December 6, 2019
  • 11:14 pm Top 10 Highly Unusual Animal Mating Rituals
  • 11:14 pm Planet Earth Narrates Single Millennial Male Dating Rituals
  • 11:14 pm Katy Perry, the Vatican and Transcendental Meditation (1 min)
  • 11:14 pm MiraCLE: Car crash victim’s faith restored after miraculous visit to Italy
How to Worship God Part 1

It’s Larissa here and I am going to talk about how to worship God. It’s something that maybe I just kinda expect people to automatically know. But not everybody really knows to worship God without a song that’s known or without a format in a way. I just believe that it’s not a formula, but […]

Tapping Meditation for Love, Peace, and Light with Jessica Ortner – The Tapping Solution

Welcome to the tapping meditation for love, peace, and light. This is Jessica Ortner from This is a great meditation to do after you’ve gone through some traditional tapping or if you just want a quick, calming meditation before you start the day. You can begin tapping on the eyebrow point and move to […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Ο Αγ. Μηνάς σώζει Χριστιανούς από σφαγή

Orthodox Miracles – St. Minas saves Christians from slaughter Took place in: Irakleio, Greece … “Back then, the Turks were hearing about the success of the rebellious Greeks from everywhere, and because of that, they were erupting against the Greeks by depredating and slaughtering. The lives of Turkish conquerors were depending on the bad insticts […]

How To Meditate For Children: A Kid’s Guide to Peace

Hi! In this video i’m going to teach you how to practice meditation. What is meditation? Meditation means to focus your mind on something; it means to clear your mind; to calm it down and to clean out all bad thoughts. When you practice meditation you try to focus on something with all your attention, […]

More Than Life – Hillsong Worship

Stand by everything You said Stand by the promises we made Let go of everything I’ve done I’ll run into Your open arms And all I know I love You more than life I love You more than life Fall back on everything You’ve done Fall back on everlasting arms When all the world is […]

You Hold Me Now – Hillsong Worship

On that day when I see All that You have for me When I see You face to face There surrounded by Your grace All my fears swept away In the light of Your embrace Where Your love is all I need And forever I am free Where the streets are made of gold In […]

GUIDED MEDITATION – Positive Body Image

A positive body-image meditation Find a time when you can be alone and make yourself comfortable Take a deep breath in through your nose and release the breath slowly through your mouth Breathe in again and envisage your exhalation carrying away any stress you may be feeling As you breathe, feel where your body is […]

How to Get Over Someone

We tend to be generous towards people who can’t get over someone. It sounds romantic, if a little sad. The love affair happened a year ago but still the ex’s thought remain loyal to every detail of the story. Maybe they’ve moved to another country. Perhaps they’ve married someone else. Maybe, they’re dead. None of […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Η Παναγία γλιτώνει νεαρό από ακρωτηριασμό

Orthodox Miracles- Virgin Mary saves boy from mutilation Took place in: Boeotia, Greece George Tsokos, 18 years of age, from Martino, one day felt his leg numbing. He was transfered to the hospital, where it was decided that he needed mutilation. He didn’t accept to have the operation and returned to his house. On the […]

How to Sleep Less and Meditate More

Namaskar, good morning friends. Today I’d like to talk about how to reduce your sleeping time, without feeling tired or grumpy during the day. Sleep like eating, procreation and fear are is an instinct And the more we give in to them the more they can control us. The good news is that with a […]