September 19, 2019
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Psalm 57 – Dependence Despite Difficulties – Jesmond Parish – Sermon – Clayton TV

What’s your gut reaction to disappointments? Difficulties? Disasters? I am not trying to trap you, or beat you up, I just want you to be honest with yourself for a minute. Let me be honest with you, chaos, perceived chaos, stresses me out. When I have to make a difficult decision, some kind of wisdom […]

Proof that Jesus is God

People debate over whether Jesus Christ is God or not. Even Christians seek in the Bible for proof that Jesus Christ is God and yet they do not find it because they do not know Him. Even one of His disciples, Philip, said to Him:”Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for […]

Should Christians Celebrate Easter? Should They Practice Lent?

Well I’ve done a video on Lent, but I wanted to do another video on this subject because I got a lot of pushback quite frankly when I did a video on Lent. And so I thought I’d broach the question about Easter celebrations in general. If you’re familiar with church history, you’re probably well […]

What Does God Want Me to Do?

I don’t know if there is enough light in here. But hopefully there is. Hopefully there is enough light for this. Hi. My name is Fr. Mike Schmitz and this is Ascension Presents. So I know I always say this, that I work with college students, but I’m always working with people who are asking […]

Salvia Turned Me Into A Lonely God – Tales from the Trip

Oh no! I’m my mom and I’m my grandmother and I’m alone? And I’m an accordion and I’m not on the planet that I thought I was anymore. Hi, this is Myq Kaplan and here’s a story about a time I did salvia. It was legal and maybe still is and that doesn’t make any […]

Becoming Acceptable to God

RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Shalom beloved. I’m once again teaching today from the southern steps leading up to the temple. I want to share with you today from the book of Psalms, a powerful Word of God. I’m going today to the 19th chapter, verse number 14. As I indicated in my previous Seeds of Revelation over the […]

Will God Forgive Us? Christianity and Climate Change | Renegade Cut

In the film First Reformed, Reverend Ernst Toller befriends an environmental activist. When the activist commits suicide, Toller begins to learn more and more about global warming – what we now call “climate change” due to the George W. Bush administration hoping to soften the issue and mislead the public. Toller learns of the relationship […]

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Hi my name’s father Mike Schmitz and this is Ascension Presents. A number of years ago, a friend of mine had another friend who just this tragic tragic case where he was taking care of his newborn baby and changing the baby on a high table and he turned away just to grab a diaper […]

Should Christians Follow Their Hearts?

– [Nancy Guthrie] When we are struggling with something difficult in the midst of grief and loss, anxiety, fear, what happens? There’s a voice inside us. There’s a voice inside us that’s telling us things. Maybe this voice inside is saying, “You’re never going to be happy again.” Maybe the voice inside is saying, “You […]


For all of our new members – welcome to us. We are uplifted by your presence and flattered that you chose us – mindful that there are so many other appealing synagogues in our city. To all our experienced congregants – and by that I mean anyone who has been here for at least a […]