April 7, 2020
  • 5:34 pm 6 Weekly Rituals That Have Completely Changed My Life
  • 4:34 pm A Money Manifesting Ritual (with Landria Onkka)
  • 4:34 pm A Simple Druid’s Rite – The Lego Core Order of Ritual (with voiceover)
  • 1:34 pm POWERFUL Hypnotic SLEEP (ASMR) • MONEY & ABUNDANCE Soothing Meditation
  • 1:34 pm Guided meditation for students
Nicky Clinch – What makes you feel grounded? – Rituals

But what I really would love you to do, is write a list of five things… that make you feel more anchored. Because each one of us is so different. So don’t just follow what Nicky says, don’t follow what a book says… or what so and so says, follow what you… What makes you […]

Self-care rituals to slow down by Nicky Clinch – Rituals

I’m Nicky Clinch. I work as a transformational life coach and a holistic counsellor. I’m really introducing everyday rituals, everyday anchors… that can be part of the everyday way of self-care in our life… so that self-care isn’t a luxury, it becomes part of our living. Tips for everybody to bring slowing down more into […]

Nicky Clinch – How can cooking help you to slow down? – Rituals

How we feed ourselves is how we love ourselves. If you are going through a crazy time in life, make time to cook. It’s important. Whenever I feel chaotic and scattered, I will get in my kitchen and I will make a soup… a really simple soup. Not because I feel like soup, but because […]

Guided visualisation for positive wellbeing - find your happy place

hi this is rush Paul from the well-being Club jazz and I have been working with people who want better health and well-being over the last 12 years we've been helping them move forward from physical health conditions struggles with mental health and just stressful lives today I'm going to be sharing the first step […]