August 21, 2019
  • 8:15 am Losing My Religion (Audio)
  • 8:14 am Peregrine Falcons are Feathered Fighter Jets, Basically | Deep Look
  • 8:14 am Would The World Be A Better Place Without Religion?| AJ+
  • 8:14 am Fastest Growing Religion In The World Which Will Win The Race At The End
  • 9:14 pm Alabama law reins in religious boot camps
Should You Respect All Religions?

It is good and wonderful to respect ALL people and to genuinely care for them, but it is NOT good to respect others religion. If you know JESUS you KNOW He is the ONLY WAY He is the ONLY TRUTH, and if you start pretending to admire other people’s religion you will start to turn […]

Losing Your Faith?

Some Christians are losing their faith because their prayers do not work. When they have had faith that God would heal them they did NOT get better and when they have prayed for others to get better on their sick bed they die. They are losing their faith because they see there is NO power […]

Lawrence Krauss: Is Xenophobia Inherent in Organized Religion?

It’s hard to lump religion which comes in many different forms, shapes, sizes and viewed many ways by different people in a single framework. Ultimately, I think religion is a negative force for humanity because what it does – at least organized religion around the world is it implies things about the real world that […]

Is it right or wrong to claim only one religion is “correct” over all other religions?

>>Ankerberg: Hold on. Let me slow it down here. This brings up the question of the fact of, it’s a very emotional question to say that this religion is correct over this one, okay. Let’s say that there are multitudes of religions out there, and a lot of people that are watching belong to each […]

Folk Religion

DN2 – Life Only in Christ — CONFORMED Don’t look now, but like it or not, your culture’s been infected with religion. You probably didn’t notice, because it’s not what you’d expect. Relax. I’m not talking Saturday night masses… or Sunday morning sermons… or door-knocking missionaries. I’m talking about a folk religion with [AIR QUOTES] […]

Should Christians respect other religions??

today I’m going to deal with the Hindus Buddhists and Muslims many religious and non-religious people say that we should keep our beliefs to ourselves we should be quiet don’t be controversial don’t offend anyone don’t talk about the devil just be quiet if we do this we play into the hand of Satan meanwhile […]

An Appeal to Charismatic Pretenders (John MacArthur) (Matthew 7:13–27)

Let’s open the Word of God again to the 7th chapter of Matthew and the final words of Jesus in the great sermon on the mount. The sermon on the mount is an evangelistic sermon intended to destroy the confidence of the Jews in their false form of religion and lead them to the truth […]

History Lesson: Religion’s Portrayal of ‘Hell’ is Totally Misunderstood | Rob Bell

I begin with heaven and hell as states of consciousness and reflections of the kind of world that we’re creating right now. So when people say well where is hell they’re essentially saying it is a dimension or a human experience that is absent of anything good, peaceful, generous, redemptive. So the idea that has […]

[ All religions are brothers – Interview with ven. Master Chin Kung ]

If not thorough, there will be obstacles. Obstacles will give rise to conflicts.

Al Aziz (The Almighty) by Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful and all praises to the creator of all, and peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad. Brothers and sisters may the Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you. Once again in this series of the great names of Allah SWT (How perfect is […]