October 14, 2019
  • 10:14 am Talk on Sex with an Orthodox Priest. Part One: Love
  • 10:14 am Father Gabriel Goes to Church – Orthodox Christian Animated Cartoon
  • 10:14 am Beyoncé – Hold Up (Video)
  • 10:14 am Pokemon Combo Battle : Guardian Deities Team (Pokemon Tapu Theme) (Best Soak & Discharge Combo EVER)
  • 10:14 am Thriving Humans or Happy Pagans?: The Limits of Psychology – James Houston and Bruce Hindmarsh
Understanding Faith (1/2) | Bayless Conley

Today on Answers with Bayless Conley: When heart and lips say the same thing, suddenly the Holy Spirit comes in and changes you. You’re born again; you change your eternal destination from hell to heaven. Everything about you inside changes There are many questions you are faced with every day. We are all searching for […]

Deadpool – Theological Analysis

how excited are you for Deadpool to let me know that in the comments right now we’re gonna dig deep into the first Deadpool movie and analyze it oh yeah it’s analyzable welcome to Germania I’m Durbin and this is my theological analysis for Deadpool can Deadpool really be theologically analyzed Theo logically analyzed can […]

That’s the Russian Spirit! Russians Dive In Icy Water To Celebrate Orthodox Christian Epiphany

Sacred Baikal on Epiphany is blessed And there is not in the world other consecrated ice hole where you can drink a clean water and bath according to the folk tradition with a light steam in Siberian cold. Fine, it is refreshing here. Come to Baikal. The Alan Svyato-Uspensky Monastery on the banks of the […]

Cheerful Yuletide (Deity Is Fanciful) – Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Anyway, it’s Christmas, right, we’re gonna do this fucking stupid song With its stupid lyrics Are we ready? Yes! In Bethlehem, in nought AD Not a lot was occurring Only a regular winter within the Center East No-one particular there was born Sure, we all know you have heard it otherwise However we’re afraid you […]

We All Have Faith in Something | “Brad”/Andrew – Colorado | Atheist Experience 21.08
Faith Over Feelings | Devotional by Tony Evans

Well faith is measured by your feet, not by your feelings. Feelings change based on circumstances, based on how things are going on around you, people in your life. If times are up, you’re gonna be up. If times are down, you’re gonna be down. You can’t base your faith on your feelings, you base […]

Christ Is No Tribal Deity

It’s because we can still see who we are that the unifying insignia of Christ shines so brightly with his glory. If I had to cease to be a Scythian to be saved, if you had to cease to be a Jew to belong to Christ, if she had to cease to speak her mother […]

10 FACTS About the TRINITY You Should Know | Is It Pagan?
Early Christian Schisms – The Woes of Constantine – Extra History – #2

Last time, we talked about a few of the doctrinal disputes that tore the early Church apart. Even while they were being persecuted from the outside by the emperors in Rome. Disputes that, to them, seemed so important that they were often a bigger concern than getting thrown to the lions for their faith. Disputes […]

Equilibrium (2002) Theological Analysis

fear anger aggression these things lead to the dark side so how come in equilibrium when they administered a drug to everybody to wipe out emotions and feelings and they can no longer feel anger fear aggression how come it still failed why was there still war let’s talk about it what did you think […]