October 15, 2019
  • 11:14 am Hristos Anesti Romanian Greek Orthodox Byzantine Chant
  • 11:14 am Life after “death”(subtitled) Orthodox monk father Nikon of Holy Mountain
  • 11:14 am ND Filters EXPLAINED | Featuring PolarPro + Peter McKinnon Variable ND
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Faith Alone (Part 2): What is Reformed Theology? with R.C. Sproul

We’ve been addressing the question, “What is Reformed Theology?” And in our last session we gave a brief introduction to the chief article of historical evangelical theology, which article is embraced by Reformed theology as well as by all other Protestant denominations historically; namely, the doctrine of justification by faith alone, which was the central […]

Total Depravity (Part 1): What is Reformed Theology? with R.C. Sproul

As we continue now with our study of the core ideas that make up what we call Reformed theology I think of an event that took place in history just a couple of years before the Pilgrims landed on the shores of New England in the Mayflower, a controversy that spread throughout Europe and then […]

How can we encourage our leaders in the church?

Firstly it’s good for the church to encourage their elders. Elders need encouragement. The Bible, in fact, commands God’s people to encourage their elders, to respect them, and to show them honor. But people don’t realize how much we really do need encouragement. And when I speak of elders, of course I’m speaking not only […]

Eastern and Western Theology

After Origen, clearly the most important theologian in the ancient church period for the West is Augustine, but Augustine is of almost no importance for the Eastern church. And so that’s a sign of how significant at the time of Augustine the shift, the split between Eastern theology and Western theology begins to come. It’s […]

Can you deny the existence of hell and still be a Christian?

SPROUL: Now, I would say that that person could certainly be a truly regenerate person. All kinds of Christians have all kinds of theological weaknesses and errors. We always have to struggle about this. So, I don’t just make the automatic assumption that somebody’s not a Christian if they neglect a particular doctrine. Although, to […]

Theology in Dialogue with R.C. Sproul and Derek Thomas

WEBB: Hello, and welcome to an evening of theology and dialogue here at Saint Andrew’s Chapel. My name is Lee Webb, and it’s my privilege to serve as vice president of broadcasting for Ligonier Ministries, as well as the host of Renewing Your Mind with Dr. R.C. Sproul. We welcome those of you who are […]

Forerunners of the Reformation

We know that in the 16th century God raised up Martin Luther to begin a profound and amazing biblical reformation of this church. But the reformers, themselves, looked back on the Middle Ages and asked the question: “What prepared for our work? Who anticipated something of our work? Who were forerunner’s of the Reformation?” And […]

Total Depravity (Part 2): What is Reformed Theology? with R.C. Sproul

When we get to the concern of the doctrine of total depravity or the T in TULIP invariably we are catapulted into the arena of the debate over free will. In fact, the historic controversy over the degree of original sin that infects us really focuses on that question of free will. You can’t have […]

John MacArthur: Becoming a Better You?

That was, as I said, an extremely helpful, well-crafted, prosaic presentation of the way things really are, very helpful, big picture, sort of the bird’s eye view. I have been assigned to take the worm’s eye view. To get down and grovel in the muck a little bit and sort of nail one person. I’m […]

Ravi Zacharias: Is Truth Dead?

These are serious days. I have been in the ministry now since 1972, so it’s 46 years and counting. I do not recall when I have ever lived through a time where there is so much that is going wrong and so much that is unexplainable. And yet at the same time, the proliferation of […]