September 17, 2019
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This Is What Jesus Will Say to Christians When He Returns

(Arabic) But Allah took him up to himself we muslims believe that God Almighty took him up saved him from that ignoble death and nakedness of the cross because the people on the cross were absolutely naked they didn’t respect you to put a little loin cloth around the man the messenger of god, you […]


All right guys, before we start this video just remember everyone is different and everyone is on their own journey. Don’t take what we’ve said as offence, it’s just certain things that we’ve noticed about certain non-practicing brothers and sisters. Off course we were all there at some moment in our life, so there’s no […]

The Medieval Islamicate World: Crash Course History of Science #7

The religion of Islam significantly influenced knowledge-making in the greater Mediterranean and western Asian world. Islamicate scholars—meaning people influenced by Islamic civilization, regardless of their religious views—gave us terms such as “algebra,” “azimuth,” “algorithm,” “alcohol,” “alkali,” and “alembic.” We’ll dive into Islamic medicine and philosophers such as the great Persian polymath Ibn Sina in future […]

Battle of Yarmouk 636 (Early Muslim Invasion) DOCUMENTARY

1381 Years ago between the 15th and 20th of August the geopolitical situation in the middle east changed forever The eastern Roman Empire faced an invasion from the new Religion Islam and they fought for dominance in the region during the battle of Yarmouk Thousands died during these six days and violence still rages in […]

Were There Black Prophets?

Were There Black Prophets? – Omar Suleiman Were there black Prophets from the ones that were mentioned to us? And we will find actually a few. One of them historically speaking is Sulaiman (عليه السلام). Sulaiman (عليه السلام) is biblically described as having dark skin. Bani Israil they had various color, historically speaking. Why? Because […]

Andrew Doran: Christian Genocide: Evidence for Its Designation and Saving Christianity in Iraq

Robert R. Reilly: I found it very interesting that in the Wall Street Journal a week ago Monday there was a op-ed by a former U.S. ambassador, whose son-in-law was killed in the Brussels bombing so all condolences to the ambassador for that loss, but it was interesting in the rallying cry he issued about […]

Maher Zain – Thank You Allah | Official Lyric Video

I was so far from you Yet to me you were always so close I wandered lost in the dark I closed my eyes toward the signs You put in my way I walked everyday Further and further away from you O Allah, you brought me home I thank You with every breath I take. […]

100% Proof We Are In End Times – WW3 & Dajjal (NEW 2019)

All prophets sent by Allah came with a special message to humanity Warned us of an approaching day of judgement. No one can know when the day of judgement will occur However, God has taught his messengers some of the signs that alert one to the fact that the hour is approaching These signs play […]

Muslim Americans Bust Myths About Their Faith | Truth or Myth

– Moslem, Muslim, people love saying Muslim, it’s Muslim. My name is Khadija. – My name is Soraya. – I’m Tasneem. – My name is Tom. – My name is Umar Hakim. – And I’m a Muslim. – And I’m a Muslim. – And I’m a Muslim. – That one’s a myth. – That’s a […]

11 Surprising Facts About Islam

do you know that there are 1.6 billion Muslims people in the world that’s roughly 23% of the world’s population in fact Islam is currently the second largest religion in the world next to Christianity what’s happened everybody my name is Leroy Ken dinner welcome to another episode of FTD facts I’m back from traveling […]