September 20, 2019
  • 8:14 pm This Restaurant Is Actually a Sex Cult
  • 7:14 pm Sex and the City – The Perfect Present
  • 7:14 pm 14. Mohammed and the Arab Conquests
  • 6:14 pm Prayer List Ideas
  • 6:14 pm Religion class for Education
World War II: Crash Course World History #38

Hi, I’m John Green. This is Crash Course World History and today we’re going to talk about World War II. Finally, a war with some color film! So, here at Crash Course we try to make history reasonably entertaining, and fortunately, World War II was hilarious…said no one ever. Mr. Green, Mr. Green! Is this, […]

Their Eyes Were Watching God: Crash Course Literature 301

Hi, I’m John Green, this is Crash Course Literature and your eyes are watching me, but Their Eyes Are Watching God. I’d like to apologize to my friends and family for that joke. Anyway today we’re discussing Zora Neale Hurston’s brilliant novel of a woman’s self-realization and empowerment. Or, possibly, a cautionary tale about the […]

Tricksters: An Introduction: Crash Course World Mythology 20

Hi, there. I’m Mike Rugnetta. This is Crash Course Mythology, and today we’re going to start the first of a few episodes a show favorite: trickster stories, but be warned, trickster myths can get sexy, a little gross, and they’re filled with betrayal, but we should be able to handle it, right Thoth? Oh, hmm… […]

The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash Course World History #9

Hi there, I’m John Green, this is Crash Course: World History, and today we’re gonna talk about the Silk Road, so called because it was not a road and not made of silk. So this is a t-shirt. It was designed in Belgium and contains cotton from both Brazil and the Texas, which was turned […]

Utilitarianism: Crash Course Philosophy #36

Should Batman kill the Joker? If you were to ask the Dark Knight himself, with his hard-and-fast no-killing rule, he’d say absolutely not. Actually, in fact, he would say: [Batman voice] “Absolutely not.” When you think about it, dude is pretty Kantian in his ethics. Regardless of what Joker does, there are some lines that […]

Human Evolution: Crash Course Big History #6

Hi, I’m John Green. Welcome to Crash Course Big History Project where today we’re going to talk about the Planet of the Apes films. – What’s that? Apparently, those were not documentaries. But there was an evolutionary process that saw primates move out of East Africa and transform the earth into an actual planet of […]

The Medieval Islamicate World: Crash Course History of Science #7

The religion of Islam significantly influenced knowledge-making in the greater Mediterranean and western Asian world. Islamicate scholars—meaning people influenced by Islamic civilization, regardless of their religious views—gave us terms such as “algebra,” “azimuth,” “algorithm,” “alcohol,” “alkali,” and “alembic.” We’ll dive into Islamic medicine and philosophers such as the great Persian polymath Ibn Sina in future […]

The Dying God: Crash Course World Mythology #19

Hey there, I’m Mike Rugnetta! This is Crash Course Mythology and today We’re going to talk about the dying god, a specific archetype of god that might seem counterintuitive, considering lots of the myths we’ve already talked about feature gods who are immortal. The dying god trope, though, is one found in many regions throughout […]

The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or…Which Was It?: Crash Course World History #10

Hi, I’m John Green; this is Crash Course World History and today we’re going to learn about the Roman Empire, which of course began when two totally nonfictional twins, Romulus and Remus, who’d been raised by wolves, founded a city on seven hills. Mr Green, Mr Green, what… what does SPQR stand for? It means […]

The Crusades – Pilgrimage or Holy War?: Crash Course World History #15

Hi there! My name is John Green; this is Crash Course World History, and today we’re going to talk about the Crusades. Ohhh, Stan, do we have to talk about the Crusades? I hate them… Here’s the thing about the Crusades, which were a series of military expeditions from parts of Europe to the Eastern […]