Denmark on Deity – Let’s Play Summary

Denmark. Deity. This will go well. I could use some coastal mountains, darn Well traditionally I would do this Keep it unillegal And land some elite We’ve grown a bit, should expand before everyone else does Happiness will also be a problem at this difficulty I am not winning just yet Hello! Please be kind […]

LOSING ALL FAITH | Guess The Wikihow #3

*wapish* Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to damn-dog! The guess the WikiHow game! The game that gives you the weirdest pictures ever and you somehow have to recreate a crime scene in your head as to what the hell this is supposed to be. The first […]

Civilization 5 – Deity – Let’s Play – Episode 1

Welcome everyone to my let’s play of civilization 5 I am going to be doing a super hard deity let’s play and it’s a huge map with the map earth and the game pace is quick and I’m playing as the incan empire as pachucti or however you say his name I’m not really sure.

Aputure Deity Shotgun Mic Destruction Review

Let’s beat the crap out of a mic… You’re listening to the new Aputure Deity Shotgun mic right now. I really love this thing. It sounds great, it’s way cheaper than my NTG-3 by far, and comes with a carrying case. You know what I think about paying a lot of money for something with […]