September 20, 2019
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  • 7:14 pm 14. Mohammed and the Arab Conquests
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“ALL Scripture is God Breathed” HYPOCRITES

Most Christians will SAY that they believe in their Bible, and that they believe ALL Scripture is God breathed. They quote this from 2 Timothy Chapter 3. BUT they are hypocrites because they do not even believe their own words. Their own words will be a judge against them, that they NEVER truly knew Jesus. […]

Before the Bimah: Living with Rabbi Eshel

He usually does not come to meals I’m really in my own head Writing, writing, writing and I can’t sit still and if he gets really stressed, he’ll come in for a bowl of ice cream I love ice cream, I love it, I love it Cookies and cream is his favorite Not to cool […]


For all of our new members – welcome to us. We are uplifted by your presence and flattered that you chose us – mindful that there are so many other appealing synagogues in our city. To all our experienced congregants – and by that I mean anyone who has been here for at least a […]

What’s Next: Doomsday and Redemption

Okay, good evening to everyone. About seven years ago I gave a lecture about the crisis in Israel, for those of you who remember. It was intended to give us an overview as to what is going on in the world, for us to become familiar with what is happening in Eretz Yisrael, what is […]

How Close Are You to Yourself?

How close are you to yourself? Yeah. So. Right about now I’d say that things are pretty tight. “Tight” as in close to who you really are. Yeah. A suspect. Are we done here? And yet a nice Jewish boy like you, deep down inside, never feels far from his Jewish identity? You a cop […]

Don’t bet your life on a false prophet!!

Are we going to bet our own eternal future on a false prophet? The silence spoke volumes to me I knew I was into something really deep. I grew up in Morocco I come from a religious family my grandfather was a rabbi so was his father and grandfather. It was less and less comfortable […]

Why Can Christians Eat Pork?

It is a well-known fact that Jews have a lot dietary laws, and are not allowed to eat the following: Among other things – we will look at these in another video- Christians on the other hand seem to be able to eat near enough anything despite the fact the roots of Christianity come directly […]

Jewish polyglot goes to Epcot

Hi, I’m David Benkof and I’m here at Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida and I am a polyglot; I speak seven languages and I will be going to the pavilions at the World Showcase and talking to some of the people who work there about the countries that they come from in their languages and […]

Steve Jaslow on the Meaning of Messianic Judaism

>>What is Messianic Judaism? Is it a legitimate expression of Christianity, or is it a manifestation of modern day Judaizing, in violation of the Scriptures? Stay tuned for an interview with a Messianic Jewish spiritual leader.>>[music]>>Lamb and Lion Ministries presents Christ in Prophecy, a program that focuses on the fundamentals of Bible prophecy, showing how […]

Why do Jews not eat Pork?

Jews are famous throughout history for not eating pork, as well as other foods and this has made them stand out from many of the civilisations around them. Even under persecutions, for instance under the Seleucid empire (Antiochus IV) Jews accepted martyrdom rather than eating pork in public, since they understood this action as a […]