November 19, 2019
  • 7:14 pm Meditation Tools and Rituals: Secrets of Effective Meditation
  • 7:14 pm Anthony Milford & Pre-Game Rituals | Rexona Pressure Athletes
  • 7:14 pm Marcus Aurelius – How To Build Your Self Confidence (Stoicism)
  • 7:14 pm Top 19 Hindu Mantras – Sai Mantra – Gayatri Mantra – Hanuman Mantra – Shiva Mantra – Shani Mantra
  • 7:14 pm Beneath The Waters (I Will Rise) – Hillsong Worship
COMPLETE BODY HEALING  Guided Meditation/Reprogramming

Make yourself comfortable, sit or lie down, make sure you will not be interrupted. If you have time, make your space pleasing to you, let in some fresh air, maybe use some essential oils to add another sensory experience. Grab a comfortable cushion or your favourite blanket; you could even do this meditation while taking […]

Tara Brach: Healing Depression with Meditation, Part 1

Namaste and welcome. When I’m welcoming, as many of you know, I’m re-welcoming you that are right here in Bethesda and I’m welcoming you who are listening right now and spread around the world and those in the future who’ll be listening on the podcast because it does feel like a wonderful community that comes […]

Tara Brach: Healing Depression with Meditation, Part 2

[flute music] Namaste and welcome. So it’s nice to see you all and also to feel our extended field of people listening to the podcast and those who have joined us on the live-streaming. We’re doing the second class in a row on depression. And when I’ve done a kind of a hand raise it’s […]

*Breathing Techniques*  (Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress, Cancer, Blood Pressure) Kapalbhati

Kapal Bhati Is an ancient technique in the yoga system. And it has been taught for centuries. Kapal Bhati simply means… Kapal means skull, head. Bhati means Purification. Kapal Bhati means that which purifies your head. Once your head is purified you are a totally different person. It brings transformation. So Kapal Bhati is a […]

BREAKTHROUGH FAITH | Larry Sparks | Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural

Is there a supernatural dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join […]

Energy Healing – Guided Meditation by Paul Babin

Breathe deeply and as you exhale surrender any resistance you might have if it’s tension in your body – let it go if it’s thoughts that try to take you from this moment notice – and let them go Breathe and receive this breathe of life Keeping your attention on your breathing Staying present This […]

Meditation To Connect With Your Higher Self | Veronica Entwistle

Hi, Veronica Entwistle here, I am an intuitive and energy counselor, and I am sure glad you tuned in. I have radio shows on BBS radio and today’s show is a mini version of Radiance by Design. And I’m going to show you a little meditation to use. It’s very short, and helps you to […]

Healing songs of Dolphins & Whales | Deep Meditative Music for Harmony of Inner Peace

Healing songs of Dolphins & Whales | Deep Meditative Music for Harmony of Inner Peace The sounds produced by dolphins have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular systems, and indeed the whole organism. Healing sounds of dolphin therapy contribute to getting rid of psychoemotional and somatic disorders in children and […]

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Transcending PTSD: Healing the Inner Scars of Domestic Violence Through Transcendental Meditation

You’re trying to keep together the family and trying to convince yourself, well maybe there are reasons why you should stay and part of them because of the children because you want your kids to live with a father. He’s like 6’3” and he weighs like 220 pounds, it was very hard to defend myself […]