September 22, 2019
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5 Infamous Doomsday Cults | What the Stuff?!

(suspenseful music) – Oof! Hi, I don’t usually hang out in alleys but when I do it’s to tell you about cults. (suspenseful music) So lots of people don’t like the word cult. It’s a controversial label, right? But there are a few groups most people agree are not only cults, but doomsday cults. (suspenseful […]

Cult Leaders: Money, Sex, and Power.

well i for me certainly one of the criteria uh… is that a cult has a charismatic leader now that leader may be dead that doesn’t mean that they’re still not a leader in that his or her value system is still not in place um… that these people are uh… uh… charismatic in the […]

5 Craziest Cults Of All Time

5 of the craziest cults of all time The Children of God Founded in 1968 by Christian minister David Berg, the Children of God were a religious group which blended free love attitudes with preparing for the second coming of Jesus. Berg, was also reffered to as Moses David and king David by his followers […]

Top 5 Deadly Cults // Dark 5 | Snarled

Nothing chills my bones more than groupthink, whether that be the next fall fashion, or a bloodthirsty cult transfixed on world domination. Since I don’t know a lick about what leggings to pair with your pumpkin spice latte, I’m going to give you a list of five deadly cults. Let’s try to start this one […]

Am I in a Cult? | Red Flags, Advice, How to Get Out

Hi everybody and welcome back to my channel, so I’ll go ahead and state right off the bat No, I didn’t dye my hair. Yes I did obviously I did but when people ask me if oh so did you did you dye your hair? I’m like no. I like to make him think that […]

Life In A Cult.

i was i was in a political cult for about ten and a half years and uh… initially i thought i had really found something i thought i you know finally had a group of people that would give me uh… purpose and meaning and it was just the most wonderful feeling in the world […]

Cult or Religion – Don’t Drink the Koolaid! 🍷

Stephan Jones (Jim Jones’ son): There are a lot of reasons, I think, that people ended up taking the poison. I don’t know who took it, who was injected. I think, more than anything, it was out of loyalty to everybody else there. In my case, if I had been there, I know I had […]

Why Do People Join Cults?

[ ♪OUTRO ] When you hear the word cult, you might think of a dark chamber with a bunch of robed people chanting because of weird, sinister beliefs. Or tragedies like the over 900 people who committed mass suicide in 1978 because they were instructed to by Reverend Jim Jones. It’s easy to wonder who […]

Cult Witness (Cult Documentary) – Real Stories

How long is it since you left? Two years. Al little more than two years. So not long really. It seems long to me. It’s a new life. It’s wonderful. It’s like an awakening from a bad dream. I say it isn’t long, because on the grand scheme of things two years is not very […]

Why Are We Obsessed with Cults?

On November 18th 1978, over 900 members of the People’s Temple committed mass suicide at the Jonestown commune in Guyana. Under the paranoid leadership of Jim Jones, the members (including approximately 300 children) drank cyanide laced juice. Jonestown had long been under scrutiny from Guyanese and American officials for their coercive tactics and misdeeds. Members […]