August 18, 2019
  • 7:14 pm “The Promise Only Jesus Could Make” with Katie Edwards
  • 7:14 pm What duck sex teaches us about humans, incels, and feminists | Richard Prum
  • 7:14 pm Who Ya Gonna Call? Religious Liberty Task Force!
  • 7:14 pm The Business Of ISLAM😜 RebeccaRubix Videos – Stop Promoting The Religion Of Death/Daeech/Dictators
  • 7:14 pm Women’s Voices Series: Conscience and the Role of Women Religious into the Future | Sr. Teresa Maya
How You Know You’re in a Long-Term Relationship (feat. Rich Vos) – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

– Brendan, what were you like in high school? – Uh– – Cam McNeely. Okay, sorry. – Yeah, yeah, that was– – I was– I would dye my hair, and I would, like, also wear big… I wash– huge into Eminem, so I’d wear these big XXXL sweatshirts. Don’t fuckin’ make a fat joke, I […]

Ep 12: Circumcision | No Outsiders

(Chris Sloggett) Hello and welcome to the National Secular Society Podcast. I’m Chris Sloggett, Communications Officer at the NSS. In this episode we’ll be discussing the ethics of male circumcision after a BBC documentary shone a spotlight on the issue. But first Alastair Lichten talks to Andrew Moffat, the teacher who devised a program for […]

“Everyone’s Racist Sometimes” | Romesh Chats To James Acaster

Netflix recommended you to me today. Oh, really? Got an e-mail. “Got a documentary for you to watch.” I was like, “Oh, a documentary? I can… Oh, no. “Not going to learn anything from that. What were you like as a kid? As a kid? I think everyone’s naive as a kid. It didn’t matter […]

How Close Are We to Downloading the Human Brain?

Someday our bodies are going to break down and we’ll die. Our brain will decay and disappear forever.But, what if it didn’t have to? Right now there are scientists around the world working on technology that could one day take your brain, and possibly your consciousness, and upload it onto a computer. This would be […]

Secret Protestant Churches in Donetsk: Ukraine’s Religious War

они представились откуда а никто не за чем они пришли мы знали кто это вооруженная вроде донецка народной республики прямо потом сказали штормом и только за православную церковь о вашей протестантские церкви у нас не должны быть лично я бы не дал бы что я в руки брал оружие для того чтобы у нас было […]

Meet the Vodou Priestess Summoning Healing Spirits in Post-Earthquake Haiti

On ne fait pas de magie noire. On utilise la magie blanche. C’est plus propre et plus saint. Ça fait exactement 4 ans que j’ai pas dansé dans mon pays, Haïti, parce que j’ai été déplacée. [LA PRÊTRESSE VAUDOU] Après le séisme du 12 janvier 2010… J’oublierai jamais ce jour-là. [EN JANVIER 2010, UN SÉISME […]

Indira Gandhi Interview | TV Eye | 1978

Mrs.. Gandhi can you imagine any circumstances in which you might once again become prime minister of India [I]? Can certainly imagine the circumstances, but the question is whether I want to be or whether I’ll agree to be or not? What would be the terms under which you would agree to [be] no, it’s […]


give me a Child Until it’s Seven and i will show you the man Your life Is a Printout of Your subconscious behavior The Movie the Matrix is not science fiction it’S a Documentary Falling in love is The Equivalent of taking The Red pill biologically Because What It Does is It Keeps You what […]

Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) – What’s In My Bag?

Hey everybody, I’m Greg Graffin. I’m at Amoeba in Hollywood and this is What’s in My Bag. Let’s just see what the old hand pulls out first. J.D. was so helpful in pointing me to this box set because the other Hank Williams box set is too many songs to listen to. I like compilations […]

How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up | Q&A With Bishop T.D. Jakes

Thank you for tuning into our Channel today We want to share an exclusive interview that Pastor Steven did with Bishop TD jakes on entrepreneurship and leadership thank you for joining us we hope you enjoyed this special presentation I want to read you something and This was written by Judd Apatow He was writing […]