June 27, 2019
  • 8:19 pm Ground Event – Power of Meditation
  • 8:11 pm Saturday morning Guided Meditation and the talk
  • 8:03 pm Meditation TIPS! BREATHE!
  • 7:43 pm 15 Minute Transcendence Meditation, Relaxing Music, Calming Music, Stress Relief
  • 7:37 pm Stevie J & Faith Evans Return To Target After Computer Shutdown!
Eli J.  Billionaire Superman |  WORSHIP & PRAISE SONGS | Latest 2018 2019 Nigerian Gospel Music

minami light-blue another child exam you little barn every night that's lead you by this waterfall play Josie may convey we'll be there in time I Wow bitterness but right now I'm listening let me touch the bottom that uh-huh you say the sleep but it never knew we'd be they never knew cos he […]

Staying Faith

when we speak of faith and someone acting on their faith often time the first inclination of thought is that someone's jumping into some new endeavor other stepping out in faith they're jumping they're out there they're doing okay it's just okay we're going to step out in faith and they the Libra that's also […]

More Jesus Less Religion || Spoken Word

dear God I come to you with nothing to offer I used to equate you with elders and scoffers and I let evil men make me bitter toward you that's something I never wanted to do I saw fake pastors elders and deacons at the church I've spent my whole life in men who talked […]

Can FAITH help you play better golf?

so when Ryan came to see me that was two years ago right and he wanted to hit hydro but yeah and we got these numbers we've been with the driver he was hitting down and swinging left everything that he did in his swing said faith no faith I told him that the easiest […]

Swami Prabhavananda   Stages of Spiritual Development 4 25 76

Oh brahmam Adam poornamidham poornaath who not know Yahoo dot chat a who knows upon Ahmad I upon a barbershop a Oh filled with Brahmin all we see filled with Brahmin all we see not from out of Brahmin fluid or yet that they remain the same may that Brahmin fill our hearts with his […]

GOD引くまで全ツッパしたくて諭吉を入金 ミリオンゴッド神々の凱旋 養分パチスロ#190
In the beginning God or Big Bang? - Best Answer Pt.2

I do wonder about my earlier question I don't feel comfortable about its being answered that is you keep insisting that the God of the Bible in some way is responsible for all this you may even if you were to prove that there's some kind of spiritual force it is not necessarily the God […]

CAFE CALIF. with Cris Franco: Religious Diversity 2/3

I gotta clear it up you thought I meant reverse no reverse missionaries who walk away from your TV that I was I didn't really think that work know what it is is as you know when when I was a kid we always had something called pagan babies remember those and you would have […]

Question 60: Why would we be physically resurrected if heaven is spiritual?

alright Here I am as the door Michael Pearl with you and I have a question here from one of our readers says didn't say who who wrote it if at death we go spiritually to heaven to be spiritually with Jesus and God why would we want to get back into a physical body […]