September 20, 2019
  • 8:14 pm This Restaurant Is Actually a Sex Cult
  • 7:14 pm Sex and the City – The Perfect Present
  • 7:14 pm 14. Mohammed and the Arab Conquests
  • 6:14 pm Prayer List Ideas
  • 6:14 pm Religion class for Education

Gesù, pieno di Spirito Santo, si allontanò dalla regione del Giordano. Poi, sempre sotto l’azione dello Spirito, andò nel deserto e rimase là quaranta giorni, mentre Satana lo assaliva con le sue tentazioni. Per tutti quei giorni non mangiò nulla e alla fine ebbe fame. Allora il diavolo gli disse:- Se tu sei il Figlio […]


Giunse intanto per Elisabetta il tempo di partorire e diede alla luce un bambino. I suoi parenti e i vicini si rallegravano con lei perché avevano sentito dire che il Signore le aveva dato una grande prova della sua bontà. Quando il bambino ebbe otto giorni vennero per il rito della circoncisione. Lo volevano chiamare […]

Why Can Christians Eat Pork?

It is a well-known fact that Jews have a lot dietary laws, and are not allowed to eat the following: Among other things – we will look at these in another video- Christians on the other hand seem to be able to eat near enough anything despite the fact the roots of Christianity come directly […]

Why were the creedal statements so important to early Christianity?

Ankerberg: Alright, let’s go back to 1 Corinthians 15, because you’ve dated the fact that Paul wrote this information at 55, and that he preached it at 51, but what he wrote is going to take us back even further. But I want to show the people out there how the scholars get it. So […]

God is Good Promo Trailer

the whole earth is filled with the goodness of the Lord and if God’s goodness is the cornerstone of all theology than what we think about him being good actually shapes everything about it shapes how we do life and I believe that God’s changing the countenance of his people to a fresh revelation the […]

Trump v. Manson: How Our President Answers Questions like a Cult Leader

piece of cake after the recent death of Charles Manson I couldn’t help but look back at some of his later interviews to get a better sense of the man himself with all the stories and cultural mythology stripped away especially in his later years it can be a bit jarring to watch how his […]

FHBC Boston Moment of Salvation/Moment du Salut (September 10, 2019)

see them and on WINNT Z a in this your mama undecided moment all survey Shannon malia of that title shot, Monday slot of the Dea their borders and 90 loss of Anna little zealous lineup titles of the dying swine and gnashing a little up: G know buckeyes us on the in this Yom […]

Was Christianity Just the “Winner” Among Many Competing Religious Claims?

These are quotes of professors that are teaching right now, popular professors, okay. People might not know their names, but you can see them when you have Easter and Christmas and you have these specials these are the people that they’re going to have and they’re going to interview, okay. Here’s a fellow by the […]

What New Testament books will skeptics accept as authoritative?

Ankerberg: Alright, when you were talking about Homer, the fact is, what we’re talking about is the New Testament scholars today, the critical scholars at the top of the list all around the world, they’re using it as a book, like ancient history. Does it have historical facts that we can back up with evidence […]

garfielf becomes god and vores the universe

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