April 4, 2020
  • 5:34 pm 6 Weekly Rituals That Have Completely Changed My Life
  • 4:34 pm A Money Manifesting Ritual (with Landria Onkka)
  • 4:34 pm A Simple Druid’s Rite – The Lego Core Order of Ritual (with voiceover)
  • 1:34 pm POWERFUL Hypnotic SLEEP (ASMR) • MONEY & ABUNDANCE Soothing Meditation
  • 1:34 pm Guided meditation for students
Narrow Road – Hillsong Worship

We walk On this narrow road Now restored as one we walk In Your hope And though Darkness fills our path Fear won’t fix its hold on us For we know And love will shine before us on our path And guide our every step within the dark We bear Tidings of Your hope Freedom […]

Grace Abounds – Hillsong Worship

You lay aside Your throne And to this world You have come You offered up Your life The debt You paid was not Yours Your grace abounds to me Your grace abounds to me Jesus In You I find all that I need A gift I could not earn Your open arms are undeserved Enabled […]

God Who Saves – Hillsong Worship

The light of the world Shining in love Taking the fall upon Your shoulders You shattered the dark As You rose to life again You search all the earth For those who are lost And leaving the rescued for the fallen You’re leading us home As we call upon Your Name You’re the God who […]

I Will Bless You Lord – Hillsong Worship

I trust in You my faithful Lord How perfect is Your love You answer me before I call My hope my strength my song And I shout for joy I thank You Lord Your plan stands firm forever And Your praise will be continually Pouring from my heart I will bless You Lord I will […]

Lord Your Goodness – Hillsong Worship

I will come to You with an open heart And bring a sacrifice of praise I have seen Your power in the holy place And I have known Your mighty ways I will remember Your mercy And Lord Your faithfulness Lord Your goodness and Your love will follow me All the days of my life […]

Know You More – Hillsong Worship

You hold it all at once The earth and all within You look with eyes of love To the sons of man That I am known by You Compels my heart to sing I live to know You more I live to know You more I live to know You more For me to live […]

Glory To The King – Hillsong Worship

Lord, my heart cries out glory to the King My greatest love in life I hand You everything Glory, glory I hear the Angels sing Open my ears let me hear Your voice To know that sweet sound oh my soul rejoice Glory, glory I hear the Angels sing You’re the Father to the fatherless […]

Come Alive (Official Lyric Video)- Hillsong Worship

Come alive, come alive Come alive, dry bones Come alive, come alive, Come alive, dry bones Awake, arise Inhale the light Come alive, come alive I’m gonna sing to you, dry bones Until you’re covered in life And the valleys bloom Like a rosebud in the light Hear the call to attention Feel the change […]

Everyday – Hillsong Worship & Delirious?

What to say, Lord? It’s You who gave me life and I Can’t explain just how Much You mean to me now That You have saved me, Lord I give all that I am to You That everyday I could Be a light that shines Your name Everyday, Lord, I’ll Learn to stand upon Your […]

‘I Am God!’ Comedian Michelle Wolf Mocks Her Aborted Child

Hey, everybody, I’m just a dude and Welcome to the I’m just a dude video Channel today we’re gonna talk about a comedian who was actually fairly well known but she says something that’s pretty abhorrent in my opinion as you could see from the little icon that I made for the video not cool […]